6. DiRT 4 Triple Crown and Historic RallyUpdate notes

The Triple Crown championship is unlocked once you win one of the final championships in either Rally, Landrush or Rallycross. It features three sub-disciplines if you will, as you need to win a championship in Rally, one in Landrush and one in Rallycross, with all three featuring a similar configuration with the aforementioned "final" championships. Once again, there isn't much to advise on here other than that you might want to retire out of certain events if you've mathematically secured the championship. That's particularly useful in the Rally part, since the difference from the second crew on the leaderboard will be bigger due to the difference on the points the first and second crews receive from an event. So if you've reached Wales or Sweden for example having won all previous events, then retire from one and race on the other. That will save you more than an hour. You can assume the same method on the Rallycross championship, but not on the Landrush one. Winning the title at the end will unlock:

The very last discipline in the game that we will tackle is the Historic Rally discipline. Just like before, the first licence and the respective achievement should have already been unlocked for you:

You need to complete 8 events to advance to the next licence, but it's smooth sailing compared to the GRS and the Rally part of the Triple Crown. The complexity and length of the stages are nowhere near the ones in the aforementioned championships, so you won't have much trouble if you're at this point in the career. The key here is the car itself, where for example the Opel Ascona is ridiculously better than the BMW M3, with the latter having horrible performance in the turns which I couldn't personally mend with any tuning approach. Therefore I advise buying the Ascona and not just selecting a team that uses it, since you're going to be using it a lot and you can benefit from the larger income. So go and complete all championships except "Historic FWD Rally" and you'll advance to International Rally H-B.

You now need to complete three championships (or 12 events). I'd recommend leaving out "RWD Monsters" due to the tricky handling of RWD Group B cars and doing the rest using the Ascona in all of them. That will advance you to the International Rally H-A level and unlock:

Once again, complete the number of events needed and you will advance to the Historic Legends Series. You need to win this lengthy, compared to the rest, championship in order to unlock:

Let's move on to the Online achievements now.

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