8. DiRT 4 Misc achievementsUpdate notes

Only a few achievements to go! On this part of the walkthrough we will look at some achievements that you might have left locked. These include jumps, crashes, time trials and various other tasks. Given the nature of most of these, you may have already unlocked them, so obviously scroll down to find tips on those that you're still missing.

We start off with a very easy achievement:

Just complete all of the advanced technique lessons in the DiRT Academy. You don't gain anything other than the actual knowledge of how to perform these techniques, so the achievement is a nice incentive to maybe become a little better in driving.

Continuing with achievement titles that are a reference to various parts of pop culture, The Nightman Cometh unlocks when you beat a stage that takes place at night. If you're reading this there's a high chance you've completed the whole career by now, but in case you haven't, you can setup a custom event and set a stage to take place at night, with minimum length and complexity. With the AI set low enough, you will win the stage and pop the achievement.

Once you finish one of the three initial disciplines, you will unlock the "Fearless" difficulty preset. You can then proceed to completing any rally stage or RallyX/Landrush race, but to save time, just complete one of the first events available in the Rally discipline, since the stages there are very short.

Real Turbulent Juice can be unlocked while simply trying to complete the Landrush championships, but if you've reached this point you can follow NE0182's solution on the achievement's page. Please note that the DiRTFish academy area has changed slightly since day one. While you're at it, you can go for another achievement as well:

An obvious nod to Codemaster's social media where they'd post a screenshot of a crash on DiRT Rally every Monday with the caption "Mondays be like...", this one requires you to total your car on a Monday. The achievement doesn't seem to have strict time limits when it comes to determining whether it's Monday or not, but I'd suggest attempting this in the middle of a Monday just to be sure. Simply drive around in Freeroam Joyride in one of the fastest cars (RallyX Supercars would be a good choice) and keep smashing the car on containers, electricity posts and the like as hard as you can until it gives up.

This is Fine requires you to have at least one part of the car get into at least the "Heavy Damage" state and still manage to complete a stage. By now you should know that you can see in which state each part of the car is in the Service Area. To induce that kind of damage without risking overdoing it, pick a 2000s car and setup a rally event in Michigan with four to six stages. Keep the length and complexity sliders to the middle. When you are in the Service Area before the first stage, stiffen the suspension and reduce the ride height. There's no right setting here, just make sure you go towards an extreme setting. That way, every time you go over bumps, jumps and dips, the chassis and the suspension will wear significantly. In addition, make sure you downshift quickly from a high gear, so that the car can overrev, which will damage the engine over time. Eventually you will meet the criteria, so when that happens get into the next stage and take it very easy. Once you complete that stage the achievement will pop.

This is similar to the previous one, as you are required to complete three sectors of a stage with at least one punctured tire. This can actually be done easier through the course of the game, since trying to purposely puncture a tire isn't very easy, but you can select Spain as the environment and either keep crashing on the side barriers or jump off the edges and into the tree fields. Setting up a stage with max length is of big importance, since you need to have three sectors left for the achievement to pop. If you're already in the third sector from the end, you need to restart the stage. Whatever the case, when you do get a puncture reduce your speed and make sure you make it to the finish by not pushing. A rule of thumb would be to keep the car's speed under 75 km/h. That will extend the punctured tire's life span, allowing you to maintain some control of the car, which will deteriorate even more if the tire gets completely destroyed and the rim starts grinding the road.

Continuing on with damage-related achievements, rAd-hoc requires you to repair the car during a stage and win it too. This will be much easier if you are racing on "Competent" or some other low AI difficulty, since you'll need to induce some repairable damage if you're not lucky and that will obviously make you lose time. If you are lucky though, the headlights or the radios you use for communicating with the co-driver will start to malfunction on their own, but you can stop and repair the car on both occasions. Two more types of damage also count for this one, tire punctures and intercooler failures. Each repair will net you a 10 second penalty, so keep that in mind as well.

Next up we have Joyride challenges:

  • Precisely

    Set a Gold medal time in a Time Attack challenge without hitting a penalty marker


There isn't much to advise on here other than trying your best in the initial challenges in Joyride that can be found in the "Welcome to Joyride" chapter. The solutions for this achievement are very helpful. Just keep in mind that you'll need to run the whole stage a few times to familiarize yourself with the penalty and bonus marker positions, so there's no need to get frustrated if you can't knock this out after a couple of tries.

For this one you'll need to find a chapter of challenges that you enjoy and get a gold medal on them. While the achievement simply requires you to post a time in all of them, you'll also work towards another achievement this way:

... which needs you to get a gold medal on 10 challenges, regardless of the chapter they're in. While going for these two achievements, approach each challenge with the aforementioned mentality, since you will need to know the positions of all the markers in order to get near the gold par times, regardless of whether you are doing smash or time attack challenges. Once you've grown comfortable with that aspect, focus on each set of markers and figure out not only the little details of the obstacles and corners you'll need to navigate around, but also which line is more efficient. Most challenges will have you go around the track twice since some markers can't be reached without losing way too much time in one go. Therefore, experiment with different choices each time to put yourself in the most advantageous position in each lap.

"Kenneth, what's the frequency?" (please Google the phrase, get weirded out by the fact that it isn't related to rallying and then continue reading this walkthrough) requires you to smash 100 blocks in 60 seconds. In case you haven't gotten this already, you can have a go at any Smash challenge that features a fast enough car, like the ones from the Rallycross Supercars category. Whatever the case, make sure you get familiar with the stage first and once you get your lines down, push as hard as you can. The achievement will pop once you've smashed the 100th block.

This is a very easy achievement, which will need you to find a friend of yours to unlock it. Go to Jam Sessions (Multiplayer > Jam Sessions) and then join or create one and invite your friend if you need to. After completing an event, regardless of what it is, you will unlock the achievement.

And with that achievement unlocked you've completed the game! Congratulations!

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