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    Developer: Arkane Studios

    Publisher: Bethesda

    In the usual build-up to Christmas there is always a huge rush of sequels heading out for the public to buy. However this year Arkane Studios and Bethesda have decided to break the mould and release a brand new IP in the pre-xmas rush, but is it good enough to compete against the established big franchises.

    The storyline has a familiar ring to it as you play the role of Corvo Attano, the Royal Protector, who gets accused of a crime he didn’t commit and gets thrown into prison. From here you have to escape and wreck either a bloody or bloodless revenge upon your enemies. This choice to play as lethal or non-lethal assassin brings us to the most important point about Dishonored, the variety of the gameplay.
    As you could expect from a development team including the co-creator of Deus Ex, every mission has a variety of different ways to be completed. You can go full on sneaky mode and try to avoid killing anyone or even being spotted and be richly rewarded for doing so, or you can go full on psycho killer and murder everyone in sight. Or you can go for somewhere between the two, the choice is all yours and all methods are viable.

    Originally I adopted a stealthy approach avoiding all killing and trying not to be spotted by enemies and thoroughly enjoyed it. I then decided to go back and go all out blood lust in my second play through and it was like playing a completely different game. But they both worked well even though they were two opposing play styles. The levels are well designed allowing you to plot a route through the level avoiding detection and even give an option to take out your targets non-lethally, usually via completing a number of sub-objectives. However the combat is sturdy enough for you to storm the levels wiping out all enemies in your path. It is a tougher path to choose if you go all out but it still viable as the combat system, although not hugely in-depth is sturdy enough for you to accomplish this.

    However all choices have consequences and the world around you will change depending on your actions. Obviously depending on actions you take different things will be spoken by NPC relating to the events happening but there are much wider consequences. Dunwall, the setting of the game, is stricken by a plague during the events of the game spread by rats. Now if you decide to start killing everyone, you’ll start seeing a lot more rats around the level. Normally not a major problem but in Dishonored rats become vicious predators when in packs and will kill a man and strip his bones within seconds. Plus the more deaths you rack up the more of the zombie-like infected called Weepers will appear who although not overly dangerous can cause you a lot of problems when you’re trying to be stealthy.

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    The game world itself is an essential character itself and worth mentioning. Originally designed as London just after the plague in 1666, the world developed into Dunwall a more steampunk world powered by Whale Oil and controlled equally by military force and the dominant religious order. There are still elements of London showing and when you reach Kaldwin Bridge the resemblance to the iconic London Bridge is difficult to miss. You can also see the influence of the designer of Half-Life 2’s City 17 in Dunwall from the giant walls blocking off the quarantine areas to the ever present voice of the city rulers Propaganda Officer.

    The ever present plague actually gives an explanation for the sparsely populated streets of Dunwall but also allows for some great hidden stories. For instance you’ll often climb into an old building to find corpses wrapped in a corner and notes lying around telling you about what happened here previously. It’s a nice touch to the game and gives a reward for exploring every building you can rather than just having empty rooms for you to use cover. Arkane have obviously put a lot of love into every aspect of the world to really make it feel alive.

    There is also a lot of background info into the world of Dunwall presented in both overheard conversations and the various books and notes left lying around the world. Although this is optional content, much like the Elder Scroll series it fleshes out the world nicely, which is handy as the NPC’s are sometimes a little bland. You’ll often find yourself meeting various characters but not caring too much about them as they just aren’t given flavour other than just seeming to be mission giver unless you spend a fair amount of time chatting to them when you see them. But there is no need or reward for doing this, the exception being Piedro the inventor who if you make the effort to keep an eye on him has some great moments of comic relief.

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    As a master assassin you have quite the arsenal at your disposal in the form of both physical weaponry and supernatural powers. Weapon-wise you will find you are always wielding a deadly sword in your right hand designed for close combat. Previous experience with first person melee combat via Arx Fatalis (a PC game which was all about first person melee and developed by Arkane) pays off here as the combat is simply controlled but requires precision timing and combos of blocks and attacks to become successful. In your left hand you can equip a choice of crossbow, pistol and various thrown devices like grenades and traps. The crossbow is your weapon of choice most of the time and will allow you to kill from afar in deadly silence, while the pistol is best deployed when in combat due to its high power but short range. There is truly no greater bad-ass feeling then successfully blocking a sword lunge and then unloading a pistol shot in your opponents face.

    The powers you have are also controlled using the left hand and range from a short range teleport spell, possession of animals and time manipulation, handy for the stealth approach, to summoning swarms of rats, having the ability to pull of uber-devastating moves or using a Force-like windblast, if you opt for the more combat heavy approach. Most of these powers are useful in one way or another for your missions though depending on what play style your using some will be more useful than others.

    Visually the game is strong. The first thing you will notice is the art style which can be best described as cartoon realism. All the characters have a realistic drawn feel to them much like a painting of a caricature would and it gives the game a unique feel. There are some superb lighting effects in use as well, often used to great effect as most missions are set around dusk so you’ll often see the sun setting across the sea. As mentioned before there is a lot of background detail in the areas too from, ships moving back and forth the ocean to posters and paintings throughout every level. All these details add to a feel of a once great city brought to ruin by this virulent plague running through its streets, with all but the richest being hit.

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    As you would expect from a stealth game sound is very important and while music is kept to a minimum during missions, a few incidental pieces are heard during non-mission segments to help set the mood nicely. The speech is all well recorded but does suffer from an element of repetitiveness with the enemy NPC’s when they are on patrol, not enough to be causing any issue but enough to be noticeable. The sound effects are very useful in not only attempting to find where your enemies are but alerting you if you make too much noise. It really forces you to keep your ears open for any suspicious sounds especially the weepers who can be deadly quiet and sneak up on you from nowhere.

    The achievement list is well thought out and while multiple playthroughs are required to obtain all, the fact that the game can play completely differently depending on how you approach it means you’ll be essentially playing two different games. There are also some nice achievements for attempting actions you wouldn’t normally approach like killing the stilt walking Tallboys with just your sword which is made more difficult by the fact they are often 30 foot in the air! However due to a save anywhere system all the achievements are quite possible and won’t take you too long to complete the list. None will give you too much of a headache and this is a very possible 100%

    Overall Dishonored is a great new IP. With a rich world which the game barely scratches there is plenty of scope for future games too. Although the missions are not the longest and the Blink power if used wisely can simplify some missions ridiculously, there is still a fair 20-30 hours gameplay here due to multiple playthroughs, although once completed there is little incentive to return to the game, you will enjoy your time playing it. Although possibly not GOTY material, this is definitely one of the best games out this year and definitely worth picking up for its original ideas and the fact that is very little out there in the market quite like it.

    Overall 9/10
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    Conmon554Hmm...I didn't see a timer, but I think I got around 20 hours from my first playthrough of this game. Like you said, certain powers and pathways can be used to shorten missions, but I tried to take my time and explore.
    Posted by Conmon554 on 19 Oct 12 at 14:14
    Nice review. Is it just me or do those things in the first gameplay pic you posted look like HL2 striders??
    Posted on 21 Oct 12 at 19:59
    TenloNo you're right, one of the main designers on Dishonored worked on Half-Life 2's City 17, so you'll see a lot of things influenced by that such as the plague barrier walls and the propaganda speech reminds me of the broadcasts in Half-Life too.

    Oh and Conmon you were tight it's more like 20-30 hours as my Raptr record came in the other day, I'll amend the review as such!
    Posted by Tenlo on 21 Oct 12 at 20:10
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    Dishonored is a foray into the action/ stealth genre by Arkane, and published by Bethesda. Other than that you play a bad-ass assassin, I knew very little about the game, except that it would be a day one purchase for me, as everything about the game intrigued me.The artwork, design , style, and gameplay trailers made it look like something truly new. Did the gameplay (and game) fufill my hopes, and what is it like ?
    * I will keep this review as vague as possible, since a recap of the story is not so much a review but a spoiler.

    Story 8/10

    Dishonored is a story about the framing and revenge of Corvo Attano, a royal bodyguard. It is a twisting tale that changes based on character action to impressive degrees for an action game. Based in a bizarre world, Dishonored takes place in Dunwall, a surreal industrialized old england city with a somehow futuristic feel, complete with rats, plagues, and plenty of whale oil. With a story manipulated and morphed by your very actions , this game has high replayability, based on how you want to play. For instance, killing many guards creates a state called total chaos , where the excess bodies have made far more rats, heavier armed guards and even zombies appear. In addition, such acts seem to have affected the story of the game itself, often taking darker twists. Though the game is short, it will be interesting to complete the game again and again with various conditions to see all the possible endings.

    Gameplay 10/10

    The combat in Dishonored is truly different, featuring a blend of stealth , action, shooting, super natural abilities, and assassinations of all kinds. Playing like a bizzarre hybrid of Theif, Rage, Metal Gear Solid , Tenchu, and Fallout/Skyrim, this game could not control any tighter if it wanted to. The game leaves the approach up to the player, with either stealth tactics, such as hiding guards bodies or carrying them away to avoid detection, or throwing them out a window, or just simpy blasting your way through and hoping for the best. The players choice will affect the story progression in turn, leading to some interesting events. Exploration is a joy in the games environments, and it offers great many tools that will simply help you obtain your revenge, such as traps that explode in a shower of razorblades , tools to rewire enem circuitry, or the traditional but reliable frag grenade. What really gives Corvo his edge, however, are the supernatural abilities you will unlock and upgrade via the collection of "runes" scattered throughout the world. There are also "bone charms", which can be thought of as interchangable perks, one such bone charm ability was regaining life through drinking from water sources , ala duke nukem. You can also combine powers and gadget use for some of the most devastating tactics in the game. The melee executions are where the gameplay truly shines, with a very fluid feel to them, especially when combined with dropping on an enemy from above or during slow time. Whether its the bulge of your enemies eyes as you cup your had over their mouth to silently deliver the fatal stab, the slicing feel of the generous decapitations and severed limbs, or a watching a razor mine exploding in a crowd of enemies during matrix-like slow motion, this game is chock full of hyper violence. I especially liked the physics in this game, particularly when using a grenade to knock back an enemy in a crowd prior to the explosion.

    Graphics 9/10
    The graphics for this game are a visual treat, as most of the objects and characters have a hand painted look to them. The environments, characters, and scenery are beautiful, with a dream-like feel and pastel quality to it. I have really never seen a game that looked quite like Dishonored, and it will stick with you, especially the water and sky effects. Characters are very stylized, with a very interesting design to them, and highly detailed. These graphics are truly outstanding, you almost feel guilty from the painful winces on your victim's faces, and can have your stomach turned by some of your more charred victims. The only complaint graphic-wise would have to be the somewhat repetive textures in some of the enivironments.Aside from this trivial complaint, almost every in game moment seems like a cinematic, with many artistic angles and scenery that seem perfectly crafted to give each gamer the ultimate experience possible in each area. If video games are an escape, this is a dream.

    Sound 9/10

    Similar to the cinematic ambient style of fallout, the atmopheric sound track to this game is a player sensitive masterpiece, with player action and in game moments affecting the soundtrack heavily. Its an experience in itself, and the effect helps immerse you in the game. It really sounds like you're in a movie instead of playing a video game. The sound matches the dreamlike feel of the game, and is fitted to the Sci fi industrial period of the game. The care they put into the audio makes this dreamlike experiance all the more immersive, even the raspy chanting during some of your supernatural powers make them feel all the more unearthly. Enemies and Npcs will often comment on your actions, making it feel more cinematic and injecting a little humor into the game.
    More importantly, the sound quality of this game was actually very important to the gameplay, as you often must track your enemies by sound. The most memorable moment i had with the audio was while hiding under a table beside two guards having a conversation, as water dripped into a pot beside me, while waiting to pick them off one by one. Tiny details in the audio, like the gnawing of the rats, the crackle of electricity, the bang of your flintlock pistol , or the drunken whaling songs of your staggering victims truly help to flesh out Dunwall as a believable world,

    Fun Factor 8/10
    A wonderful stealth and action game, with many memorable moments, interesting characters, beautiful and unique graphics, tons of stealth / swordfight/ blastem up action. The combination of matrix like effects and stealth make this an explosive action game more memorable than most others . The story is not bad, but the level of player impact on the in game world more than makes up for it , particularly for an action game. This is the best first person stealth style game made yet on the 360, or anywhere else. Even though it feels heavily influenced by several other titles, this is a unique and memorable experience. If you love gameplay, body dumping, matrix-like carnage, sneaking, acrobatic combat and action you should buy this without hesitation. Couple a frag grenade with a time freeze and see if im wrong.
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    Achievers Review of: Dishonored

    This review will touch on the main aspects of game design, as well as the game's fun factor, and its achievements. At the end will be a small set of positive and negative points for the game, as well as it's score. Enjoy, and any feedback is more than welcomed

    Gameplay (Story, mechanics, and difficulty)

    Dishonored is a game that hits the ground running, within the first ten minutes you are framed for the murder of your Empress, and the kidnap of her daughter. You play as Corvo, a personal bodyguard to the Empress, but that quickly changes as you are charged for crime you did not commit. Soon you are broken out of Prison by a group called the Loyalists who aim to restore the land prior to the murder, and clear your name.
    The overarching story is not the greatest, but ultimately its a story of revenge and how far you are willing to extract said revenge to those who have done you wrong, and those involved. The story as a whole is not one to fully get you as a player involved, but it does do great in smaller more segmented stories. I cared more about my stories rather than what was actually happening. The greatest thing the story pulls is the actual want for revenge. In my case, I actually wanted to get those who have have done me wrong, and the actual smaller acts mattered more to me than the story itself.
    The game itself is one of the only games that I feel, actually allows you to chose how you play. The two biggest differences is the lethal and nonlethal routes, the lethal routes can still lead to some interesting stories, but the nonlethal routes are the more complex and interesting routes. The lethal route can offer variety as to how you chose to approach it, but the real variety is in the nonlethal path, which challenges you to think outside the box, and do the out of the norm thing for video games.
    The game is a mixture of stealth action, with light platforming. Depending on how you chose to play, it could lean more towards the stealth or the action side if you chose. You get a mixture of items and powers to aid you along the way. Right off the bat you get a power that allows you to teleport small distances, which can get you across gaps, or away from enemies. You chose which powers you want by gathering runes to unlock more powers from summoning rats, to possessing animals and other people. Each power has a single upgrade, that enhances the previously established action.
    Mixed in, are plenty of little side objectives and side quests. From the little side puzzles that are left unlisted in your objectives, to the actual quests that involved you interacting with named characters, there is a great amount of content. You can chose to collect every Rune and Bone Charm in the game, or you can try to find every combination in the game to unlock any safe you come by. Although there are not many, the side quests you do come across add some decent content to the game.
    You also are able to purchase numerous upgrades to your weapons and pouches, which allow you to carry more ammo. Speaking of, you get a pretty decent sized arsenal to play with. From razor-wire mines, to explosive arrows, you have plenty of choices that suit your playstyle. The one downside is that, if you chose to play through on a no kill run, there is very limited options that aid you in your campaign, but in the same line, thats kind of a good thing, because it challenges you more.

    Technical Aspect (Design, Graphics, and Bugs)

    This game is beautiful in terms of level design, every single level is like a playground full of secrets. From rat tunnels, to sewers, to locked doors, there is plenty to find in Dishonored. The game also present branching pathways to get to each objective. You can attempt to find basement and sewer routes into a building, or take to the rooftops and climb in through a window. The game doesnt present its objective in a linear way, but instead leaves it to the player to decide how to get to each waypoint. The objectives themselves can be approached different ways. As mentioned before, you can take multiple routes to reach an end goal, but even from there, you can vary in how you accomplish your set path. This game is pure delight when it comes to its variation.
    Overall, Dishonored is not too shabby to look at either. Presenting itself in a duller cell-shaded style, the game is pretty damn beautiful. The character designs are something from a cartoonist’s artbook, giving a really unique look to everyone you meet, as well as the game’s separation from other art styles.
    There are some pretty amazing set pieces as well, most notable is one taking place at a party. It is the times like these that the game shows it’s engine’s potential. By producing numerous named characters in one section at once, and still running smooth, its a good testament to the engine’s design. Not to mention that the game also makes a pretty decent physics game as well, allowing you to tamper with, and move around tons of bodies, or just tons of items as well. The physics are nothing to the style of Half Life, but are pretty great enough to sustain itself.
    The game also goes a great job at presenting a gradual introduction of new obstacles. You start off with simple guards, but by the end of the game you have to worry about guards, zombie like civilians, rats, machines designed to kill you, and a ton more, but by that time, you have everything figured out. With each introduction of the new obstacle, the game gives you ample time to adjust your strategies as such, knowing how to deal with every situation as it comes up.
    The AI is an odd mix all around. There are plenty of times where you can clearly see the character’s AI pathing, but then it can get really difficult to predict their route as soon as one little thing changes. Overall, the AI proves itself to be pretty smart, flanking you and search everywhere if you get caught.
    As I said before, the game runs pretty smoothly overall. I did run into a few physic glitches, with dead bodies being glitched through the floor, cutting them in half. Aside from that, the game runs perfectly smooth, with fast load times, and smooth frame rate, the game constantly ran smooth (at least in my case)
    The game does a few things in not a great fashion, mostly relating to a no kill run. The game does an incredibly poor job as to what can kill your targets. It is really hard to tell at what heights dropping an unconscious body, will kill them. Also, the animation for knocking down a civilian is that they just fall down on their backs, doing this on stairs leads to instant death on their part most times, which can become annoying when dealing with crowded areas.
    Lastly, overall the game presents a wide variety of character animation and styles. Although they occasionally cycle, the engine does a great job at making every character feel real. If you watch the routine of a guard, they might go and chat with another guard for a tad, leave, and go for a piss. After which he goes and checks some of the machinery, and maybe kills some rats. This goes double when they go on patrol mode when seeing you, or encountering a dead body, then they tend to check under tables, or in places they wouldn't normally go. In the end, the game does do a great job at drawing you into the world itself.


    The Achievements in the game range from very difficult to fairly easy. Overall, you can get about 15% of the achievements in 8 hours just by playing through the campaign. There are about 4 achievements that require you to do multiple playthroughs, so that adds on another 8-16 hours. Lastly there are the time consuming achievements that make you do very specific things, however these achievements are worth the most, like the “Clean Hands” achievement, that gives you 100 gamerscore for killing no one through a single campaign playthrough. Other than those, there are the gameplay achievements that just have you doing certain actions once or numerous times, and these make up about 50% of the achievements.

    Fun Factor

    This is easily one of the most entertaining games I have played on the previous generation. (current gen being Xbone, and PS4). The world itself is so engaging, and the gameplay is so engaging, that it is hard to have a great time, even if you are failing. The first playthrough I did, I was on a murderous rampage, and had a great time being a murdering machine, and feeling like a badass. The second playthrough, I did everything to not kill a single person, and had an equalling great time approaching every situation as a puzzle, and attempting to figure it out. This game is endlessly fun, and is worthy of multiple playthroughs of the same or different style.


    Dishonored is easily one of my favorite games of the previous generation. The beautiful graphics, and the engaging gameplay lend to one great experience over all. Although I had a few gripes that were lent from a few odd design choices, and the odd story, I never stopped having a great time.

    +Unique Art Style
    +Worth Multiple Playthroughs
    +Fun Gameplay
    +Tons of Variation

    -Not the Best Story
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    I don’t know where to begin to start praising Dishonored. Everything that Dishonored tried to do, it did well. Freeform, nonlinear stealth-action games have been done before, but never at the level that Dishonored performs at. The highs of Dishonored will leave you with eyes wide and mouth open, hungry for more of the exhilarating moments waiting around every corner.

    The land is ravaged by a rat plague, and the government is at wit’s end in discovering a resolution. You are Corvo Attano, previously Lord Protector of Empress Jessamine, until she is brutally murdered and you are framed for the crime. Those loyal to the late empress help you break out of jail. Then, you are granted magic powers by a mysterious entity known as the Outsider. From here, you embark on a quest for revenge on those who have wronged you. The game takes place in an alternate historical universe where oil harvested from gargantuan whales powers technology. The city of Dunwall is inspired by Victorian era England, and looks absolutely stunning. At the microscale level, the visuals may not be on par with other 2012 offerings, but I challenge you to recommend a game that looks this gorgeous as a whole. The art direction is superb, and the overall ambiance adds to the dark mood and tone of the game. Half-Life 2’s city 17 art director provided guidance on Dunwall’s design, so you know the game has a strong backing. Exploring Dunwall is a lot like experiencing the city of Rapture in Bioshock. You find audiographs and journals that delve into more of the lore. From seeing piles of plague infested corpses gobbled up by rats, to seeing the eccentric dress of party guests about to get slaughtered with their body parts flying, the game captivates you with its almost magical aura.

    The strongest aspect of this game is the amount of choice the game affords you. There are multiple pathways to any objective and multiple ways to complete an objective. You can infiltrate a strongpoint by possessing an animal and sneaking through a narrow pathway. You can rewire the security circuitry to be hostile toward guards instead of you. You can just fight your way through if you want. Each of the ways you can accomplish your goals is rewarding in its own right, but arguably the most satisfying to attempt is a non-lethal approach. Your assassination targets can be eliminated by indirect means instead of straight murder. This approach often shames them more than if you killed them.

    Dunwall is not a complete open world, but you are so free to do whatever, I felt more freedom than some sandbox games have provided. The game is very story and mission focused, and both are incredibly enjoyable. Magic powers are an excellent complement to your assassin’s arsenal. Using blink to teleport behind enemy lines brings back fond memories of using the Portal Gun. You can purchase upgrades to your gear and unlock higher level magic as you uncover more hidden runes around the world. Bone charms also grant you passive characteristic upgrades. The search for both is satisfying in its own right. High adrenaline stealth kills are fun, but adopting more creative approaches really provides the replay value. How about you make a guard throw himself off a roof? Or get him to kill himself with his own bullet? Maybe you want to play the role of terrorist, and purposely cause a ruckus to incite the inhabitants of a dwelling, and eliminate them one by one. The things you can do are nearly endless.

    However, the game does have minor annoyances. Control could be a little more precise. I’ve often ended up blocking an enemy in the back instead of choking him out. I also wish the cutscenes were a little more involving, and the characters didn’t all have such stiff facial animations. Without taking into account any of inevitable multiple playthroughs, the game is also a little short for a single player only offering. At the time of the writing of this review, I’ve already beaten it twice. I wouldn’t say that I’m a completionist, but I do like to be thorough in my playthroughs. My first time through, I changed the difficulty to hard in the second mission, went 50% total stealth, with slow approaches, and did side missions to take out half my targets non-lethally. I still finished a hair under the 10 hour mark. I imagine that if I didn’t go for a thorough playthrough, I could have finished in 5 hours. The final minor annoyance is that your character feels almost too powerful. Not that the game is too easy (most people should start on hard), but from the way that characters talk to you and the amount of choices that the game provides, it’s hard to overall feel a big struggle. In other story driven games, you feel like a small cog in a larger machine. In Dishonored, you are the machine. It’s hard to exert self control and feel like total stealth is a good option, because there are few drawbacks other than an alternative ending to doing the much faster method killing your way through everything. If the developers wanted an equal balance of encouraging approaches, they should have added more punishment to the combat focused approach.

    All in all, Dishonored is the best game I have reviewed so far, despite its small annoyances. In a market saturated with sequels, this intellectual property gives you a breath of fresh air...even when your assassination targets don't get one. This is one of my candidates for game of the year. If you consider yourself a gamer or have ever at any point in your life enjoyed video games, you owe it yourself to play Dishonored.
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    Dishonored is a new game series from Arkane Studios and Bethesda. In an age seemingly dominated by sequels and sometimes prequels, it's refreshing to see a new series appear and provide gamers with an entirely new experience which does not disappoint.

    Story - You take the role of Corvo, a man who was framed for a crime against the person he has dedicated his life to protect. You are disgraced and sent to prison while you wait to be executed. Although it seems someone still believes in your innocence and helps you in your journey to reclaim your honor and rescue the daughter of the empress. The story is pretty solid on the whole but in my opinion, it's some what predictable.

    Graphics - Dishonored boasts a very unique style of graphics in my opinion. It has a water colour painting look about it. Those it's graphics aren't as crisp as other big titles it doesn't matter as the game was never going for that look. The unique graphics capture the environment and feel of the game much better then flashy crisp graphics ever could have. They give the game a truly girtty feel which is incredible. Everything for the girtty street designs to the graphic executions are finished to a high standard. There was a lot of love and consideration put into getting the feel of the game just right. I don't think they will be to everyone's taste but I for one truly love them.

    External image

    Sound - The game boasts some truly amazing songs from the Drunken Whaler theme to the end credits theme they all suit the game perfectly and really help set the environment. The sound effects help set the industrial/ sci-fi feel theme of the game. Everything for the sounds of the rat swarms tearing people to shreds to the lone guard whistling away whilst doing his rounds add an unsettling feeling to the overall experience of the game. The voice acting is also very well done and there is so much dialogue throughout the game to listen into. Extra details like hearing hidden information about every character you come across if you use the heart on them, is a nice little touch for those who are interested. All in all the developers put a lot of effort into the sounds and music of the game.

    AI - The AI were very well designed in the game and truly unique from the tall boys from the weird and creepy Granny Rags. The AI were surprisingly challenging in this game! I like to try a game on all difficulty settings and even on the easier settings you're likely to get a beating if you get surrounded by a group of enemies. As this is a stealth game you will try to avoid enemies and sneak around them undetected, this is sometimes easier said then done as the enemies can often spot you rather quickly making the game more challenging. The way the battles play out are also very unique as you don't just get all the guards in the area charging you at once, rather, some guards tend to hang back throwing rocks at you or shooting you. This all makes the game more challenging. As well as the standard guards you also have tall boys, weepers, thugs and animals to contend with all of witch will attack you in unique ways. The game provides you with a very unique AI which might force you to change your tactics. It's very refreshing to get your revenge on some guard who ruined your stealth run by cutting his head off.

    External image

    Gameplay - Being a stealth based game you're given two main options of gameplay. You can either take to the roof tops and sewers to avoid as many enemies as possible. You can also use various supernatural powers to aid you by stopping time, possessing enemies or animals or using blink to move at lightning fast speeds. In my opinion the real challenge of the game comes from trying to avoid confrontation and gliding through the levels undetected. If that's not your cup of tea then you can opt to go in guns a blazing! Use your supernatural powers to make enemies suffer in anyway you can think up combine that with a nice arsenal of weaponry like crossbows and blades to slash your way through whomever dares to stand in your way. You can also rewire the destructive machines found throughout the levels like the walls of light so that they strike down your enemies instead of you. You must go through various levels trying to either eliminate targets or neutralize them in a non lethal manner. How you play the game will affect the outcome and and how some characters will react to you. It will also affect the amount of rats and weepers you will need to deal with.

    Achievements - I really liked some of the achievements in the game. Some provide you with a real challenge like trying to go through the game with minimal powers and without killing any enemy at all instead finding a non lethal solution to get rid of your targets. The achievements will make sure you experiment with the powers available which is a nice touch. Another nice bonus is there is only 1 collectible based achievement! And you only need to collect 10 things which is a breath of fresh air in this day and age. You will need to play through the entire game twice to nab them all but in my opinion this is a good thing since you need to do a stealth playthrough and a guns a blazing play through. All in all the game boasts a nice set of achievements which are fairly easy to obtain for all you completion mad hunters! On a different note some of the DLC achievements are very tricky but I can't comment since I didn't play any.

    External image

    Replay value - As I said before there are various ways to play the game and various outcomes so if you want to see them all you'll need to play through several times. You will need to do 2 full playthroughs just to get the original 1000 gamerscore. There are a few pieces of DLC out too so there is plenty to keep you going for quite a long time.

    Summary - This is a stunning game for those of you who are fans of stealth based games or for anyone who is just looking for a unique experience. The game is by no means perfect but it a truly brilliant IP and I for one loved it from start to finish. The only change I would make would be to add a few more areas to explore. If you can overlook that then you will be treated to a gritty, graphic, violent and unique experience.

    External image

    -Stunning look
    -Original character design
    -Amazing soundtrack
    -Challenging battles
    -Good achievement list

    -Not enough places to explore
    -Somewhat predictable story
    -Annoying DLC achievements
  • GhidorahZeroGhidorahZero324,176
    22 Dec 2012
    7 12 2
    "Dishonored: Great new IP or a drop in the ocean?"
    A new IP? Almost unheard of nowadays! This year was so saturated with sequels that a new IP finds it difficult to stand out.

    Graphics - 8/10
    A very distinct style. That's the way I would describe this game's graphics. I've seen complaints about low-res textures, but that's missing the point. This game is beautiful. It looks like an oil painting come to life. The characters are slightly disproportionate, the hounds look slightly off, the technology notably unrealistic. This is all intentional. And it looks great, it's an art style that you either get or you don't. It's not perfect, however, some of the animations aren't as smooth as they could be, and if you rely on the Dark Vision power, the game becomes a wash of sepia and yellow, ruining the view.

    Sound - 8/10
    This game sounds great. The music just fits so well, it really adds to the experience. It's not so memorable, but it really works with the game. The voice acting is top notch as well. No real stand out performances, but there aren't any weak links either.

    Gameplay - 7/10
    The game plays similar to Skyrim in that it's first person, and you have your weapon in one hand (controlled with one trigger), and either a power or ranged weapon in the other (controlled by the other trigger). The aim of the game is to sneak, or murder, your way to assassinate a target. How you do this is up to you, you can go through, slaughtering everyone in your path, or a totally non-lethal path. You have a variety of powers at your disposal, including short range teleporting, whirlwinds, and summoning swarms of rats to kill on command. It really lets you play around with it. Combining the powers in interesting ways is always fun. One of my favourites was slowing time, then possessing a guard who just fired his pistol. I walked in front of his own bullet, and stopped possessing him, effectively making the guard shoot himself. The AI is pretty good, they aren't too predictable, keeping you on your toes, and they aren't too good, meaning stealth playthroughs are a challenge, but enjoyable. Ultimately, it feels as though there aren't enough powers. The basics are there, but it feels as though there should be more. And the story was a bit short overall.

    The story follows you as Corvo, the Empress' bodyguard. As you return from a tour of the empire, you are blamed for the Empress' assassination. From there you must find and kill the men responsible, and rescue the Empress' daughter. It's well told, and I really cared for the characters, I hated the villains, wanting to rescue Emily and save the day. My only real complaints here are that the twist was telegraphed right from the beginning, I saw it a mile away. And that the Outsider, the god (I think?) who gives you the powers, isn't explained much at all. Is he good? Bad? Why did he help me? What is his purpose here? It's all stuff I hope gets answered in a possible sequel, but for now, just some unanswered questions.

    Longevity - 6/10
    Once you complete the story, there isn't much other than achievement hunting which makes you play again. Speaking of the achievements, there aren't any which require a specific difficulty, but do require multiple playthroughs. One glaring oversight though, is a total lack of 'New Game +', where you play through again but with all your powers and equipment. That was a disappointment to say the least.

    Overall - 7/10
    Overall this game is great. It is definitely worth playing. It reminds me of the first Assassin's Creed. It was good, but felt a bit repetitive and bland towards the end. But Assassin's Creed II, was amazing. I feel like Dishonored is in the same situation. It's great, but feels as though it needs a sequel to be amazing. The story is a bit short, the powers feel lacking, and no New Game + of any kind are all stuff that a sequel would fix in a heartbeat. So while this game doesn't achieve greatness, it sets itself up for a sequel that will.