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    26 May 2009
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    As a game known for easy achievements, it's not bad, especially for a licensed title. You alternate levels between Penny (who's best at sneaking and working behind the scenes) and Bolt, who's definitely the brawler. Combat with Bolt is surprisingly well-done, with some clever touches (such as the laser eyes and the finishing moves).

    Most of the levels are easy enough, though there are a few that will try the patience of even the best gamer (the train and the final missile sequence come to mind). Cleverly integrated into the gameplay are hacking minigames, which take the form of a Geometry Wars-style shooter.

    The majority of the achievements are pretty easy, as are most of the secret ones. I would suggest a guide for the power-ups...most of them are in plain sight, but some of them are very well-hidden. With a good guide and some patience, 1000 is possible in one sitting. See the achievement tips on this site for a few pointers on the trickier ones (such as Sneaky Sneaky).

    Best of luck. I picked this up for $10 at Best Buy for my son and ended up enjoying it myself. Not the best game, but a reasonably good distraction.
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    Pedle ZelnipNice review!
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 01 Jun 09 at 20:32
    Pedle ZelnipI'm glad you enjoyed the game as much as you did, but I thought I'd chime in with my experiences now that I've played the game as well. Call me the Devil's Advocate. :)

    I'd have to say your review was rather kind. I'd say this ranks around the same as a Wall-E -- generic family game with some moments of serious frustration. Like you said, there are points in this that will test the patience of any gamer, and you weren't kidding. That last missile level had me cussing like a trucker. :p

    The "Geo Wars" hacking games were a good idea, but once you've played one you've essentially played them all -- there's no sense of improvement or elevating the game to make them more interesting as you go along. The later ones aren't harder or more interesting, just longer.

    The fixed camera will cause you to die - A LOT. Thankfully though when you die you come back virtually instantly (no long loads).

    Visually it's average at best. Excessively dark in some places as well which doesn't fit the source material at all. There are times when the camera will zoom out so far that Bolt looks like little more than a tiny white blob on the screen.

    The idea of stealth gameplay is cool, but when it's actually easier to charge in with Penny and hit a button to defeat any enemy the stealth aspects lose their point (why be slow and stealthy when you can just charge in and have an easier go of it?)

    I'd be hard pressed to think of anything (save easy achievements) that I enjoyed about the game. Honestly I'd have to say that this was one of the least enjoyable kids games I've played, and am glad it's over. :( 1/5 for me.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 17 Jun 09 at 22:57
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    21 Aug 2009 21 Aug 2009
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    The game play is solo action platformer its pretty linear as with most these movie titles, this one however the game play is pretty well thought out where you switch between Bolt (the dog) and Penny (the girl) the controls are pretty easy to pick up. The camera will drive you nuts at some locations but for the most part is set up well. The minigame is a Geometry Wars-style space shooter

    the story is where it strays alot from the movie... where the movie was penny and bolt are actors for a tv(?) show.... but unbeknown to bolt the situations and "bad guys" they fight are all set ups, however penny knows they are but mere actors. The movie is really about bolt getting lost and finding his way home to penny and to his dismay finding out his "powers" are not really superpowers at all and hes just a normal dog.... but this game is really about the escapades of a super-dog bolt (and human handler/brains penny) getting though some bad guys to make sure calico (head bad guy) doesn't create some-thing-or-other the story is not very well established or very memorable.

    the most testing part of the game is the fact you will need to kill well over 300 bad guys and the powerups are slow to come so its takes a while.
    not to mention most the collectibles are fairly easy to spot but there are a handful that you just won't find without a guide... and yes you can go without but that would mean giving up on 60 gs points or more

    its not a bad game for achievements since its fairly easy and very short but it gets repetitive pretty quickly and its far from memorable. But as far as family game titles its one of the more enjoyable movie titles i've played in sometime. A easy 1000 gs point game which in theory can be done in one sitting.