1. Disney's Bolt Walkthrough overview

Hey everyone, welcome to my walkthrough for the 1000G contained within Disney's Bolt for the Xbox 360. I will describe the order in which I netted the achievements, general hints and tips for any tricky areas of the game and specific criteria for getting some of the achievements.

All achievements for this game are offline achievements and there are no difficulty selections. In addition to completing the main game story line you will have to complete some mini-games from the main menu and you may need to replay parts of some levels to up your kill counters for the last few achievements.

The game is played in 5 parts of the world with each venue having several levels where you alternate play between Penney (Bolts owner) and Bolt (the superdog with mad skillz). Each character possesses a different skill set (which is likely, given one is a human and the other is a dog). There are collectibles in almost every level and the achievements are scattered between main storyline achievements, achievements for defeating enemies with certain skills and achievements for some quirky fun tasks.

Overall its 5-10 hours of relatively easy, fun gaming.

So without further ado, let's get to the walkthrough!

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