2. Disney's Bolt General hints and tips

You will progress through the game alternating between playing as Penney and Bolt. When playing as Penney you will be doing more stealth and puzzle solving while Bolt is built for fighting and will carry the bulk of the workload in battle. The following are some tips when using each character:


  • Penney’s tool is the wheelbar. You can attach the wheelbar to ledges, cables and wherever it can fit in narrow slots in buildings / pipes etc. by pressing cn_B. She uses this tool to ascend/descend as well as slide left/right on objects and it is a big part of playing with her character.
  • Press cn_Y to enter “Enhanced Vision” whenever you are stuck and or looking for the way to progress in a level. In this mode any items you can interact with will show up in yellow making the path forward clearer. Using enhanced vision depletes Penney's energy bar.
  • Press cn_LB to use “Technical Camo” that makes Penney invisible to enemies making sneak attacks easier. This too depletes the energy bar.
  • Press cn_RB to enter sneak mode. Penney will then creep around softly and will not alert enemies when she is close to them (Unless they are facing her and can see her). Use this mode to sneak up behind enemies and remain undetected as you progress through levels.
  • Press cn_LT to release Gas Mines that take out enemies with a single throw. The longer you hold the trigger the farther you will slide the mine. You control the direction of the toss with the left control stick. It’s best to sneak up on enemies from behind or use Camo to get closer before taking them out with gas mines.


  • Bolt will carry the bulk of the fighting. Use cn_X to attack enemies with the dash attack and use cn_Y for a stronger roll attack. cn_X cn_Y combos are effective in combat. When there are several enemies around you can jump from enemy to enemy to increase your attack combo. There are achievements tied to combo length. Some enemies will block or dodge your attacks.
  • Press cn_LT to use Bolts Super Bark. The bark can be used to stun enemies that block your dash attacks and is also used to destroy items within game levels like glass windows, walls etc. Some items in the game have to be destroyed to obtain the collectible hidden within. There is also an achievement tied to defeating enemies with this skill. Using the sonic bark depletes Bolts energy. This skill is acquired as you progress through the game.
  • Press cn_LB to use Bolts Laser Eyes. The laser eyes can be used to defeat enemies and is also used in gameplay to destroy objects on the map. Again, an achievement is tied to defeating enemies with this skill. Laser eyes depletes the energy bar and is acquired as you progress through the game.
  • Press cn_RT to enter invincibility mode. In this mode Bolt can’t be hurt. It is especially useful when fighting the “Disky” enemy. This skill uses energy and can be combined with a jump (cn_A then cn_RT) to perform a ground pound that stuns and/or defeats enemies as well as destroys objects. The ground pound skill is obtained as you progress through the game.
  • Press cn_RB to have Bolt sprint. It is useful to use this to get away from groups of enemies or to outrun fire from a boss's gun etc.
  • Bolt has 4 finishing moves. When fighting enemies, once their energy is almost completely drained a cn_B button will appear over their heads. This means they are susceptible to a finishing move. Approach the enemy and press cn_B. You will then be prompted to press any of the four buttons cn_A, cn_B, cn_X, cn_Y to perform a finishing move on that enemy. There are achievements tied to performing finishing moves on certain enemies. My experience is that it is best to use cn_Y as a finishing move for the achievements as I had issues with the other buttons for some of the later enemies.
  • When attacking an enemy with cn_X you can press cn_B (not finishing move) to throw the enemy. There is an achievement for tossing enemies over cliffs and/or through windows so use this one early and often when you see windows or cliffs. In addition, if you attack with cn_B then press cn_Y Bolt will blast the enemy away with a kick/toss. To put enemies over cliffs using this method, you have to attack with cn_X in the direction that you want to kick the enemy.
  • As you defeat enemies with combos, there is a supercharge meter that continues to get filled. When it is filled it will show a lightning bolt. Click cn_LSc and cn_RSc together to enter a supercharged mode where all Bolts attacks do much more damage. The meter will drain as soon as you start to use the supercharge mode.


Throughout the game Penney will encounter control panels that she will "Hack". Hacking a control panel takes you to an in-game mini game where you operate a tank on a 2D playing field. To complete the hack you have to progress through the mini game shooting the enemies by using the right control stick while moving the tank in any direction with the left control stick. Pick up power-ups left by destroyed enemies to make the hacks easier. When hacking, "Bombs" that you collect will appear on the top right of the screen as small yellow squares. Use bombs to destroy all enemies on the screen when you are getting overwhelmed by pressing cn_RT.

In addition to the in-game hacks, most levels you play will have a "Hack" collectible that unlocks mini-games you can access from the main menu of the game. You will have to complete a number of these hacks to complete an achievement.

Energy Meter:

Using the skills that Penney and Bolt acquire throughout the game requires energy. You gain energy from defeating enemies, from destroying objects in the game or by using the energy refill stations throughout the game that prompt you to tap cn_B when close by. The green energy meter reflects how much energy Penney or Bolt has to perform their skills. Some skills use more energy than others. The energy meter will slowly regenerate on its own.


There are a lot of enemies in the game to fight. You will be defeating them primarily with Bolt, although Penney can be used to defeat enemies. Some enemies have quirks and susceptibilities when fighting them. These quirks will be noted in the walkthrough as enemies are first encountered. As new enemies are encountered as you progress through the game you will find that your dash attack is blocked or dodged and you will have to stun these enemies first before you can attack them


There are a number of collectibles that you have to gather up for achievements. For Penney, the collectibles are Gadget Tool Power Upgrades. For Bolt they are Health Upgrades and Power Upgrades. In addition to these upgrades there are hack levels I mentioned above that exist on most levels. There is an achievement for finding all the hack levels.

Most of these tips are explained to you as you progress through the game and gain new skills. Some achievements are cumulative and are for defeating enemies with a certain skill etc. so you may unlock it before I did in my game. I will include these achievements in the clean-up section of the walkthrough. From the start menu you can also access the “moves” list and within that list you will find everything I have listed above and a few more that I didn’t really use much.

With that information in hand, you are now ready to tackle the game and net some achievements!

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