Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Reviews

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    07 Jan 2013
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    Chances are you don't know who Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is or have any feelings either way regarding him, but if you play Epic Mickey 2, you will f**king hate his guts! He's not particularly despicable, in fact, he's your "ally" in the game, but he sure as hell doesn't act like much of one.

    You play as Mickey in this adventure/platformer, but you are accompanied by Oswald the entire game, each of your abilities is unique and you have to work together. And therein lies the core of this game's frustration, you need him to do sh*t and the A.I. is more A than I! You cannot switch characters, you can add a second controller for co-op, but in many instances in which you need to work together you cannot just simply switch controllers. This often leads to unnecessarily long battles, as you often need him to zap or distract an enemy in order to effectively attack it.

    Aside from your often useless companion, the other major flaw with the game is with the aim system and the camerawork, which team up to give you horrible aim.

    But for all the games frustrations, it definitely grew on me after a couple of hours and a few quests. The story is not super-compelling, unfortunately it refers too often to the previous game, which wasn't available on Xbox, but you get the gist of it fairly quickly.

    As you travel through the different levels and worlds you have the option to build or destroy parts of the environment around you, you do this by shooting either paint or thinner on things. You'll spend a lot of time shooting thinner around a level looking for secret walls and such, luckily you can often paint over the tinned-out areas. This makes all the item-collecting both fun and tedious, and there is a TON of stuff to collect, tickets, pins, and quest-items.

    The puzzles are a big reason why I ultimately enjoy this game, there's an interesting level of choice and consequence to solving these, essentially a good way and a rogue way (paint or thinner), this adds some re-playability value, but the save system isn't very forgiving. For instance there are levels in which you can advance by either restoring an area or destroying it, but if you accidentally destroy or kill something you cannot go back because the game saves immediately, you're stuck with the 'bad' way.

    BOTTOM LINE: Epic Mickey 2 is an action/platformer whose puzzles are made more interesting by choices you make, you can either paint stuff and make it better or use thinner and destroy, there are some consequences to which approach you take. Gameplay can be frustrating at times, but mostly because of the ineptitude of your companion, its best if play co-op with another person. It won't hook you right away, but it grows on you.
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    The Manic MooseGood review. I just want to warn people that this game has a high TA ratio for a reason!
    I'm loving the game but there are way too many instances that a mistake you make or something you miss, means you can't get the achievement or quest finished. Which as far as I'm aware means another playthrough if you're a completionist!
    Posted by The Manic Moose On 19 Feb 13 at 17:45
    I am LonghornThanks! :)
    Posted by I am Longhorn On 21 Feb 13 at 10:18