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Posted on 29 May 14 at 14:49
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First off, it's very obvious that this game is meant for kids, so I think it's best to review it as if it were going to be bought for a child. The story, for what it's worth, is actually pretty decent for a kid's game. The first four episodes are about a storyteller fairy talking about Tinkerbell, and the fifth you control the fairy who's been listening to this. It was, in all seriousness, a pretty interesting way to get backstory on a Disney character like Tink. There are multiple options for how to listen/read the story, but they're all incredibly slow. The option to skip dialogue often takes a few too many seconds to come up, and when you're looking for items, texts often covers the top of the screen, getting in the way.

The gameplay is mostly point and click, finding items, with some mini-games thrown in. Similar to Adera, only for a younger audience. Most of the items are pretty easy to find, however, once you finish collecting a 'series' of items, you lose control of the game for about ten seconds while it goes over to the place where you'll need them, and the items are laid out. That gets annoying quickly.

The achievements are mainly for completing the game. Some episodes need you to get a perfect score in each level, which isn't that hard. There are some annoying, missable achievements. Annoying mainly because of the crappy level select feature. Each 'episode' has five or three levels. Once one is done you can replay it. BUT, you cannot exit this level, or start over, without completing it first. There are certain achievements for doing things quickly, so if you miss them, you have to complete the level, then do it all over again. Even once you know where everything is, a level still takes far longer than it should because the game is so damn slow.

To fully complete this game, I would say I spent at least ten hours on it. A guide wasn't always needed, but was helpful to try and get the missables done the first time around. Not exactly the best twenty dollars I've spent for 1000 GS, but if it goes on sale, I'd pick it up, especially considering the short life of Windows 8 games.
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Posted on 10 March 13 at 15:16, Edited on 19 May 13 at 19:47
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Easy Achievements .. Got 200/200 within 90 mins .
Gameplay is very similar to Adera
Finding collectibles is very easy , you don't have to waste a lot of time searching for them
Works great even with a Mouse/Keyboard combo
You could use a collectibles guide found on X360a if you aren't able to find out some of them
The only downside is that fairy keeps on mindfu**king you angry

Some of the achievements are missable and not story related , you could replay the level any time and get them
A DLC is also coming out according to adventures section
Game is bit costly though for the content it provides
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