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New Disney Infinity: Toy Box Adventures Trailer

We've had lots of media about the eagerly anticipated Disney Infinity, Disney's new sandbox adventure, and the developers have released yet another trailer to tease us even more as we wait. In this o

Posted 9 years ago by Cindy Minguez

New Disney Infinity Trailer

Johnny Depp is taking over the upcoming Disney Infinity game. Unfortunately for the ladies, it's only in digital form. With two versions of Depp in the game, makes you wonder what would happen if Ton

Posted 9 years ago by Joshua Rust

Disney Infinity Devs Talk Play Sets

The release of Disney Infinity is slowly creeping closer, and the developers are back to tell their side of the story. They've already spoken to us about the Toy Box, and now they've returned to tell

Posted 9 years ago by Ellis Spice

Disney Infinity Toy Box World Creation Trailer

The Toy Box is one of the selling points of Disney Infinity, as it is where players will be able to make their very own Disney-themed worlds to play in. If you want to see some examples of what can b

Posted 9 years ago by Ellis Spice

Disney Infinity Drops an Atomic Number of Screens

There has been everything from Lone Ranger trailers, to the cuddly creatures over at Monster university; there has been a continual avalanche of assets for Disney Infinity. Recently, a substantial nu

Posted 9 years ago by SgtDigglesworth

Disney Infinity: Lone Ranger Trailers

As close as we are to E3, Disney Interactive Studios are still releasing trailers for their newest game, Disney Infinity. The first couple show off two of the playable characters in the Lone Ranger P

Posted 9 years ago by ClumsyOnion

The Lone Ranger Visits Disney Infinity

Avalanche Studios and Disney Interactive Studios have announced today that they will be bringing the characters from the upcoming Disney movie, The Lone Ranger, to the already huge roster of Disney I

Posted 9 years ago by Joshua Rust

Disney Infinity - Monsters University Trailers

The stars of the upcoming film Monsters University have a go at the world of Disney Infinity, riding their bicycles and sneaking up on classmates. The trio manages to scare up some fun along the way.

Posted 9 years ago by litepink

Disney Infinity Toy Box Racing Video Goes Turbo

Disney Infinity looks to ride the figure based gaming wave made popular by the Skylanders series, but the following video for the Toy Box Racing mode seems to draw much inspiration from Little Big Pl

Posted 9 years ago by litepink

Disney Infinity Playset Trailer #3

In the last play set trailer we covered from Disney Infinity, the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean ran free, enjoying their escape from the Toy Box. The popular pirate characters are put back in th

Posted 9 years ago by Ashley Woodcock