1. Disney Infinity Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

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This walkthrough will explain how to efficiently complete the 50 achievements in Disney Infinity. I strongly suggest reading through the whole walkthrough before starting so you know the exact requirements for each achievement.

You must have:

-the Starter Pack, which includes the game, the Disney Infinity base, a Power Disc, Sulley, Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, and the Starter Pack Play Set piece

-an Xbox LIVE Gold account, which is required for two multiplayer achievements

Most of the achievements are earned in Story Mode. You must complete the main story in all three play sets, which, for the purposes of this walkthrough, I consider to be three "playthroughs." The rest of the achievements are earned in the Toy Box, Adventures, and the Infinity Vault.

Seven achievements require co-op play. Five can be earned locally with a second controller. Two require online co-op and require four players but can be done with two Xbox LIVE Gold accounts each with an extra controller.

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