2. Disney Infinity General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Story Mode takes place in play sets, which are movie-themed worlds with missions and a story that can be experienced with characters specific to that world. The Starter Pack includes three play sets - Monsters University, Incredibles, and Pirates. Play sets are currently available for Cars and The Lone Ranger, but you can earn all 50 achievements with the three play sets included in the Starter Pack.

Story mode is mission driven. The general formula is "receive a mission, complete an objective, then get a new mission." This walkthrough will not guide you through the missions, leaving story progression up to the player to discover.

Press the back button in story mode to open the "Toys & Missions" menu. Mission Log can be toggled between "Available Missions" and "Gold Star Missions." Toy Store contains toys that you can eventually purchase as you progress through the story. Once purchased, these toys can also be used in the Toy Box.

If you are ever unsure where to go and you don't have a green arrow (the compass) on screen, then go to the Available Missions page and press "x (show me)" on an active mission or on "Find Active Mission Givers" to activate the compass. Furthermore, always press "x (show me)" to accept missions so the compass is active.

The Toy Box allows players to create their own game in an open-world setting. Players can mix and match everything that is unlocked in the play sets including characters, weapons, and toys.

Adventures are prefabricated mini-games. Mastery Adventures are Toy Box tutorials and must be completed to unlock all of the regular Adventures.

Feats are challenges that you can complete in the Toy Box or in Adventures.

The Infinity Vault is a slot machine style game where you win prizes. Each time a character you own gains a level and the first time you earn each medal in an Adventure, you earn a spin. Each time you use a spin in the Infinity Vault, you win a random prize (from 16 initially available). You can press "y" to create a new pool of 16 different prizes before spinning.

Prizes earned in the Infinity Vault are added to your collection and can be used in the Toy Box. There are several such prizes that are required for completing feats and the Fan is needed for an awesome leveling method (you will need to get three characters to level 15). If you have 16 or more spins, then you can use 'y' to shuffle the prizes until you see at least one that you need. Each time you use a spin, you win one of the prizes and can continue spinning to win the remaining prizes. With 16 spins, you're guaranteed to get a prize as long as it's there to be won. If you've got the patience, then I suggest shuffling the vault's prizes until you see two (or even three!) of these specific prizes to make your life easier down the road:

Fan (top priority- this will help greatly in leveling up your characters), Super Cannon, Conveyor Belt, The Spinner, Ring of Fire, Elevator Platform, Wall Jump Block, Shrink/Grow Pack, and Splash Pool

Figure Ownership: only one person can "own" a character at any given time. You can take ownership of a character through the pause menu. Be sure to always own characters as you are working on achievements. If someone else takes ownership of a character that you have previously owned and played with, then re-taking ownership will return that character to the level they were when you last owned them (even if you last played them at, say, level 8 and the next owner only got them to level 3). This only applies when multiple accounts are playing the game with the same figures.

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