1. Disney Sing It Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Disney Sing It Walkthrough. This walkthrough is written to get you to 100% completion in the fastest way possible. With that said, you can work on the achievements in any order that you wish. Please keep in mind that you will need TWO USB Microphones to complete all of the achievements.

Here is a preview of what lies ahead.

1) Complete the Tutorial to get you started on the road towards 1000 gamerscore.

2) Complete a song in You're Own Your Own mode.

3) Complete a song in Solo Gig mode.

4) Start playing through EVERY SONG in Quickplay Mode.

5) Repeat Step 4, but complete EVERY SONG in Duet Mode.

6) Grab a second microphone and sing your heart out in Team Play Mode.

7) Finally, play 100 songs.

Congratulations! Your done with Disney Sing It.

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