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    Release date: January 5, 2010

    Let me start off by saying, if your looking for a deep, enthralling storyline, with Elder Scrolls like gameplay; this is not the game for you. Not to say this game doesn't have it's good qualities, in fact the simplistic nature of the game is what kept me coming back for more.

    You begin the game/ultimate quest as a Dragon Slayer. You main quest, slash usual quest of most sandbox RPG's is to ultimately free the land of the evil that inhabits it. If your looking for something original in the story, look elsewhere, nothing new here. The story progresses nicely with a bunch of side quests you complete (150+ sidequests). Something you will find unique in this game, is your own battletower in the center of the map. Here you can stockpile stuff you find, I have servants, blacksmiths....any thing you will need. Not to mention it's your own enormous safehouse. Great variety in weapons, armor, and clothing with thousand of combinations and the ability to enchant your items. Like most sandbox, dungeon crawler RPG's, you get your choice between 3 classes: Warrior, Archer, or Mage. Don't think your decision is final though. You character can still be a combination of all three if you want, by assigning skill points.


    The gameplay is very simple in nature, plays nothing like an Elder Scroll type game. This isn't completely a bad thing. If your looking for a simpler type of RPG, that you don't have to overly think the gameplay; this is your game. One thing I do like, is you don't have to repair weapons and armor. In fact you don't even have to worry about them breaking. Spell and stat upgrading is very simple and easy to understand. The fighting can be most closely compared with Two Worlds. Camera angles are in 3rd person, which in some aspects (due to some kind of flawed design), is a major pain in the ass. For some reason, when using your bow or magic and you lock onto an enemy (LT), your character does directly face the target. It seems your guy is looks at the ground, but somehow your arrows seem to hit the target. If the enemy is far away, it seems like your guy aims 10 ft above there head, but still somehow hits his target. The lock-on system is absolutely terrible when in combat with multiple enemies. It would help if your character would automatically lock on to the closest enemy, but that just doesn't happen. Your guy locks onto random people. You my be fight 3 people right next to you and your guy locks onto an archer 50ft away and you start swinging at air. This will be one of the main culprits of how you find yourself dead.

    The looting system is fun and will remind you of the old school RPG games. You can pretty much loot in 100% of the locations in this game. Unlike Oblivion, there is no such thing as stealing in this game. Feel free to strip bare people's homes, while they sit there and watch you. Although, most will consider this a lack of depth in the gameplay, it's a nice reprieve.

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    The fact that you start taking the form of a dragon at one point during the story, adds another depth to the gameplay. Although it would have been nice to be able to a get a horse or something to ride at some point during the game

    There is NO multiplayer for this game.

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    Sound & Graphics:
    The game uses the Gamebyro engine, which is the same engine as Fallout 3 and Oblivion, although the graphics and framerate is not quite as smooth as those two games. The sound, music isnt bad, although the lip sync for the NPC's is about as good as the first Two Worlds.



    The achievements for this game are 100% achievable. A nice mix of story related achievements / secret or missable achievements, this really make you wanna travel outside the main story quest and play the game to its fullest.



    Before you purchase this game, I recommend that you actually buy Divinity II: Dragon's Knight Saga. Divinity II: DKS contains Ego Draconis, bug and gameplay fixes, expansions packs, frame rate and slight graphics upgrade, and an extension of the storyline. Unfortunatly I did not know that before I bought this game, because the DKS version is only $5 more at Gamestop.
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    Fantastic review, very well broken down, well done.
    Posted on 02 Nov 12 at 17:09
    I'm convinced, this is not the game for me, it sounds utterly terrible in every way you mentioned. (Also a lot of grammatical errors in this, I sometimes couldn't understand what you were talking about).
    Posted on 01 Apr 13 at 23:17
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    Alright, short version of my review, Divinity II is a decent game if only taken at face value, great idea, decent story, acceptable gameplay, overall 5/10. Still is going to make you want to hit your head against the wall sometimes, but overall, decent game.

    Graphics: 4/10
    Visually the game has it's strong points, there are time when you'll be looking out over a cliff and see a beautiful ocean with a mountain range far off in the distance, only to discover that you can't actually get there. Also though, there are some points when they seem sub par, looking at the ground, overall texturing of most of the npc's, and other random spots where textures didn't load properly. Last, most of the monsters actually look pretty cool, human characters, eh, but as far as dragons, goblins, etc., pretty fair. Yet again though, still nothing I'd be in a rush for.

    Gameplay: 5/10
    Most of the gameplay is actually fairly smooth, though you still have the occasional glitching into the side of a rock, but a quick save/reload remedies the problem. Combat was vaguely reminiscent of Two Worlds, more in the sense of hack and slash, run around hit things with a sharp object type way. The real kicker that earned this game a 5 in my opinion, is flying around as a dragon. I know that everyone since they were little has wished for the chance to fly around and breathe fireballs, etc. But for the love of god, if you're a freaking dragon, you feel like you're supposed to be a super epic badass, especially since they talk about dragons in this game like they're the most powerful things ever. Yet sometimes a little dragon killer just comes out of nowhere and completely dominates you. Most of the quests in the game weren't necessarily hard, though there are times you don't actually have a specific waypoint, or even a direction really. The game got really frustrating at some points, but not to the point where I'd give the game an overall fail.

    Sound: 5/10
    The soundtrack for the game set the mood for most places rather well, dungeons felt somewhat ominous and foreboding, flying aaround as a dragon gave you a sense of adventure with rather upbeat tunes, somewhat felt like lord of the rings. Only thing is, the game just doesn't have any of those musical set pieces that really send a chill up your spine, or get you excited, but they atleast round out your adventure and go decently with the game. As for the voice acting, most of it was actually synced with the lip movements properly, and only occasionally did the voices just not seem to fit the character. Overall, sound is not bad, but just not good.

    Overall: 4/10
    Now I'm just going to throw everything in together, also, *SPOILER ALERT*
    The game really did an overall decent job, the game is worth a playthrough if you're looking for some achievements that aren't going to take a year and a half. I'd estimate full 1k at somewhere around the 20-30 hour mark, most of the cheevs can be snagged as you're playing through the main quest. Really, if you're interested in a game about magic, flying around as a dragon, and trying to stop a guy from taking over the world, then I hate to say it, but this isn't the game for you. And I say this due to one simple fact, this game simply has the worst ending I have ever seen. Spoilers coming up, you spend the entire game running around leveling up your character, becoming stronger, getting new powers, etc, etc., and when you finally make it to the end, you're a super badass who is nearly invincible, seriously, I completely just walked through the last 2 hours of the game without any potions, nothing. You get to the end, you're finally about to release a girl from some afterlife prison, all because you thing bringing her back to life is going to stop this guy damian from taking over the world. But guess what, you come in to break her out, and you get stuck in her place, where, holy shit, you find your dad, who's also stuck there. Yeah, guess what, you just released the one girl who made Damian invincible, and now he's going to take over the world. And as soon as you figure out what happened "que credits." Shitty right, it just gets better when you realize the credits are over and there's absolutely no way to go back and stop yourself from letting her out. So, my biggest downfall with the game was the ending, and that's why it only gets a 4, though the ending itself probably deserves a score in the negatives.

    So, in closing, if taken at face value, the game is worth a playthrough, but not something I'd ever give away as a christmas present.....unless of course I'm jsut tired of looking at it on my shelf.
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    Divinity 2: Ego Draconis

    In a minute review.

    Imagine Two Worlds but not as good, not as large, and not as fleshed out. I've played through about 25 hours and I find myself wandering around the joke of a map trying to remember where it is I'm supposed to go and what it is I'm supposed to do. I think of all the smart design conventions that have become commonplace in the genre and I wonder why none of it was implemented here.

    Some of the most redonkulous design decisions:

    1. Lose experience points to "mindread" - which is necessary, for the most part, to finish the game.

    2. No game assist on the compass as to the direction of the next objective. Very little useful information on the world map.

    3. Scarcely enough missions to go around.

    4. Most weapons you pick up are useless to you.

    5. No enemy variety to speak of.

    6. You can leap off the tallest cliff and land without being hurt.

    7. Shops do not restock health potions.

    8. On-Rails story really bores the hell out of me.