DmC: Devil May Cry Walkthrough

7. Vergil's Downfall DLC


The Vergil's Downfall DLC offers six new missions to play as a new character, Vergil. The missions are relatively short, and they have collectibles and achievements similar to those of the main game:

- Three story-related achievements (3/10)
- One achievement for finding all the collectibles; there are Health Cross Fragments and Lost Souls only (no Keys or Doors) (4/10)
- One achievement for completing the six missions on Nephilim difficulty with an SSS Rank (5/10)
- Four achievements for completing the game on the unlockable difficulties (Son of Sparda, Vergil Must Die!, Heaven Or Hell, Hell And Hell; the requirements are the same as the corresponding difficulties of the main game) (9/10)
- One achievement for maxing out Vergil's Life, Devil Trigger, and for purchasing all his Skills (10/10)

You will need at least five full playthroughs (one for each difficulty-specific achievement) to get every achievement. The general suggestions made for the main game are pretty much valid also for this DLC, but some extra info can be found in the Vergil's Downfall - Gameplay Info page, which is focused on the differences and key points of the new character's gameplay.

Keep in mind that achieving SSS Ranks with Vergil will be a bit harder than with Dante, but everything will become easier after the third mission, which is where you get the most important story-related "upgrade". To clear the achievements you should proceed similarly to how you did in the main game: one or more probably two playthroughs on Nephilim for SSS Ranks and collectibles; then play on Son of Sparda; then on Heaven Or Hell; farm Red Orbs if necessary; clear Vergil Must Die! difficulty; complete Hell And Hell.

The structure of the walkthrough will be the same as the one for the main game: videos and text guide. This time there will be one video for both the collectibles and the SSS Rank; keep in mind that the videos are recorded on a second playthrough, and therefore you will see skills and abilities that you won't have on your first run through. Mission 05 is just a boss fight, so it's on Vergil Must Die! difficulty.

Here's the summary:

Mission 01 - Personal Hell: 100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim)
Mission 02 - Hollow: 100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim)
Mission 03 - Power Struggle: 100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim)
Mission 04 - Heartless: 100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim)
Mission 05 - Own Shadow: SSS Rank (Vergil Must Die!)
Mission 06 - Another Chance: 100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim)

Mission 01 - Personal Hell

100% Completion:
- 4x Health Cross Fragments
- 4x Lost Souls

100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim).

Make your way across a few platforms (Vergil can Angel-Boost by default) and proceed onwards until you find a few Lesser Stygians; eliminate them all with standard sword combos (you don't have much choice anyway), without bothering with the style and rank too much.

After this first fight, proceed through a hallway to trigger a scene with a couple of kids. After that, continue down the corridor, but watch out on your left to find a small alcove where Lost Soul # 01/04 is. Back in the corridor, follow it all the way down to find also Health Cross Fragment # 01/04.

Once you have these first two collectibles, turn right and exit outside again. Demon-Pull a red grip to proceed, and jump on the next two platforms. Before continuing further onwards and to the left towards an Angel-Lift blue grip, turn around and look on your right and backwards to find another platform; detour here and follow more platforms around to find Health Cross Fragment # 02/04.

Return on your main way and continue until you use the first blue grip to Angel-Lift your way up. After using it, don't proceed on just yet; instead, turn around and look down and to the left to find a platform where Lost Soul # 02/04 is hidden.

Jump back where you were a moment ago and finally proceed on your main way. As you go there will be a hole in the floor. Before jumping down, hop across the gap and look on the right (after the gap) to find a wooden door; smash it open to find Health Cross Fragment # 03/04.

Go through the hole in the floor and continue to trigger a cutscene, after which you will come across the first Wisp of the game. This is one of the two new enemies of this DLC, and can be considered as a sort of hybrid between a Rage and an Harpy. Shoot the Wisp with the Summoned Swords (it's necessary to do so when it's "invisible"; hitting it with a Summoned Sword will materialize its body, allowing you to hit it), then constantly tap RT+X to Demon-Pull it close to you while you button-mash Y to perform also melee combos on it. It's not a particularly dangerous enemy, just a bit annoying without any skill upgrade early on. By defeating the first Wisp you will unlock:

We have an uninvited guest in DmC: Devil May Cry
Defeat a Wisp
  • Unlocked by 5,451 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.56) 5,461

Defeat the other enemies that will spawn afterwards (Lesser Stygians and more Wisps). On your second playthrough help yourself with the Spiral Swords to quickly boost up the style meter and keep the enemies busy, and then spam your best attacks "randomly" on them. By the end of this fight you should have about 60,000 Style Points. Once again, this is referred to a second playthrough only; don't be upset if your score is much lower the first time you try this without upgrades.

Continue down the next hallways after the fight, and check on your left to find an alcove where Lost Soul # 03/04 is. Then proceed past the first Divinity Statue (purchase Enemy Step with your first Upgrade Point, by the way) and exit outside again.

After another cutscene, go right and you will find a broken wall with some black metal bars standing out of a cracked part of the wall itself. You can jump through this fissure (the cracked part of the wall) to reach a Small Vital Star. To gain enough height to go through the cracked part, "double-jump" by pressing LB ("Trick Up" ability) after the normal jump with A.

Then proceed on the left, eliminating a couple of more enemies that will be on your way. Demon-Pull a platform to use it to continue, and jump on it. Then jump on two more platforms. At this point you are on a platform where, behind a wall on the right, is located Health Cross Fragment # 04/04.

Continue on the last platforms, Demon-Pull another red grip, and then Angel-Lift your way up with a couple of blue grips. At this point (after the second blue grip in a row) you should be hearing the nearby Lost Soul # 04/04. This one is located on a piece of floor below and before the second blue grip you used; simply drop down from the upper floor to reach it.

There are no more collectibles in this first mission, so you can proceed to the end of it. On your way you'll have to defeat a group of Pathos enemies (Demon-Pull them to you and slash them with the Yamato in melee range) first, and then some more Lesser Stygians. By the end of this fight you should have more than 100,000 Style Points.

Run across some more platforms to make your way to the last area of this mission, where the last massive fight will trigger. This time you'll have to face some waves of Stygians and Wisps; nothing complicated on a second playthrough, just make sure to keep the Spiral Swords active all the time to easily keep the enemies staggered, damaged and boost your style meter without doing anything special; you should end this last fight with about 200,000 Style Points.

Mission 02 - Hollow

100% Completion:
- 1x Health Cross
- 3x Health Cross Fragments
- 3x Lost Souls

100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim).

As the mission begins you will unlock Angel Mode for Vergil. Unlike Dante, Vergil still uses his same sword; he just has different combos if you hold down LT to be in "Angel Mode". The LT+Y ground attack is particularly good to slice enemies and get out of sticky situations; the aerial LT+B attack is an excellent offensive move (though it's not very powerful without upgrades).

Defeat a bunch of Stygians as the mission starts -- welcome them with Spiral Swords to boost your style meter up quickly, and then spam Judgement Cut and other powerful combos to take them down; you should end the fight with about 70,000 Style Points.

Go down the street after the fight, and a short cutscene will trigger. After that, double-jump (A and then LB) on the broken piece of building (a sort of broken arc) on the right of where you spawn after the cutscene. It's a bit tricky, but you can land there. Once you manage to do so, jump off this broken arc and glide to the left to land on the small platform where Health Cross Fragment # 01/03 is. In case you are confused about the position of this item, the platform where it's located is just above and a bit on the left of where you respawned after the cutscene. If you still can't find it, check the video at 0:57.

Jump back on the ground and Demon-Pull/Angel-Lift your way through some debris and platforms to continue. At one point a fight against some Bathos, and then also Stygians and Wisps, will trigger; by the end of it you should have about 120,000-130,000 Style Points. Remember that if you move quickly enough from one fight to the next one (in this case from the first fight to this one) you can start the "next" fight with the style multiplier you had at the end of the previous fight (just another reason to try and be as fast as you can when you move around, especially on your SSS-Ranking playthrough).

Anyway, after the fight approach the portal and press LB/RB to go through it. You will reach a completely different area, with a Divinity Statue in the middle of a fork.

First of all take the path to the right of the Divinity Statue, and make your way across some red and blue grips until you reach a larger platform with a big arc on the right and Health Cross Fragment # 02/03 on the left (it's somewhere behind a wall; not exactly hidden, as long as you look on the left of the wall in the middle of the platform).

After getting this item, ignore the path ahead and backtrack the way you came from to return to the Divinity Statue; then take the path to the left. Make your way across the usual grips. After the fourth of them you will see another portal somewhere on your left, and Health Cross Fragment # 03/03 also on the left. First jump and glide to get the collectible; then go through the portal.

After going through the portal you'll land on a ledge above the platforms where you were a few instants ago (if you look down and to the right you will see the portal door you just used). Anyway, from where you "exited" the portal you will see a Large Vital Star on a small suspended platform in front of you; jump and glide to reach it.

Then drop down on the ground level again, landing basically where you were before detouring to the left to reach this optional portal. Before proceeding onwards, detour also on the right and you will find some stairs leading downwards; follow them down, and check on their left to find Lost Soul # 01/03.

Now you can continue on your way (still on the left path of the area). As you proceed you will pass under a very big arc. As you go under it you will probably hear Lost Soul # 02/03, which is located at the top of the arc itself. In order to reach it, go through and past the arc just a bit, and then double-jump up and look at the arc to find a blue grip -- Angel-Lift your way up and slash the Lost Soul.

Jump back down and continue onwards. Before long, after going through a couple of green circles that will "boost" you forward, you will hear another Lost Soul # 03/03; this one is simply found on a wall on the left as you continue.

At last, you can continue with another blue grip to reach a larger platform. This is where the right and the left paths of the area join again (so you could have reached it also if you proceeded on the right path). In any case, a large fight will trigger here, against the Ravagers (the "chainsaw" guys) along with the usual enemies. Ravagers are not a problem as long as you are offensive and you focus on killing them as soon as possible. Spiral Swords and some Divorce (Demon Mode attack) combos will eliminate them very quickly and efficiently on your second playthroughs. Just spam melee combos and use the "panic buttons" for Rapid Slash (LT+Y) on the ground on your first playthrough, should they go berserk (Aerial Flush [LT+B in the air] works wonders too). By the end of this fight you should have well more than 200,000 Style Points.

Go through another portal, and Angel-Lift your way across a gap to reach another platform where another fight will take place. This time you will fight Shielded Bathos and then some Wisps. Remember to Demon-Pull the Shielded Bathos twice in a row quickly to remove their shield and then pull them to you, so you can get rid of them as soon as possible with the Yamato. You should have more than 250,000 Style Points after this fight.

Go through yet another portal to reach the last area of this mission. Jump on the platforms ahead and Angel-Lift your way across a gap. After using the blue grip, ignore the path ahead for a moment, and detour on the platforms on the right first to find a full Health Cross # 01/01 on another platform. This is the first and only full Health Cross of this DLC.

Then go back on the main path and make your way to a last large platform where the final fight of this mission will take place. As you probably expect, this will be a mix of the enemies encountered so far: Stygians, Ravagers and Wisps. Eliminate them all, abusing of Spiral Swords as usual (the Aerial Flush [LT+B] attack helps against Ravagers too, if you are running out of Devil Trigger); by the end of the fight, which will also end the mission, you should have more than 400,000 Style Points.

Mission 03 - Power Struggle

100% Completion:
- 4x Health Cross Fragments
- 4x Lost Souls

100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim).

Jump on the platforms ahead and take the right path when there is a fork. As you go right you will hear Lost Soul # 01/04 just as you pass under a small arc. Do something similar to what you did for one of the Lost Souls in the previous mission, and reach the top of the arc (to slash the Lost Soul) with a blue grip on the other side of the arc itself.

Proceed on the next platform afterwards by using another blue grip. As soon as you land, double-jump up and glide on the right, past a withered tree, to reach Health Cross Fragment # 01/04.

Continue on this platform and you will trigger a fight against the first Death Knights (shielded enemies) of the game. The game also unlocks Demon Mode for Vergil at this point, so you can use the standard YYY combo in Demon Mode (hold RT to be in Demon Mode), "Divorce", to break their shields more easily. You can also Demon-Pull their shields to stun them and open their guard, but breaking the shields is something you usually want to do before focusing on defeating them. In any case, don't waste Spiral Swords on these enemies: their shields will shatter your swords almost instantly! Instead, break their shields first (RT+Y in the air, the "diving kick" attack called "Killer Bee", also works very good to break shields), and then use Spiral Swords to boost up the style meter. By the end of this fight, which features also Stygians, you should have more than 110,000 Style Points.

Proceed on the way that just became available, and Demon-Pull a red grip to trigger a short cutscene. Make your way across a gap with some blue grips until you reach solid ground again. After removing a bus from your path with Demon-Pull, use Angel Lift again to continue; then keep an eye on your left to find a Small Vital Star on a small dead end opposite the path on the right. Then go righ to continue.

You will reach a larger open area, where for the first time you'll need to "spawn" objects by hitting them with the Summoned Swords. Nothing complicated, just "shoot" these objects (a bus, in this case) to spawn them. Keep in mind that the objects will be despawned automatically after a certain amount of time (in this first case there is so much time before it despawns that you probably won't even notice that).

Anyway, after jumping on the bus immediately after the one that you spawn, instead of proceeding onwards make sure to look on your right to see some platforms; then jump and glide towards them, so you can reach Lost Soul # 02/04. Then return on your main path and continue on the only possible way.

Sooner than later you will reach a large area where you will unlock the Devil Trigger powers for Vergil. This is the first time that you can use the Spiral Swords attack; do so on the Stygians that spawn to test your new toy on your first playthrough, and do so on your second playthroughs too to start this fight with the usual massive style meter boost. After fighting some of these enemies (and then some Ravagers and Death Knights too), a Tyrant will spawn. These enemies are a bit of a problem for Vergil without upgrades, but you can simply Demon-Pull their back and then slash them with a simple Divorce combo (after pulling them down to the ground) to eliminate them (doing this three times should be more than enough to kill them). If they go berserker, make sure to lure them so that they charge at you (stay away from them to trigger this attack of theirs), and make them smash their head against a wall; this will un-berserker them. On second playthroughs feel free to use the Doppelganger to speed things up with the Tyrant. With a good performance you should have about 250,000 Style Points by the end of the fight.

Proceed on the way after the fight, and go up a few stairs. Spawn a couple of more vehicles when necessary, but don't proceed with the blue grip after the second one right away. Instead, turn around and look left to see a red grip somewhere on a rock; Demon-Pull it, so you can spawn a platform; then follow this platform up to find Health Cross Fragment # 02/04.

Back on your way, use the blue grip to trigger another cutscene where Vergil slashes another familiar character. After this cutscene, immediately turn around and backtrack a few steps towards the area where you came from. Go left immediately as you are about to return to the previous area, so you can find a ledge where Health Cross Fragment # 03/04 is located.

Then continue onwards in the corridor where you respawned after the previous cutscene, and go through an open gate on the right to find Lost Soul # 03/04 -- impossible to not hear this one.

Follow the corridor down to trigger a fight in the next area; this time you will face a few Shielded Pathos, Stygians and Wisps. Do your best to avoid getting hit by the Pathos (kill them as fast as you can), so you can preserve your style meter and end this fight with much more than 300,000 Style Points.

After the fight, follow the way on the left and go through a passage (also on the left) to "enter" a corridor of some sort. Proceed right to follow this corridor, and jump across a gap when necessary. Exactly when you are about to jump you should start hearing Lost Soul # 04/04. This one is located on the outside of the corridor, and you can reach the ledge where it's located if you turn around after crossing the previous gap and then you jump and glide to the right (towards the outside).

Then follow the corridor all the way to the end, and Angel-Lift your way up and forward with some blue grips until you manage to reach the bridge (sort of) above the corridor where you were a minute ago. On this bridge another fight will trigger, against the usual enemies (Death Knights, Stygians, Ravagers). If you've been doing good with the fights so far you should have well more than 400,000 Style Points by the end of this fight, which is the last of the mission.

Go through a portal to continue. In the next and last area, spawn some platforms with the usual Summoned Swords to proceed. After the third spawned platform proceed more carefully, because before the next blue grip ahead you want to jump down and to the left to reach a small platform where Health Cross Fragment # 04/04 is located. After getting this item, double-jump and use the aforementioned blue grip to make your way to the last platforms of this mission, which will end automatically as you proceed.

Mission 04 - Heartless

100% Completion:
- 4x Health Cross Fragments
- 4x Lost Souls

100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim).

Right as the mission starts you'll be welcomed by an undesired surprise: Harpies. These enemies can be a problem as Vergil, but as long as you have Spiral Swords active you should be able to eliminate them smoothly by Demon-Pulling them to you and then slashing them with Divorce (Spiral Swords will prevent them from escaping while you kill them). Remember to continuously tap RT+X while pressing RT+Y (so basically hold down RT and press Y while button-mashing X too), so you repeatedly Demon-Pull them to you. Other regular enemies will join the fight afterwards; by the end of it you should have more than 60,000 Style Points.

Proceed after the fight, and when you see a fork (left down a platform or right up another platform) take the path to the left. From here, follow the blue grips around to reach a platform where Health Cross Fragment # 01/04 is; then proceed on a platform (which is where you would have landed if you followed the path on the right), and continue onwards towards a portal. Before going through the portal, make sure to detour on a ledge on the right of it to find Lost Soul # 01/04.

Then go through the first of the many portals of this area to continue. The portals of this mission will typically "rotate" the area, allowing you to find a way to your destination. It's nothing complicated, really; there is just one way to go, as long as you don't deliberately detour by falling off the upper paths (when you will reach them) to return to the previous zones.

Anyway, go on after the first portal and proceed under an arc made of rocks. After going past it, look up and to the left to see a Small Vital Star on a platform that is rotated 90° from your perspective. In theory this item should be obtained later (after more "rotations" of the environment), but you can double-jump and Angel-Boost your way to snatch it now too.

In any case, Angel-Lift your way towards the next portal. Before going through it you'll need to eliminate some Elite Stygians and Wisps; nothing out of the ordinary, just spam Spiral Swords as usual and you should easily end with more than 160,000 Style Points.

Go through the second portal. Once you're through, in front of you there will be a passage (past a Divinity Statue), while on your right there are two "invisible" platforms (which you can spawn with Summoned Swords of course) and a blue grip which takes to a ledge. If you got the Small Vital Star earlier, this final ledge will be empty; otherwise (if you missed it earlier) you can take this path now (detour on the right in this area before going forward past the Divinity Statue) to grab the Small Vital Star.

Once you have it, one way or another, proceed past the Divinity Statue and you'll find yourself in a corridor. After a short cutscene, break the wooden door on your right to find Health Cross Fragment # 02/04. Then follow the corridor to reach another open area, where a fight against Ravagers, Harpies, Elite Stygians and ultimately also a Tyrant will trigger; by the end of it you should have passed the 250,000 Style Points marker.

Continue after the fight. Immediately after going through a "door" (a passage through a rock), make a couple of more steps onwards and then turn around. Look up and to the right after turning around; you will see a blue grip. Use it to reach a ledge, and then Angel-Boost your way to another ledge to reach Lost Soul # 02/04. For reference, from where you came you would have seen this Lost Soul on a ledge up and to the left ahead of you.

Angel-Lift your way across the gap ahead and go through the next portal. In the next area, jump on the platforms on the way, but don't proceed on more platforms on the left just yet. Instead, look carefully on the right to see some smaller platforms around a "mountain". You can Angel-Boost your way to these platforms, and then follow them around the "mountain" to find, on the last of them, Health Cross Fragment # 03/04.

From the platform where you got the last item, drop down on the platform immediately lower than it (the middle one). While standing on it you should manage to hear Lost Soul # 03/04. This one is a bit more "elusive" than usual; it's located on a ledge up and to the right (right from where you should be now; it was up and to the left when you were making your way to the previous Health Cross Fragment), and to reach it you'll need to double-jump and then Angel-Boost your way to the platform where it's located. It's not very easy to see it. For reference, the Lost Soul is located on the platform/ledge immediately above the "red" portal (which is also upside-down from your perspective) that you can see if you follow the "line of essence/steam" that passes by the middle platform (from where you will double-jump and then glide to reach the Lost Soul). Anyway, just watch the video at 4:55 if you still can't figure where this one is.

Glide back on the main track and proceed by spawning some transparent rocks. One of them rotates constantly on itself, and you need to spawn it when its flat surface is above (so you can step on it). You can't step on its non-flat sides (for some reason they are incredibly slippery), so try to time your Summoned Swords right. Don't worry if you fail to "stop and spawn" it in the right position: this platform will be despawned shortly after being spawned, so it'll be enough to wait just a few seconds to have another chance.

Past this platform you will fight some Shielded Bathos, Elite Stygians, Death Knights and Wisps; by the end of the fight you should have way more than 350,000 Style Points. Go through the next portal to continue.

Immediately after respawning (after going through the previous portal), turn around and check on the left side to see, behind the "exit" of the portal where you came from, a platform; check it out to find Lost Soul # 04/04. Then make your way to the next and final portal.

After going through the last portal, proceed on the bridge ahead to reach a Divinity Statue. Look down on its right to find a lower platform where Health Cross Fragment # 04/04 is.

Then continue left and you will reach a very large platform where the usual fight will take place. Here for the first time as Vergil you will come across the Witch enemy. Unlike Dante, Vergil can't just slash the shield of Witches in Angel Mode, and the only thing that will shatter and then break the shield are his Summoned Swords. They are relatively effective, and the Blistering Swords attack (if you've unlocked it) (A+X) can take the whole shield down right away at the cost of one Devil Trigger "orb". This is not a good investment when the Witch is alone or accompanied by weaker enemies; therefore, since this is the case, save your Devil Trigger and just spam a bunch of Summoned Sword attacks to break through her defense. The usual other enemies will join in afterwards.

After the fight you will automatically be locked in the last area of this mission. Go down the long staircase, and then proceed in the large circular area at the end to fight the first Imprisoner of the DLC. This is the second (and last) "exclusive" monster of the DLC, and indeed it's the strongest non-boss enemy of the entire game (it may very well be considered a mini-boss). The safest way to defeat this guy is by sending it in the air (use Atomic, or better yet Solar Flare), and then Helm-Breaker-Jump-Cancel him to death (check the video at 9:50 to see what I mean). Alternatively, deal with it the "legit" way, trying to dodge its devastating attack. Make sure not to go close to it when it goes berserk (it gets surrounded by a "tornado" of debris), or else you'll just take damage without dealing any at all.

Upon defeating the Imprisoner you will unlock the following achievement (and complete the current mission):

You don't belong here in DmC: Devil May Cry
Defeat an Imprisoner
  • Unlocked by 4,482 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.72) 5,461

Mission 05 - Own Shadow

100% Completion:
- No collectibles

SSS Rank (Vergil Must Die!).

This mission consists only of a boss fight (the only one of this DLC). The boss isn't particularly strong, dangerous or unpredictable, since it's actually more or less a replica of your own character. The boss can use most of your attacks, and for obvious reasons most of them are the same as those of the final boss of the main game (this boss is much weaker though).

The boss can use his attacks in different combinations, but he prefers to keep things simple. The key to victory in this fight lies in countering after the boss's attacks, while he is open to your own attacks. Your best opening move in this context will be, by far, Killer Bee.

In the first phase of the fight the boss can use only three sets of attacks:

- Judgement Cut
- Judgement Cut followed/cancelled by a short melee combo followed by another Judgement Cut
- Jumps up in the air and then he uses Helm Breaker

After each of these attacks you can attack the boss by jumping in the air and using Killer Bee to "land" on him. Immediately as Killer Bee connects, release RT and press YY to double-slash the boss with the Yamato. Then press RT again and tap Y a few more times; if you are lucky you will manage to connect a full Divorce combo; otherwise he will parry one of your hits (the second one, most of the times).

If he doesn't parry and you manage to complete the Divorce combo, he will be slashed back and exposed to yet more damage: reach him again and hit him with another Killer Bee, and then repeat the previous combo until he decides to parry.

After taking his health down to a certain level, the boss will teleport away from the battlefield and he will attack you from afar with two types of attacks. First he will summon some swords around you, which will then try to "close" on you; there are "audio clues", so to speak, which hint when they are about to strike. You want to time a simple dodge (in any direction) to evade this attack.

The other attack he will use is an even easier-to-avoid attack: on the ground you will see some light-blue areas from where a pillar of light (which damages you) will erupt after a few instants; just run away to avoid this entirely.

After a few of these attacks the boss will come back on the ground. At this point his combo set has been updated, so to speak, and he is capable of more attacks in addition to the previous ones:

- Rapid Slash
- Dash forward (sort of Rapid Slash but without the trail of blades behind him) followed by Aerial Flush
- Dash forward; then Aerial Flush; then Killer Bee

Once again, you can dodge and jump to avoid these attacks, and then land on his face with your own Killer Bee as soon as he finishes Rapid Slash or as soon as he lands after Aerial Flush or Killer Bee. Then, after your Killer Bee connects, you can start the usual combo.

After bringing him down to critical health, he will teleport away from the battlefield, attacking you with stronger versions of the previous two attacks (the summoned swords circle and the pillars of light). This time the swords will close on you more quickly, and there will be multiple pillars of light at once. The mechanism to dodge the summoned swords is always the same: jump and dodge, timing your movements with the audio clues they make. The pillars of light will also require a jump+dodge (Angel Boost also works) in addition to running around the battlefield constantly; just running around won't be enough most of the times.

The last phase of the fight doesn't have any special news in it, so simply finish him off by countering the same attacks witnessed up to this point.

One last note about this boss is that he is capable of summoning swords above his head and shoulders, much like you do with Blistering Swords (however, he will not launch them right away; there is a short break after he spawns them, before he starts shooting them), and much like the final boss of the main game used to do. Unfortunately you don't have any "Angel Weapon" to eliminate them like you could do in the last mission of the main game, and there is no other way to destroy the summoned swords either. It's possible to parry them when they are launched, but the timing is so strict that parrying them (four of them in a row, quickly one after another) isn't really an option. Do your best to dodge, should he use this attack.

Thankfully though it's possible to completely prevent him from summoning the swords. All you have to do is sticking to the strategy explained so far (Killer Bee, simple Y combos, Divorce); also try to avoid "idle" moments (if he's not attacking you, jump and Killer-Bee him; he will parry and start one of his attacks listed above), since they seem to trigger his summoned swords too every now and then.

Avoid other attacks, since they are often triggers for his summoned swords. Aerial Flush is an example of attack that often causes him to use his summoned swords.

Your own Summoned Swords are completely useless on this boss, so avoid them. It's possible to hit him, as well as Angel-Lift and Demon-Pull him, but he will usually just parry and possibly counter with his own summoned swords -- avoid touching the X button entirely. Also don't use Spiral Swords, since he will just despawn them as they hit him.

Lastly, on your second playthroughs you may be tempted to spawn the Doppelganger, but this isn't a good idea. First of all, there are already too many "Vergils" on the screen, and trust me it doesn't help to summon another one. Second, your own Doppelganger will often use attacks that trigger his summoned swords. Third, his attacks will often make the boss parry, thus preventing you from waiting for his guard to drop to start your own attacks.

Simply stick to the "Killer Bee, Yamato melee attacks, Divorce" offensive pattern: it will grant you lots of Style Points (not as many as you could get with a more "fashionable" strategy, but way more than enough to score an SSS Rank on Style Points) while keeping you completely safe (after trying and learning the timing for your moves, that is). Watch the video if you need to see a practical demonstration of the process.

Mission 06 - Another Chance

100% Completion:
- 5x Health Cross Fragments
- 5x Lost Souls

100% Completion and SSS Rank (Nephilim).

In this mission there will be two collectibles that require the Enemy Step ability; if you didn't get this skill yet, do it now.

Proceed onwards with your "new" Vergil, and activate Summoned Swords. After a cutscene you will unlock the Doppelganger powers (press LS+RS to spawn/despawn the Doppelganger; the Doppelganger will drain your DT constantly as long as he's spawned); you also recover your DT entirely after the cutscene. Despawn the Doppelganger (test him a bit on your first playthrough if you want) and eliminate the group of Elite Stygians, Death Knights and Wisps that will spawn with the usual attacks founded on Spiral Swords to build up the style meter. By the end of this first big fight you should have more than 100,000 Style Points.

Proceed on your way after the fight (no, it's not a déjà vu; you are replaying through the same areas of the first mission), and jump on the first platform ahead. Before continuing on more platforms, turn around and you will see Lost Soul # 01/05 somewhere on the right of a wall next to where you came from.

Then continue, and spawn a couple of more platforms to advance. Before entering a building, double-jump up to slash Lost Soul # 02/05 (on the outside wall just above the entrance to the building). Then, still outside the building, check on the right of the entrance to find also Health Cross Fragment # 01/05.

Enter inside, and proceed carefully since the floor will collapse in front of you at one point. Before jumping across the gap, check on the left of the gap itself to find a small dead end where Lost Soul # 03/05 is (again, double-jump up to reach it).

Proceed outside, and make your way to the next platforms. As you proceed you will fight some airborne enemies; a Witch and a couple of Harpies at first, then some Shielded Bathos, and lastly three Harpies and another Witch. The broken platforms aren't exactly the best environment to fight airborne enemies, so this fight could be rather troublesome and "Devil-Trigger-consuming", so to speak. It's not particularly relevant to your Style Points, so just try to get through and don't try too hard to build up your style meter (if you do well you should end up with +50,000 Style Points).

After killing them all, Angel-Lift your way up and forward, and before proceeding make sure to detour on the platform below, behind and to the left of the blue grip you just used, so you can reach a Small Devil Trigger Star (which you probably saw as you proceeded).

Angel-Lift your way back up, and continue in the area where you originally fought your first Wisp. The floor of this area is, again, mostly broken. You'll have to fight some Elite Stygians, Shielded Pathos, and also a Death Knight; there isn't a lot of them, so it shouldn't be a problem to snatch another +50,000 Style Points or so.

Exit through the corridors ahead and you'll be in a large open area. At this point you will fight several waves of enemies, including a single Rage at first (not a problem, just stagger him with Demon-Pulls all the time while you bring his health down with Divorce, Perfect Slice, etc.), many Elite Stygians, Death Knights and Ravagers then, and lastly a couple of Rages at once (easily defeated if you keep them staggered with Spiral Swords and Demon Pull as usual).

Before killing them all, make sure to "use" one of these enemies to reach the Lost Soul # 04/05 located far high above the door where you came from. This one is so high that double-jumping won't be enough. Therefore you need to make your way up to it by jump-cancelling off an enemy. The first Rage of the fight isn't the best enemy to do this, so defeat him right away and wait for the many Elite Stygians and Ravagers of the second wave of enemies to spawn -- they are much better "stepping stones". Then jump, Demon-Pull an enemy close to you, press A to jump on him immediately, then immediately Demon-Pull him again, jump again, Demon-Pull again, and so on until you reach the desired height. It's easier than it sounds, don't worry; you basically just have to keep RT held down and then tap X and A "randomly" and alternatively. It may take a few tries to practice this, but it's really not that hard. Once you are high enough, quickly slash the Lost Soul. You may need to repeat this process a few more times, since Vergil's aerial attacks are really weak and the Lost Soul may not "die" with the first hits.

Anyway, once you finally manage to slash the Lost Soul to death you can then proceed with the fight, giving your best to complete this fight, at the end of which your Style Points should have passed the 300,000 mark. A cutscene will trigger after the fight; ignore the blue grip that was shown during the cutscene, and check behind the broken wall on the right of where you fought first. Here, in the same position where there was a Small Vital Star the first time you were here, you will now find Health Cross Fragment # 02/05.

Now you can proceed on the next platforms. Immediately after Angel-Lifting to the first one, check on its right side to find Health Cross Fragment # 03/05. Then quickly make your way to the next platforms, since the one where you are now is rapidly shattering under your feet. Eventually, you will reach a bigger (solid) platform, where a small fight will take place.

During this fight you will need to "use" enemies as stepping stones again to reach another elusive collectible. This time it's Health Cross Fragment # 04/05, and it's located on a single small platform floating somewhere up and to the left (from where you came from). It's, again, out of your double-jump reach, and therefore you'll need to jump-cancel your way up before Angel-Boosting towards the platform itself. It's going to take a few attempts, but you will eventually manage to do this. During the fight you'll have to face two Wisps first (not good "stepping stones"), then some Elite Stygians and a Witch (kill the Witch first, then try to reach the collectible with one of the Elite Stygians), and lastly a mix of these three enemy types all at once. If you fail to get the Health Cross Fragment before the third wave, it's probably a good idea to quit back to the main menu and Continue to try again (you will respawn before the fight). Regarding the style points income, this fight should earn you more than +100,000 Style Points.

Keep following more platforms when it's all done. At one point you will use two consecutive blue grips to continue. After using the second blue grip, check immediately on your left to find Health Cross Fragment # 05/05. Then proceed onwards into another large open area, and before jumping down to the next platforms make sure to check up and to the right to find the last Lost Soul # 05/05 available.

Once it's all done, proceed towards the "gate to the Paradise" once again to trigger the last big fight of this DLC. The fight isn't exactly the most epic battle: two Ravagers and a Tyrant (eliminate them in this order), then some Elite Stygians and a couple of Rages (Spiral Swords will tear them all to pieces), and lastly an Imprisoner accompanied by three Elite Stygians (eliminate the Elite Stygians first; try to keep the Imprisoner off the camera, since it usually won't attack if it's not on sight). By the end of the fight you should have more than 600,000 Style Points.

The last scenes will trigger after killing all the enemies; then the credits will roll. If you want, press A to skip the credits.

Once the score screen appears you will unlock:

Our souls are at odds brother in DmC: Devil May Cry
Complete Vergil's downfall
  • Unlocked by 4,215 tracked gamers (77% - TA Ratio = 1.77) 5,461

If you've collected all the collectibles in all the missions of this DLC you will also unlock:

Might controls everything in DmC: Devil May Cry
Gain a 100% completion rank on all missions in Vergil's downfall (difficulty doesn't matter)
  • Unlocked by 1,663 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 2.83) 5,461

You will also unlock the "Weak Vergil" and "Standard" Vergil costumes (by default you'll be using "Standard" Vergil, which is the "possessed" one you've used in this last mission). These are the only two Skins available for this character in this DLC.

Upon completing the game for the first time you will also unlock Son of Sparda difficulty. Replay the missions on Nephilim difficulty until you manage to achieve an SSS Rank on each of them; this will be much easier once you have all the Upgrades available (and possibly also a maxed-out Devil Trigger gauge); you should have enough Upgrade Points to max everything out by the end of your first playthrough. Once you finally manage to clear all the missions on Nephilim with an SSS Rank you will unlock:

I'll try it your way for once in DmC: Devil May Cry
Complete all missions in Vergil's downfall on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank
  • Unlocked by 1,226 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 3.29) 5,461

Beat the game again on Son of Sparda to unlock Vergil Must Die! difficulty, Heaven Or Hell difficulty, and the following achievement:

I need more power! in DmC: Devil May Cry
Complete Vergil's downfall on Son of Sparda difficulty
  • Unlocked by 1,664 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 2.83) 5,461

Complete the game on Heaven Or Hell to unlock the next achievement. The only enemies that won't instantly die from your Summoned Swords attack (you can use the Summoned Swords to kill every enemy easily without even moving) are the Death Knights and the Witches, but only due to their shields. To eliminate the Witches use Blistering Swords for the shield; to eliminate the Death Knights simply Demon-Pull them twice. You will unlock:

Now I'm a little motivated! in DmC: Devil May Cry
Complete Vergil's downfall on Heaven or Hell difficulty
  • Unlocked by 1,497 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 2.98) 5,461

Beat the game again on Vergil Must Die! difficulty for the next achievement. As suggested for the corresponding achievements of the main game, if you struggle against the enemies on this difficulty setting it might be a good idea to farm Red Orbs against the boss fights (you get Red Orbs instead of Upgrade Points after maxing out all the skills and abilities). In this DLC the only boss is the one of the fifth mission, so keep replaying that mission over and over to get +500 Red Orbs quickly every time. Then buy Large Vital Stars and/or Devil Trigger Stars, depending on your needs, and use them in-game to survive in the hardest fights of Vergil Must Die! more easily. Once you finally succeed in beating the game on this difficulty setting you will unlock the Super Vergil "Perk" (unlimited Devil Trigger, but the score is halved) and this achievement:

This is the power of Sparda! in DmC: Devil May Cry
Complete Vergil's downfall on Vergil Must Die difficulty
  • Unlocked by 1,263 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 3.25) 5,461

Lastly, beat the game on Hell And Hell difficulty for what is probably going to be your last achievement for this DLC. With Super Vergil this will be a cakewalk: spawn the Doppelganger in every fight, and keep the Spiral Swords active all the time; Demon-Pull every enemy next to you and just use Divorce on them. The Doppelganger will take care of the rest of the enemies, and you will be protected by basically every attack most of the time since the enemies will constantly be staggered, attacked, or defeated right after they spawn. You will unlock:

You're not worthy as my opponent in DmC: Devil May Cry
Complete Vergil's downfall on Hell and Hell difficulty
  • Unlocked by 1,088 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 3.50) 5,461

At this point you should have nothing else left to do in this DLC. If you still need it, purchase the last Skills, Health Cross Fragments and Devil Trigger Crosses from the Shop to max-out Vergil's abilities, health and Devil Trigger, which is what you need to do to unlock:

I've come to retrieve my power in DmC: Devil May Cry
Acquire all of Vergil's health, Devil trigger and combat upgrades
  • Unlocked by 1,549 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 2.93) 5,461

Congratulations on your additional 250 G and thanks for reading!

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