Do Not Feed the Monkeys Reviews

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    25 Jan 2021 25 Jan 2021
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    'Do Not Feed the Monkeys' is a point-and-click adventure game in which you are a member of a secret society that has access to various camera feeds across the world. You are supposed to use these live feeds to study the behavior of various subjects, or 'monkeys' (not actual monkeys mind you, but unsuspecting people). One important rule of this program is "Do Not Feed The Monkeys", or in other words, do not interact with the subjects. But what fun is that?

    The game sets you up with an early era operating system in which you can watch feeds, check e-mails, send private messages, or research things online. When watching feeds, all dialogue is presented via text. Certain words in the text will be highlighted, indicating that they are relevant. You can also click on certain items of interest in the feed that are of special note. Once you 'collect' enough relevant text and items, you can use them to determine specific information about your subjects such as their occupation, locations, and their names and phone numbers. You can use this information to 'Play god' and help (or mess with) unsuspecting people.

    Scenarios include a Hitleresque man reliving his glory days in a retirement home, a creepy photographer taking inappropriate photos of an actress, a janitor trapped in an elevator, and many more crazy predicaments. Other streams are essentially useless feeds of parking garages or such that require no interactivity.

    The premise may be a bit hard to explain, but it makes sense when you start playing though the game.

    In addition to your job as a creepy researcher, you must also eat, sleep and pay rent. You earn some money by supplying useful information to the society, uploading shocking videos to an online video site, taking bribes or given rewards from subjects, or doing various odd jobs from the classified section.

    Events from your subjects are time-sensitive. You must be watching at the right time in order to receive valuable information. You must use time management skills to 'complete' the subject scenarios while buying food, getting a good nights rest, and earning pay.

    The world is pretty much your playground, but be careful! Certain actions like not paying your rent or disobeying certain rules may end your adventure early.

    It is a multi-faceted game that is tedious yet wilding addicting and, if you play your cards right, rewarding.

    The game's achievement list prompts you to explore much of the game’s possibilities and rewards you for efforts as well as the ability to experience the game in many ways.

    While the game is heavily scripted, it is fun to find various ways to interact and keep the story moving.

    I can understand that this type of game is not for everyone, but I highly recommend at least checking out a gameplay video to get an idea of what it looks like in action.

    Highly original, madly addicting, and challenging. I give this game a 4/5.