Donut County Reviews

  • StoRaiders09StoRaiders09177,185
    29 Jan 2021
    4 2 1
    It's a good game. Not bad, not great. If you want mindless fun that will only take a couple hours to complete and get 1000 Gamerscore, then this is the game for you. There's not much to it, you are in control of a sinkhole that you need to "swallow" up rocks, animals, houses, and barnes in order to advance to the next level. Some puzzles are thrown in periodically to stir things up, but other than that it's a straight forward game. I didn't run into any bugs or glitches while playing, gameplay was smooth, load times were good. If you are achievement hunting, I would look at the achievements before each level to make sure you can get everything in one run. If you miss one, you can go back, and re run each level. As far as replayability, IN MY OPINION if you get all the achievements, I would say it's unlikely you will play again. If you have kids or generally just like to cause havoc, I would say you/they will want to play over and over again.
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    Sol76Like you say , for a one time playthrough it is mindless fun , the absurd story behind it made it worthwhile for me. The gameplay itself is ( too ) simple but “swallowing” things from increasing sizes gave some kind of satisfaction .... yes , I’ve read it myself laugh . This game also lends itself perfectly to go in blind without thinking about achievements because the mop up can be completed very easily with a level select. I discovered after my playthrough that I’ve only had half of the achievements as most of them are unlocked by doing things that you normally shouldn’t do.
    Anyway , nice short game to do in between the bigger games.
    Posted by Sol76 on 02 Feb at 13:02
  • Mikeplays00Mikeplays00234,181 234,181 GamerScore
    01 Feb 2021
    3 3 0
    Well, if you like quirky games with funny quips and some interesting, albeit short, plot. Then donut county is the game for you, if you're a fan of the katamari games where you roll around picking up junk and get bigger and pick up bigger junk, you may enjoy this too. It's hard at first NOT to draw the comparison between this and the katamari games, both have a very similar core game mechanic, and a similar sense or humour.

    Donut county has slightly more plot than any katamari game, and the dialogue between levels works better in my opinion, maybe as it was written by a western developer rather than written with a Japanese audience in mind then translated.

    It's hard really to find fault with the game, mainly because there's not much game, even without going fast or just playing it and not 100% all of the achievements, there's only a few hours of gameplay, and very little replay value. However that's not to mock the effort that went into it, games made by one person or a small team usually have more heart and soul than the games churned out by the AAA game companies year after year.

    In a few of the levels there are simple puzzles, and the game doesn't hold your hand with them which I appreciate. It gives you a quick tutorial of the mechanics and leaves you to figure it out. I enjoy this style of puzzle solving, which is something you only seem to get these days from indie games, where as the larger game companies don't want to leave anyone behind or alienate their audience. So the minute you walk into a room with a puzzle (I'm looking at you tomb raider remakes...) the character normally gives you a small clue as to the solution, "golly there's a gear missing from this mechanism, I'd better look for a gear" and if you stand their staring at it long enough it will flat out TELL you the solution "hmmm... that gear shaped object in plain sight on the other side of the room sure looks like something that would go well with this door mechanism" fuck off game devs, we're not brain damaged chimps that haven't the brain power to scratch our backsides and breathe at the same time!

    Anyway, I digress, good game, small download size, on gamepass. Play it!

    Difficulty 4/10
    Gameplay 8/10
    100% completion time 1-2 hrs