1. Donut County Walkthrough overview

Hello and welcome to the walkthrough for Donut County.

The premise is simple, BK the raccoon (and sometimes his friend Mira) must guide a hole around Donut County, dropping objects into it, as you drop more into the hole, the hole gets bigger and you can drop ever larger items into it. Most levels consist of dropping everything you can into the hole, often with a few puzzle elements to get past along the way.

Using this walkthrough, you should be able to get the full 1,000Gs within a couple of hours. Almost everything can be gotten during the course of a single play through, with just a few small jobs to clean up at the end with the level select feature. I think it is worth playing the game once for fun, you'll get a lot of the achievements and can use level select to go back for anything you miss. Or follow the step by step guide here. Either way you should find all the information you need and will soon find yourself 1,000Gs richer and with another completion under your belt.

The walkthrough will take you through level by level with everything you need to get the missable achievements along the way.

Let's begin.

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