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    05 Feb 2017
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    Doodle God: Ultimate Edition
    Developed & Published by: Joybits
    Release Date: Out now
    Price: £7.99

    God Sim games have waned over the years. Populous was a favourite of mine back in the Amiga days. In fact, any kind of Sim game was aside from the legendary Sensible Soccer. But in recent generations of consoles, the God Sim has died a quiet death. Joy Bits haven't received it so to speak, but reinvented the idea. A popular download on Windows Phone, it has navigated it's way to console in an Ultimate Edition package.

    For those of you that have passed up Doodle God in the past, you are in the role of God. Starting with basic elements; fire, water and the like, you need to create more elements vital to life. But it doesn't end there. Continuously combining elements will create even more as you bid to create all elements across the games 4 chapters.

    It's a relatively simple concept, with little in the way of difficulty. The only trouble you will encounter, is what elements make a successful match. You could just use a guide if you're after the achievements. Totally up to you. Early stages of play will see more progress than Chapter 4, as you not only need to create all the elements for Tools, Life etc, but you will also be tasked with creating elements for their respective decade they were created. So if you're going it alone without a guide, you will need some knowledge.

    Doodle God is practically identical in every way to its last appearance. With a detailed planet Earth that has locations which are home to the elements you create. The gameplay takes place in an open book, with the left bumper and trigger for the left page, and yes, you guessed it. The right bumper and trigger for the right page. There is also an in game shop, but buying hints really isn't needed. One item that proves invaluable when working towards the God of Patience achievement. It won't let you combine elements that either don't match, or have already been matched. It's still a long journey to find them all for the appropriately named achievement.

    Pretty much the same as the Windows Phone iteration. Which in my my opinion were of a good quality for a mobile game. Bright colours and a good amount of cartoon style pictures to represent the elements. It won't win any awards for this department, but that's not to say they're terrible.

    Not much going on here. Short quotes from an ethereal voice when you create an element. That's pretty much your lot aside from a subtle approach to a musical element. But a game like this doesn't require ear shattering heavy metal tracks, nor does it need a dance track blaring away in your ear. A relaxing game requires sounds that are relaxing. So that's what you get.

    As mentioned above, the left side of your controller and right side of your controller will be responsible for controlling their respective side of the book in which you create your elements. Took me a while to become accustomed to the layout, but I was soon in command and creating all sorts of wonderful elements and inventions.

    Once you have finished all 4 chapters, there are special missions to undertake, adding more game time to Doodle God. From 20th Century, to Sins & Virtues and more. Those that if you've played the Windows Phone versions, you'll be familiar with. Also worthy of note, is that game time will be greatly reduced if you use a guide.

    A very easy 1000g to be snatched up. You will get several early on from making life, and creating new groups. One for each chapter and a couple for not using a single hint. One for each of the special missions and finally, the God of Patience achievement. This one will take a while as you search for that last element combination. The reason being, some elements have more than one matching pair that will create them. Here, a guide is essential.

    A fun enough game to sit back and relax with. It offers more or less the same as the Windows Phone versions. The price tag may put off some people. Perhaps a sale for those. But it works, no bugs, glitched achievements, and is an easy going experience. Additional missions would have been a nice addition. But maybe we will see that in future. Overall, if you're an achievement hunter, you will soon have all the achievements.

    A copy was provided for review purposes.
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    builder dirgeAs you said there mate, the price point has put me off, will wait for a sale and then grab it. :)
    Posted by builder dirge on 05 Feb 17 at 15:33
    SimmYea it's a bit pricey. I think I paid $1 for it on windows phone and it's the exact same game.
    Posted by Simm on 05 Feb 17 at 15:35
    FullMoonBeaverI thought the same about the price. The first thing any gamer will look at. At least the developer hasn't completely priced themselves out of the market like some have done.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 05 Feb 17 at 16:21
    FullMoonBeaverThanks. Got another 3-4 coming up in the next couple of weeks. Keeping myself busy.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 05 Feb 17 at 17:39
    QuickdontdieHope you are having fun making them, because I'm having fun reading them
    Posted by Quickdontdie on 05 Feb 17 at 18:49
    FullMoonBeaverI love reviewing games. Something I've wanted to do since I was a kid. Also wanted to be an author.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 05 Feb 17 at 19:40
    XynvincibleI'm sorry but this reads really unprofessionally. You've got sentence fragments all over the place, and your phrasing is terribly awkward in some places.

    "The gameplay takes place in an open book, with the left bumper and trigger for the left page, and yes, you guessed it. The right bumper and trigger for the right page."

    This reads very stilted because of the misplaced punctuation. I get that it isn't the purpose of your review, but if you want to engage readers you need to clean up your writing so that it flows better. As it is now, I find myself starting and stopping when reading this, which is terribly distracting.

    "With a detailed planet Earth that has locations which are home to the elements you create."
    "Short quotes from an ethereal voice when you create an element."
    "Which in my my (sic) opinion were of a good quality for a mobile game."

    None of these are complete sentences. Try reading some other reviews and get a better grasp on how your reader will interpret what you've written. Proofread, proofread, proofread, and do so out loud. You've got substance here, but it's buried underneath bad sentence structures and silly grammatical errors that just detract from your main points.
    Posted by Xynvincible on 05 Feb 17 at 23:09
    FullMoonBeaverThank you. I'm pleased to get feedback such as this. To be honest, I am aware to a degree that my command of the English language isn't the best. Should have paid attention in school. I am always keen for feedback whether it be positive or negative. It's the only way I can improve my reviews.

    I'll take everything you've said and all being well, I can improve on my next review. Sorry for hurting your brain with this one haha. But again, thank you. I appreciate what you said. No offense taken either.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 06 Feb 17 at 00:30