2. Doodle God: Ultimate Edition General hints and tips

Doodle God is all about combining elements to make new elements,. You go from the four classical elements to creating all sorts of modern and magical creations.

In order to fully complete the game, you need to avoid using hints for the entire game and you need to make every combination of elements possible. Note that this is every combination, not just producing every new element. If there are two different reactions that create the same element, you must do both reactions. It is very easy to miss a reaction and have no idea which one you missed, essentially forcing you to replay the entire game if this doesn't unlock.

Fortunately, since this game is not free, it doesn't have that obnoxious "Divine Glow" mechanism that the free-to-play Doodle God Blitz has, meaning you can complete the game in a single sitting (if you so desire).

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