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  • FauxcroftFauxcroft360,081
    02 Jan 2012
    23 1 1
    The concept is simple: Combine the elements of the universe by only starting with the four basic elements; Earth, Air, Water, & Fire.

    Only starting with four to make hundreds this game will challenge you to do the common since and give you "ah-ha!" moments as you try to discover all the game has to offer. Great for killing time on a road trip or doctor's visit, this game will keep you occupied over four unique episodes with each more challenging than the last. Also available are four quests all with completely different challenges ranging from helping Santa to saving the princess from a dragon. As well as two mini-games that encompass the game mechanics that will keep the replay value high after you finish.

    There is also ability to use hints for those who get stuck is also included. but don't give the player the answer right out so it still feels challenging!

    Great for people who love puzzle games.
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    ZZBroncosI disagreed with your review; I felt that there was a dearth of "ah-ha" moments. I had plenty of "wtf is the point of this game" moments and would advise people to pass on this app unless you want an easy 200 GS while reading the walkthrough of this game on TA
    Posted by ZZBroncos on 17 Nov 14 at 05:26
  • MattricusMattricus348,258
    04 Jul 2014
    6 4 2
    Could this actually be the most boring game ever created?

    The fundamental issue with this game is it was expanded way too far, and seriously oversteps the limitations which held together its concept.

    The idea of the game, is to start with the four basic elements; earth, fire, wind and air - and combine them to create different "elements" or "inventions". So for example, if we combine fire and water we get steam and so on.

    So the game progresses rather amusingly at first... five minutes later the frustration of the game is already coming through. Ridiculous combinations such as "magic" and "beast" make a "unicorn", and "woman" and "money" equals "shopping".

    The game begins as a fun, logical puzzle and sets its tone as such. It then rolls rapidly out of control into the abyss by forcing gamers to find over a hundred obscure and most often completely unthinkable combinations.

    The side missions however are slightly more enjoyable, but unfortunately the 20th century inventions one backtracks into the same dangerous territory that ruined story mode; by getting into ridiculous combinations nobody would have thought of or deemed logical.

    In short, it was fun to begin with... it is then not fun five minutes in.

  • grex9101grex9101548,639
    19 Oct 2012
    6 10 0
    So, this is the WP7 version of the "popular" webgame DoodleGod.
    Starting out with 4 basic elements of the universe (Earth, Air, Water, & Fire), your task is to create 232 elements in total.

    Sounds interesting? It's not. it's mind-crushingly bad.

    To make a new element, you bring up two existing elements and try to combine them. Fire+water makes alcohol, sun+flower makes sunflower etc.

    And that's more or less it. There are quests off the main game mode, but these are just more of the same.

    The worst thing is that some of the combinations doesn't make sense - food+fun=bubblegum, really? Some of the elements just seem totally arbritrary, and bizarre.

    Even worse again - once you reach a certain point the things you need to look for move to different submenus, so you go looking for them where they used to be and they've disappeared.

    Then, some things won't combine from the same menu, you have to open up two of the same menus to combine the same element. But not always. It's ridiculous.

    This is a HORRIBLE "game". It's not even a game, it's a "match 'em up". Don't buy it. The people who made this steaming pile of crap do not deserve your money.

    One last thing, if you do buy it solely for the "easy" 200G, make sure you don't press the "hint" button. If you do, you'll need to reset your progress and do it all. over. again. Tedious.
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