1. Doodle Jump for Kinect Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Greetings! Today I will be guiding you through your quest to get all of the achievements in Doodle Jump for Kinect! To complete the game, it should take you anywhere from as little as 5 hours if you pick up the movements quick, or as much as 15+ hours if you have trouble with said movements. With this guide you will have no problem earning all of the achievements after playing the 30 levels. If not, you can always go back to a level to get any achievements that you missed on your initial playthrough.

When you load up the game, you will see 3 worlds. The worlds in respective order are: Caves, Sky and Hives. Each world consists of 10 levels, and the last level of each world will be the boss fight. The worlds will get progressively harder because of the addition of new and more powerful monsters, along with increasingly challenging obstacles such as black holes and moving platforms.

The next page of this walkthrough I will give you some general hints and tips on how the Kinect reads you for certain movements and on screen prompts

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