2. Doodle Jump for Kinect General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Next up is some general hints and tips to ensure that you will be at your best performance while moving and perfoming the on screen prompts.

My first bit of advice is on the general side to side movements. When moving from platform to platform, you should move your feet side to side NOT leaning your body left and right. At first, your tendency will be to lean your body when you are trying to get to the platform to your left or right, but don't do that. Shuffle your feet from side to side, and even if your doodler is falling back down, pivot your foot and push in the direction that you want to go. Regarding side to side movements, Kinect reads your lower body, not your upper body.

My next bit of device is regarding power-ups. Most of the power ups are easy to use, but at first I had a lot of trouble with the Rocket. With the rocket, my best bit of advice is to land on the power up, and then raise your arms above the head. After that, move your wrists up and down while holding your arms straight above your head. This will help you many times during the game, and allow you to get a lot of speed. It will also help you unlock this achievement:

A lot of the times I avoided the power ups so I could acquire more points, but I will get more in depth with that in the story walkthrough.

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