Doodle Jump (WP) Reviews

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    The principle of this game is very easy : you must jump to go as high as possible. The only weapon that you have is Doodle's nose, that can shoot on all the monsters and kill them.
    The settings are quite nice but new updates would be more than welcomed.
    The achievements are easy, most of the time, but you might think that those in which you have to jump 30 times on the monsters and jump 30 times over them are quite difficult since sometimes there are about 3 or 4 of them in the same place... There will aslo have some pitfalls such as blackholes, spaceships, platforms that disappear after you walked on them, ... That's not that hard except when everything happens at the same time : the platform disappearing as there are a blackhole and 3 monsters.
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    18 Aug 2011
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    A great + addicting game, you have jump and jump, and jump, and jump, and jump, but it never seems to get old. Along the way up the never ending set of platforms, you can receive assistance from springs, trampolines, jetpacks, helicopter hats, and spring shoes. These are what keep things fun.

    The challenge comes when you approach a UFO, monster or black hole. These can make your 30 minute jump session feel like a failure.

    UFOS= Suck you in
    Black Holes= suck you in
    Monsters= you being dead

    Of course, most people already know this from playing/ seeing it on you or your friend's phone.

    This game is just a copy of the one on the iphone, except you missing the extra "doodle areas"(IDK what there called) including: soccer, underwater, Halloween 2, and Easter.

    If you enjoy simple games that you easily pick up and play this is the game for you. It is what it is and nothing extra.

    If your looking for achievements, then i hate to say that this isn't the game for you. The achievements are crazy hard and one is literally IMPOSSIBLE to get. (UFO Abduction Survivor)
  • Chicago AJChicago AJ577,417
    02 Jun 2011
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    If you're looking for easy achievements this game is definitely not for you. I see a patch in the near future editing the two achievements which require you to either jump past or on top of 30 monsters in a single game. I consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer and I've literally been playing the game all day at work (about 8 hours) and the most monsters I've seen in a single game was 15. I was barely able to get the achievements having to do with jumping on/jumping past 10 monsters.

    The game itself is decent, if you've played the iPhone version it's exactly the same. The 'randomness' of the levels is absolutely ridiculous. Half the time when you get high enough there will be only one path to follow which will almost always lead you RIGHT into a UFO or other enemy that kills you instantly and makes you start over. There's really nothing positive to say about the game, I don't see many people completing this soon (if ever).

    I definitely regret buying it.