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  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth213,206
    14 Feb 2011
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    Doom. The granddaddy of gaming. Regarded as one the greatest video games ever made. The foundation for all modern day first person shooters. Without this game, the world would be a very different place. The Call of Duty and Halo series wouldn’t exist and mankind as we know would be playing games that feature Miley Cyrus and other “loveable” characters... Okay that was a slight exaggeration, but I’ll bet that every single person involved with the creation of those 2 series, at some point in their lives, have played and loved Doom. Released in 1993, you play as an unnamed character who has been expedited to Mars to fight off demonic enemies of epic proportions. With the Xbox port to the Arcade you can play through, not just the original 3 episodes which featured in the original, but an additional level too. The additional level, or “Episode 4”, was featured in The Ultimate Doom which was the first Doom available to buy at retail level in 1995. Episode 4 was designed by the community, hence why it is unforgivably difficult. It was designed with the hardcore Doom players in mind. For those who wanted more of a challenge or those who simply had a thirst for pixelated blood and gore.

    The objective in each level is to simply find your way to the exit. I use the term “simply” very loosely as it is anything but simple. You’ll find yourself thwarted by hordes of enemies, along with maze-like levels which both add to the difficulty. There will be numerous times where you think you’re going the right way, but in actual fact you’re going the complete opposite way thanks in part to the key card system. Certain doors will be outlined in Blue, Red or Yellow which means you’ll need to find the relevant colour key. The word Nightmare doesn’t quite cut it. Although this can be extremely frustrating, and often you’ll find yourself running around for hours in circles, the satisfaction of completing a level is very rewarding. Many a time have I breathed a sigh of relief after completing certain levels. The game also features many “secret areas” which can contain ammo, armour and weapons. Finding these can be extremely helpful as they’ll assist you on your journey to glory. Your arsenal ranges from your typical FPS guns of your fist, pistol and shotgun, but also includes the BFG. Fire this bad boy into an enemies and watch them disintegrate into dust. This happens not because the game mechanics tell it to, it happens through pure awesomeness! On the harder difficulties, your enemies arrive in much larger quantities which requires you to think about which gun to use as ammo is sparse, which also adds to the challenge factor. If you get the mix right, you’ll be blasting away until the earlier hours of the morning without the irritation of dying every 5 seconds. This port also features a multiplayer version, although I cannot comment on this as I haven’t played it, but not through lack of trying. I presume the online Doom community on the Xbox isn’t teeming with life as I’ve spent quite a while searching for games without success.

    Doom was one of the first, if not the first, which featured realistic 3D graphics which entailed full-textured mapping on ALL surfaces (floor, roof, walls etc.) and varying light levels (flickering lights, dynamic lighting etc.). This helped the game develop an eerie, almost nightmare-ish atmosphere. Twin these graphics with the use of sound in the game and you have yourself one of the most atmospheric games of it’s era. The music used is extremely fitting. One minute you’ll be creeping around awaiting the next horde of enemies to come at you with a rather sultry, jazzy musical score, creating a sense of real dread and anticipation. The next minute you’ll be running for your life whilst being overwhelmed with an upbeat, adrenaline induced track. It’s amazing how a piece of music can change your mood so dramatically in a game. You can even find remixes of the music plastered all over the internet or youtube, that’s how good it is.

    Unfortunately, if there is a flaw to the game (and if you can call this a flaw) it would be the achievements. Not in the manner in which their designed, but it would be the lack of them. I’d love to see this game released as a retail game and having a list of 50 to complete, but we’ll have to settle for just the 8. They’re all very standard and are rewarded for completing the game on the “Hurt Me Plenty” difficulty which is the 3rd hardest difficulty out of 5. The most rewarding one must be, and I challenge you all to attempt it, to complete the game at “Ultra-Violent”. That almost seems harsh! There’s a couple of multiplayer achievements chucked in to keep the multiplayer addicts happy.

    It almost seems a bit redundant to write a review about this game for the Xbox as it is no longer available on the Marketplace, but if you have a friend who was lucky enough to buy it during it’s available period, I’d suggest that you demand to borrow his/her hard drive and spend a good weekend playing it. I doubt any other video game will give you as much satisfaction as this will. What other game can boast that it was once installed on more PC’s throughout the world than Microsoft’s Windows 95?
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    Mental Knight 5Thanks for pointing out that this is "Ultimate Doom," Episodes 1-4.
    Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 26 Jan 12 at 05:16
    Nice review, I thought maybe there should have been a reference to Wolfenstein 3-D in here somewhere, as that game is the predecessor of Doom, and obviously where id Software improved their original project and made this great classic game. I used to play this over a dial-up connection many, many years ago... lol, again, nice review, brings back some memories. +1
    Posted on 30 Oct 12 at 00:14
    Malicious FuryYou could update this to reflect that the game is now available again, although it should be obvious from the game page
    Posted by Malicious Fury on 03 Jan 15 at 05:22
  • T0b3 ZEROT0b3 ZERO192,488
    20 Oct 2009
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    Once upon a time.. yeah. There was a space marine, stationed on mars, when a bad accident happened and the gates of hell opened. Now the entire mars station is full of hell spawn and you're the only marine left to clean up this mess!

    This game was created by ID Software a long time ago - and just like Wolfenstein 3D and Quake, this game set new standards in the fps genre.

    Today, it's still one of the best games ever created to me - I still enjoy playing DOOM, either online or offline against the hordes of hell. Not only that you can play all 4 episodes on your own, you may also do them in coop or just slay a few marines in deathmatch.

    The classic weaponry - including the BFG, plasma gun or chaingun - is included. It may be limited at a standard sidearm at the beginning, but the more you make progess, the bigger the gun gets!

    Surely, the graphics aren't really overwhelming these days, but still the sound is classic. Just google for remixes of the music of the very first level - E1M1 hangar.

    Graphics: 7/10
    Sound: 8/10
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Multiplayer: 8/10

    Overall: 8/10
  • FFX BrotherhoodFFX Brotherhood1,189,143
    25 Sep 2012 23 Jul 2017
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    DOOM was originally released in 1993 on the DOS by ID Software. Since then it has been widely recognised as the father or even should I say Grandfather of FPS games. The game was originally released on the XBLA September 2006 but was pulled for reasons beyond my knowledge. It has since then been re-released onto the XBLA by Bethesda back in January 2012. Personally they must have just realised that you do not simply Pull DOOM from the marketplace due to the awesomeness of the game.


    The plot revolves around You, Yes you. You are the nameless space marine fighting to defend earth from a demonic invasion which has spread to Phobos and Deimos which are the 2 moons of mars. The company you work for UAC has been experimenting with teleportation devices which have now caused a hell hole to open up and hordes of violent demons to pour out. Your colleagues and friends are dead. All that stands between the forces of hell invading earth is you and your guns. Oh and that sweet chainsaw you get as well


    The graphics for this game would these days be probably classed somewhere near terrible, however you must understand that back in 1993 this game pioneered graphics with its revolutionary full texture mapping and lighting capabilities. If you are one of these people who cry at games with pixelated graphics then stay away from DOOM. But oh God do I feel sorry for you. Also I am under the impression the graphics have apparently (So a friend told me) been updated a little so they might seem a teeny bit more crisp, although don’t quote me on this.

    The game focuses heavily on satanic imagery and violence. This is easily noticed by Devil stars being drawn up the walls and halls in blood and various bodies impaled on spikes or crushed under metal door frames. It gives the game a real sense of being in a hell-hole filled to the brim with demons and monster just waiting to rip you apart. The bodies of the deceased will always look the same for that monster EG the Imps will always die in the same way and the demons will die in their own way. This is really the only problem but it’s still nothing major in my opinion. You will learn to love the bodies of the enemy getting torn apart when you blast them away with your Shotgun.


    The game-play is very similar to that of Wolfenstein 3D (Which is another great game) in that essentially you look at something or someone and shoot. Ammo and other items like Armour/med-kits are picked up by walking over them. Most buttons and switches are activated by pressing a switch or pulling a level. There are also multiple weapons within the game including chainsaws to shotguns to the beasty BFG9000. (Big F***-off gun).

    Essentially you have to reach the end of each level which ironically has a sign above it saying “Exit” which then transports you to the next level. After so many levels you will face a boss and upon defeat of this boss you will move onto the next chapter. The game doesn’t have any fancy mechanics in that sense but yet the simple game design quickly becomes addictive as you slaughter your way through wave after waves of enemy. The simplicity makes it easy to pick up go from the start.


    Another new feature ported onto the XBLA version is multiplayer in which you can either go at the story mode cooperatively or you can fight head to head in 4 man arena death-matches so you can take your skill to the online community and test your mettle against other space marines. I generally had no problems concerning lag although the only problem I did see was that the online community seemed a little dead at times.

    Oh before I forget let me mention the sound in the game. It is fudging awesome. Throughout each level you get this metal style ambient music that just makes the whole atmosphere so much more bad-ass. Imagine running down corridors with your faithful Double Barrel shotgun in hand, shredding through the onslaught of enemies as a kick-ass metal solo plays in the background. Yes it is truly a beautiful moment.

    In terms of enemy and gun sounds they all have their own noise but you will quickly learn to recognise the noise of each monster and enemy around you. This can be an advantage I suppose when faced with a room of unidentified inhabitants. I will admit it is quite creepy to be walking around a dark room and suddenly hearing a Pinkie monster growl. It all just adds to the atmosphere of the game.


    Achievement wise this game shouldn’t be too hard to get the 100% on. The achievements vary from completing chapters or getting so many kills online which can be boosted quite easily if need be. I also wish that there were more achievements in this game just to make it more interesting to complete. Other achievements include killing all enemies on a single floor or beating a level on the hardest difficulty.


    Overall this game is a beautiful balls-out FPS that throws away the complexities of many games these days and gets down to the real nitty-gritty core experience that gave birth to so many FPS games. You want a game where you can slaughter demon after demon? Get this game now you won’t regret it. You want something with a deep and moving storyline? Well would it convince you if I said the demons ate your pet bunny? Show them no one messes with Mr Tiddles.
  • Majik 666Majik 666395,942
    22 Mar 2009
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    Ah DOOM. One of if not the first ever FPS(first person shooter) games there is and one of the best. It has great graphics for its time and awesome sound. Fans of horror and horror based games will love DOOM. Long time DOOM fans will not be disapointed with the Xbox Live Arcade port of it because it's DOOM from the PC with an HD makeover. The controls of the 360 work nicely for it. You have your fire, sprint, previous weapon, next weapon, use, and menu buttons and the two sticks one to move and one to aim. Some of the achievements are hard but, once you know what to do they become easy.
  • Anders FearerAnders Fearer120,002
    10 May 2009
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    Doom is a classic, a amazing classic.

    The Grand Daddy of all FPS games.

    It's very straight forward. Kill, get to the end of the level, repeat.
    After beating a level, you get a cool summery of your actions, including your kill percentage, item collection percentage, and the percentage of secret areas you have found.

    4 episodes, different difficulties.

    Well worth the 400 MS points it has now.

    Gameplay 10/10

    Good, amazing gameplay. A wide verity of different enemies, weapons, pick-ups, and levels. The animations for enemy attacks are very well done

    Sound 10/10

    Doom's hard, grueling music sets the tone for the level's in the game.

    Any hardcore Doom fan I'm sure will have this before even reading this review.

    All in all, this game is a must have.
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    While I love old school games, I admit that lately I've been ignoring my roots in the gaming world. So I almost squealed in joy when I saw DOOM on Xbox arcade. The game that jump-started most of the modern shooters today, and even then surpasses near all of them.

    Playing the unnamed fearless space marine, you are forced to fight undead marines, aliens, and and Hell itself, in order to survive. No matter your religious view, killing Hell is an idea that no man finds I appealing.

    The first night I bought the game I stayed up til 4:30 just playing and yelling at my tv. Needless to say my roommates were pissed. Until I told them it was DOOM. Then they yelled with me.

    Seriously though, it's a great game. The original shooter, if you ask me. Go buy it, and when you do....
    I'll see you in Hell.clap
  • Lambo Fan 08Lambo Fan 0853,673
    25 Apr 2010
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    Still as bad-ass as it was back in '93 and still play it regularly.
    The xbox version has better control than the original PC version.
    The sound is much improved and the harder difficulties are simpler due to the controls. If you manage to play a co-op or deathmatch online your dead-lucky because hardly anyone goes on itwink
    Since others talk about achievement-difficukty i'll say that its about 75% easy , just getting the RAMPAGE one is hard, just take your time and save on a regular basis. Im happy to help anyone get the Xbox LIVE kills achievements (50 and 100 kills) and its fun when youve got a full lobbylaugh

    Theres not really much more to say on this: just buy it its a bit of a bargain at 400 MSpointswink