5. Doritos Crash Course 2 Multiplayer/VersusUpdate notes

Now that you have finished up all the achievements you can do by yourself, we are now going to be doing the achievements that require 2 players (versus achievements).

You can do these in a game of random online people or against a friend or boosting partner. I recommend a boosting partner to save time.

First of all, you will need to equip a avatar famestar costume from "Avatar Famestar". You will unlock the first one after you get 500 fame from completing the fame challenges, (you should have unlocked the first costume by completing the single player achievements). Then go to "Famestar Rewards" and equip one of the costumes you have unlocked. Now you need to equip one of the jinxes. To do this, you need to go to "Shop", press "RB" until you get to "Jinxes", buy any of them for 5 stars or 1 coin (you will get 7 jinxes to use) and press "Y" to equip it.

Now you want to go into an online game and let everyone else get ahead of you. When this happens, press "B" to use your jinx.

Now just finish the race

For the final achievement you need to collect the most stars in an online tournament. This is best done with a boosting partner, even though it is not too hard to do without boosting. A tournament is a set of 5 courses. Simply finish before your opponent in all of the races and you should unlock the achievement, assuming your opponent didn't collect many of the track stars.

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