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    10 Dec 2010 22 Oct 2011
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    Doritos Crash Course, also known as Avatar Crash Course, is a (currently) free obstacle course game. If you have ever played Trials HD, or have watched TV shows like Total Wipeout and Ninja Warrior, you'll easily see the resemblance between them and this game. The main idea of the game is to provide a fun yet slightly challenging experience. With online leaderboards, ranked games, and simple mechanics, Doritos Crash Course achieves this.

    Single Player 4/5

    You start off in USA, which is the name given for the "easy" levels of the game, which introduce you to the controls and obstacles you'll come across. These levels don't take too long, you may make mistakes if you're completely new to games like this but otherwise it's a breeze. You're then put into Europe, the "intermediate" levels, where you're introduced to challenging obstacle combinations, such as the water balloon cannons and green-platforms. Most people will make some mistakes, some will make a lot, but that doesn't matter, these mistakes help you get better and help you learn the levels better. After torturing your character in Europe, you mercilessly throw him into Japan, which is a suitable name for the "hard" levels, which require precise timing in some situations. If you ever look at the leaderboards, you can find people with times of 20 minutes on these levels - God knows what they did to their avatar! The majority of people find those levels difficult, some even give up at those levels, but you just keep practicing and eventually you'll be finished the entire game! Once you complete all the levels, there isn't much to do except upgrade your medal/time in attempt to get achievements or just beat your friends. Or, you could go play online! Sadly, if you don't feel like doing either of them, you'll probably be saying goodbye to this game, because other than doing those theres very little replayability.

    Multiplayer 4/5

    There are essentially 2 modes, Ranked and Normal. Ranked pairs you up with players who are on a similar "skill" level as you, giving you competitive races in a randomly picked stage (that you have unlocked). Normal just lets you choose which level to start with and you continuously play with either friends or random players until one of you are unable to advance because of chickening out or just by dropping from the game. Although the online is nice, you'll usually get paired with people, if you're not playing Ranked, who seem to take forever to complete levels, so you can find yourself either getting frustrated with the players/game or trying to find a friend who you'd rather play with.

    Graphics 4/5

    Nothing special, however very nice on the eyes. You can see your avatar in various poses or doing silly actions in game or at the waiting room for multiplayer games, which seem to be unique to this game. In the actual level, the background for the levels show landmarks and other interesting places that are in the country you're playing. The obstacles are simple and easy to recognize. The game doesn't lag at all graphically, so you'll usually have a smooth game, however Online play can affect this.


    For those of you wanting to know about these before actually playing, there are 8 simple achievements and 4 achievements that will actually take work. The 2-3 notable achievements are Sore Wa Kantan Desu, Going For Gold and I'm Big In Japan, depending on your skill at this game. Going For Gold requires you to get gold medals on all levels, which means beating some pretty hard times on the Japan Levels, however it is far from impossible. You will probably invest a few hours trying to learn the patterns in levels so you can get the times, so don't play this game expecting to earn the achievements in an hour or so, it could take days for you to get all of them!


    Doritos Crash Course appeals to almost every type of gamer, you can make what you want of the game. If you're competitive, aim for the top times on the leaderboards and top rank online, if you're casual, it's great to play for a few minutes just for kicks, and if you're an achievement junkie, this provides some challenge for you. For a free game, it provides a lot of entertainment.
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    BrasshandeGood review, but possibly the worst game i've played on the 360
    Posted by Brasshande on 22 Mar 14 at 16:41
    @ pacnik11 - your birthday is cursed
    @ Brasshande - True
    Posted on 22 Mar 14 at 17:14
    MrSkiBearWorst game ever :D
    Posted by MrSkiBear on 07 Dec 15 at 10:27
  • KillerBEA XKillerBEA X184,148
    09 Dec 2010 09 Dec 2010
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    The concept itself is decent you and your Avatar are running, jumping and sliding through 15 obstacle courses of increasing difficulty. USA having the wimpiest courses, Europe in the middle, and Japan as the hardest. When I started playing this game I was instantly reminded of the TV show Ninja Warrior that is aired on G4TV. Upon that line of thinking I realized that the ending obstacles towards the end were going to be very hard.

    Gameplay: The control scheme is fairly simple A to jump, Left joystick to move and the triggers to run. For the tasks ahead though that simply isn't enough, as many times trying to get through some of European levels and man many times during the Japan levels, a ledge grab would of been nice. I missed so many jumps because he lacks the ability to grab nearby ledges. Leading to several minutes of trial and error, which is fine but in the later levels can be quite annoying. Overall solid and simple scheme of running and jumping and avoiding hammers.

    Graphics:The backdrops are somewhat fun and goofy, a mix of various relevant icons and famous locations. They are on par with some of the mid grade full retail they dont seem to be rendered in full 3d but looks nice non the less.

    Replayabilty/length: The game certainly is very short, an average player can beat the 15 levels in a few short hours. The game lacks subtle variety that keeps you coming back for more but As this game was free replayablity was not an issue for me.

    Achievements: (this has little to no bearing the games score)
    They are fairly simple and most of them are easily obtained in one playthrough of each stage. Ranging from Completing all the levels in a country and bouncing off trampolines to completing one of the hardest levels in 1minute 40 seconds. Decent list; easy 150 if you have a friend to play with and a solid 200
  • ljp0390ljp0390109,859
    12 Dec 2010
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    Doritos Crash Course is a free XBLA game that has you controlling your avatar in a series of 15 obstacle courses, with each one becoming increasingly harder then the last.

    This game is fairly easy to understand but a little harder to master. You use the left thumbstick to move, the A button to jump, and the left trigger to sprint. The difficulty comes from using those three moves together in order to get across the obstacle course to the finish line. In between the start and finish line are various obstacles that range from swinging hammers to trampolines to conveyor belts that move in the opposite direction. All of these elements come together in a way that is both fun and challenging. The courses also offer you multiple ways to go about finishing them, with the faster way saving you much time but with greater risk of failing,and with longer ways that eat up valuable seconds but makes it easier to finish. People who become used to the controls and memorize the levels will strive to go about it the fastest way and try to come up with different strategies that will help put them atop the leaderboards.

    For a game that is free, I was pleasantly surprised at the graphics of this game. It plays in a 2-D environment with backdrops that coincide with the world that you are in, with the USA world having things found in America to finding Godzilla in the background to the Japan levels. The graphics are pretty fun and quirky.

    Although this game is short and can be beaten in less then 2 hours depending on your skill level, I found this game to be quite addicting. I consistently found myself replaying levels in order to improve my time, if only by milliseconds, and trying to not only get gold but beat my friends scores (your friends scores are shown in the level select menu). This aspect of the game reminds me of Trials HD in that you are always trying to improve you score and coming up with new strategies to knock seconds off your time. However, if trying to better improve your score and trying to be the best isn't your cup of tea, then the replay value of this game won;t be as high for you as the game is pretty short. But for the rest of us, have at it!!!

    When all is said and done, I got more from this game then I initially expected. Just like 99.9% of you, I mainly got this game thinking it was going to have really easy achievements (which by the way 10 of them are, the last 2 take some practice). Instead I came away with a game that I consider very good and fun. If you are looking for a quick game to pick up that is easy to understand and highly enjoyable, seriously consider this game. And besides, ITS FREE!!! what are you complaining about.

    P.S. This is the first review I have written for TA and I would appreciate the comments letting me know how I did and if there is anything I can do to improve in the future. Thanks
  • x777x Infectionx777x Infection16,976
    13 Apr 2011
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    Well. Here goes again!

    Graphics: the graphics were simple, but pleasing enough. I am happy to note that there is a good variety of colors and shapes, which are all easy to see and spot even while sprinting through the levels at top speed, and the graphics still held solid through online play.

    Audio: I honestly didn't listen to the audio much, most of the time I had my own music going. It matches with the graphics, just good enough, but nothing too special. I recommend adding your own music.

    Gameplay: the controls are really quite simple, allowing anyone to step into the game quickly and easily. The levels get harder as you advance through them, and have a really solid learning curve. There is some great fun out there two, as you can play split screen, online ranked matches, or online casual matches. The gameplay itself is highly addictive, but quite achievable for people to beat, I managed to score 100% achievements in 24 hours from starting the game.

    Replay value: it's a decent game, but after getting all the achievements I don't think I'll be going back to it very often. Somehow I know that it just isn't as much as I want. I hope they release some updates and new levels, or a sequel, otherwise this will sit in the darkest corners of my hard drive.

    Achievements: the achievements offer up a fairly simple 150 points for most, and for the tougher players there is an extra 50 points. I took probably five hours total of play time to earn all but one achievement, and it's one of the easy 10 pointers. If you need a quick gamerscore fix, or if you want another game to add to your complete list you can load this up, it isn't to terribly hard.

    Value: the game is free! If I had to pay I would have shelled out ten bucks for it, but as it is it's completely free! I'm surprised the servers are still up too, hopefully you guys can get this game before it and the servers are gone!

    9.4 / 10. This game is a fast and fun play that would be an eight, but I have to give it solid props for being free. It's very refreshing to see someone releasing some nice stuff for the customers, rather than trying to take all our money like hungry pigs.

    Peace out - The Infection
  • sudsywolfsudsywolf237,965 237,965 GamerScore
    29 Dec 2010
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    I think most; if not all who review this game will suffer the same conundrum. How does one review that of which is free? This is the case of Dorito's Crash Course, an arcade game released free for all to play on Xbox Live Arcade, complete with leaderboards and online multiplayer, oh and not least of all, achievements.
    Crash Course is a side-scrolling platformer, similar to that of Super Meat Boy or Trials HD, with the familiar goal of starting at point A and reaching point B as fast as possible, however, instead of rows of deadly spikes, saws, exploding barrels and other contraptions of death & destruction, Crash Course opts for the more family friendly obstacles, placing your avatar likeness against trampolines, giant swinging punching bags and ropes - imagine the old 90's bad reality show Gladiator and you get the idea.
    With 3 stages comprised of five levels, each gradually increasing in difficulty, the game is very short... with the entire single player run able to be completed in one hour-long sitting, and replayability being only in the players desire to 'go for the gold' and get that 'perfect' time in an effort to beat their friends times to gain top spot on the leaderboards, other than that there’s really not much on offer here, but hey! it's free, right?
    The main problem here is that sometimes the platforming can be a little stilted in some aspects. Frustration can easily occur due to the fact that the controllable avatar quite often hooks onto edges (or misses them completely) or wont quite make a lengthy jump, sometimes forcing the player to restart the checkpoint to gain the momentum needed to clear the area. These problems can easily hinder the games otherwise fluid control system. Another issue faced is the games somewhat odd difficulty spike, with some levels seemingly easy up until the last checkpoint when it became incredibly difficult to time a specific event correctly, an example of this is that one of the earlier, supposedly easier levels had one of the trickiest spots on the entire game.
    What bothers this reviewer about this game the most is not that the game is free, but the simple facts that it 'needed' to be free. Had this game cost anything, it wouldn't have been worth the money and largely comes down to the age-long expression, 'you get what you paid for'... or perhaps at least, you get what you don't pay for.
    Having said this, the game is still fun while it lasts... and perhaps those scoreboard freaks out there will get a good amount of enjoyment from this title, but for the core gamers, it's merely a nice, short distraction from the more hardcore games.
    Oh but wait! You were wanting to hear about the achievements weren't you? Yeah I know you well enough! The achievements here are a mixed bag. For those devoted enough, an easy 150 gs is definitely possible with a mix of progressive, action specific and multiplayer achievements; for those willing to spend time and frustration, the last two (hardest) are definitely possible.
    All in all... this is a good game... but only because it's free. A lot of fun can be had in the multiplayer portion and those cheevo addicts will get some entertainment in trying to 100% it.

    Oh, and no comment on how this game looks as if it could have been a retail Kinect title. Thank goodness!
  • FaultyshadowFaultyshadow289,764
    27 Apr 2021
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    I know it’s 2021 and few people must be interested in a Doritos crash course review but oh boy do I only have good things to say. First off I’ll be reviewing this game not only by the fun gameplay but the achievement obtain ability. The game has multiple non paId DLC countries to play on each with a few levels per country. The first few levels of each country are fairly easy but get progressively more rage worthy once you get to the fourth level of each country. For whatever reason I tend to find the forth level to be harder than the fifth. The game it’s self is fun in co op and fun solo but the online achievements are easily boostable or obtainable legit. The solo achievements including 3 stars on every level is fairly doable but you’ll be raging along the way. This is a completion that HOLDS WEIGHT! This is what a real completion is, don’t let the TA average time spent to complete fool you, you’ll be spending close to 10 hours on this game unless you’ve completed it once before. The DLC is basically paid for achievements since they are so easy. Make sure to not install the DLC before completing the base game or else you’ll have to complete the 3 stars on the DLC as well for the go for gold achievement. Overall this is a staple of Xbox live arcade and early achievement hunting, if you haven’t already completed it go ahead and do so. Especially while the servers are up. It’s late at night and I don’t have much will to compose a beautiful script for this review so it may not be my best but I mean what I’ve wrote.
  • Sonic SleuthSonic Sleuth280,421
    18 Apr 2011
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    Doritos... oh, wonderful Doritos, you know me so well. It's not enough that you filled my belly with tasty treats through my teen years, now you fill my Xbox with free Arcade games. On the heels of the previous Doritos Xbox Live contest winner, Dash of Destruction, the fine folks at Frito-Lay give us a pair of fun free games at Christmastime. My favorite of the dynamite duo is Doritos Crash Course, a game that draws liberally from great games of the past in creating a family friendly arcade racer.

    Just a few years ago Doritos Crash Course would be a technological marvel - a feast of innovation in a fast-paced package, with Xbox Live avatars running across brightly-colored side-scrolling ramps and elevators, dodging giant hammers and bouncing off trampolines. But this is 2010, when the Live Arcade is flooded with avatar games, Trials HD has sold a zillion copies, and Wipeout shows us real people being smacked off trampolines into giant hammers. Since we've seen it all before, does Doritos Crash Course still impress? For free...? Oh yeah, definitely.

    The action in Crash Course is simple and fast-paced, with your avatar running right, up and down ramps, over obstacles, trying to score the best possible time. Gamers who've played Trials HD will grimace at the obvious similarities between the titles, with constant falling into the water below and wondering how the heck to reach that next precious checkpoint. But let's be fair, Crash Course pilfers gameplay from other games as well - from slide-and-dash maneuvers that would make Sonic proud to vine swinging and chain climbing straight out of Donkey Kong Junior. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Wanako has a lot of good things to say about a whole bunch of past games.

    Graphically, Crash Course has a lot of polish, featuring brightly colored, geographically themed levels and smooth animation. I was happy to see my avatar self, complete with its Soundgarden logo t-shirt, running through each level... although I was unhappy to witness the cultural stereotypes of the Japan levels. Do we really need Godzilla, kabuki theater, and blindingly bright kanji characters projected on the background? Maybe if the USA levels featured overweight rednecks, corrupt politicians, and anorexic billionaire's daughters, these stereotypes would be more acceptable, but this is 2010 - Japan is technologically advanced and culturally rich... not the cheesy Crash Course version.

    Like Trials HD, Crash Course allows gamers to either face off on Xbox Live, or compare their times in real time to friends who've beaten the same level, and gold medals are the reward for scoring a super-fast finish. Unfortunately, the same level of frustration builds with the more difficult levels, and winning gold will take hours of replaying the same annoying checkpoints again and again. Additionally, achievements like Sore Wa Kantan Desu and Going for Gold may seem unobtainable to the majority of players. If beating this sort of challenge is for you, Crash Course will be a blast... otherwise, you might snap your controller in two after dying twenty times in a row.

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  • BeachBoshBeachBosh45,307
    03 Mar 2013
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    It´s a cool fast game! where your speed is tested. Full of "action" in the diferent scenarios. And with the DLC.... AWESOME!! great expansion, the new levels of las Vegas and London are spectacular! the dinamics, the new areas... everything! Also will have you trying to bet the gold medal for a couple of times, not an easy job. In general, it´s a Great XBOXLIVE game! really enjoyed, and the multiplayer definitely brings you hours of gaming with friends or online player who wants prove their skills. So, are you fast enough or be the chicken to skip an area?