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Double Dragon II: Dragon Wanders Details

When arcades were packed to the brim with gamers pummeling joysticks, smashing buttons with un-adulterated fervor and Spielberg's tiny alien was cornering the VHS market, there were two brothers, Jim

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XBLA Wednesday: April 3rd, 2013

The Behemoth is the proud developer to the super popular Castle Crashers. It's one of the most downloaded and highly-rated games on the marketplace. This week, gamers will be able to download their m

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Majesco Announces Double Dragon: Neon For XBLA

Majesco Entertainment has confirmed that Double Dragon Neon, which is set to reboot the ground-breaking beat 'em up franchise, will be coming to the XBLA Marketplace this summer. http://s13.postimage

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Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons Revealed

The side scrolling beat 'em up arcade classic is set for a 3D remake to arrive on Xbox LIVE Arcade this September courtesy of Korean developer Barunson Interactive, and Co-Optimus has gotten an exclu

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