Dragon Age II (JP)

Xbox 360

Dragon Age II (JP) Achievements

Most Earned

Tale Within a Tale
Tale Within a Tale5 (5)Listened to Varric begin his tale of the Champion of Kirkwall.
Immigrant5 (5)Became a resident of Kirkwall.
Craftsman5 (5)Acquired your first crafting recipe.
Darkness Falls
Darkness Falls5 (5)Toggled the map from day to night.

Least Earned

Supplier43 (25)Find every variety of crafting resources.
Mass Exodus
Mass Exodus41 (25)Reach Kirkwall with each character class. Multiple playthroughs required.
Mage Hunter
Mage Hunter40 (25)Sided with the templars five times.
Master Craftsman
Master Craftsman38 (25)Craft all of the items from a single crafting tree.
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