Dragon Age II Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

So this is a walkthrough for Dragon Age 2. DA2 is split into 3 acts, each with its own collection of missable achievements to pick up, and a few that span all 3 acts. As a result it is quite a minefield for people who go in with no walkthrough. This guide is designed to get you all achievements in as little effort as possible. Our path to 100% will look like this...

1. Assuming you can import a DA:O save, your first playthrough will be your only full playthrough. We will get the vast majority of the achievements during this playthrough, and also finish one of the DLC packs (if you have it) while we play through. 30-40 hours will be spent here.

2. We start a new game playing as a Rogue to acquire a rival. More on this on page 2. 30 minutes (or less) are spent here.

3. We start a new game playing as a Mage until we get to Kirkwall to get the achievement for all three classes. 10-15 minutes are spent here.

4. A partial playthrough from the end of act 2 through a few quests in act 3 to take the other side in the Mage/Templar debate for an achievement. 1-3 hours are spent here.

5. Assuming you have the DLC, you'll finish the last two DLC packs in the post-game, which isn't really post-game at all, heh. 8-10 hours are spent here.

If you don't have an Origins save to import, number 4 will be another full playthrough.

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