Dragon Age II Walkthrough

5. Act 3 and Clean Up

After a bunch of scenes you'll have a scene with Orsino talking. In this choose top right for the first dialog choice and then "Orsino is right". After the scenes go to the chantry. Go up the stairs on the left, take a left, and look for the History of the Chantry Chapter 4 (4/4) book on some crates ahead of you. Achievement.

Chantry Historian in Dragon Age II
Find all four chapters of "The History of the Chantry," by Brother Genitivi.
  • Unlocked by 13,624 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.33) 74,671

As an aside, in the playthrough I did without DLC I was level 19 when act 3 started, so even if you don't have it, level 20 is very easily attainable. Go to the hanged man and talk to Isabela (in my second playthrough dialog wouldn't start, I left the hanged man and went back at night and she would start the proper dialog, try this if you have problems). Talk to her, top right all the way. Now go to your estate, Isabela will be at the writing desk. Top right all the way again. Now go to the blooming rose in Hightown. Go to the marker and answer middle right in the scene, then open the door and answer top right all the way. Use the horn in this room to add a fourth party member. Now go outside, you'll see some sparkles, this signifies the trail Isabela left. Follow it to the northwestern exit of hightown. Go to lowtown and follow her path to an exit, use it and go to the docks. Then follow the trail to Castillon's landing and enter.

Castillon's Landing Act 3

Walk forward and you'll get a scene. After it kill everyone. Use the typical party and then loot Castillon's body for a key. Go into the room in the northwest corner of the area for an Ambrosia (1/1). Now go to the marker and open the chest. When you leave the room Castillon will show up. Again, top right all the way. Then leave. Go to the hanged man and talk to Isabela. After answering top right three times your top right option should be "What took you so long?" and the icon should be a heart. This means we are still on track for romancing her. Now that we have Ambrosia, we can make all the potions, do so for an achievement.

Master Craftsman in Dragon Age II
Craft all of the items from a single crafting tree.
  • Unlocked by 12,943 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.39) 74,671

One of those potions is an Elixir of Heroism, and you can only make it once. The reason being is that it increases everyone's level by one. Use it now. This pushed me over level 20 and put me pretty close to 21. If it does the same for you, you'll get this achievement.

Legendary in Dragon Age II
Legendary68 (50)
Reach Level 20.
  • Unlocked by 40,538 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.35) 74,671

However if you don't have the DLC you might be short. If so it's alright, we have quite a bit to do in act 3, so you should have no problems hitting level 20 before the end. There's also some quests I don't do in my walkthrough that you can do if you find yourself short that I will detail before the point of no return in act 3, so don't worry about it yet.

Darktown Act 3

Now head to Ander's clinic and talk to him, top right in both choices. Go somewhere else and go back to Ander's clinic, talk to him for a quest. Afterward go to the marker, but before you go down the stairs that lead to it, look to the right for some Deathroot (6/6). Now go into the sewers.

Sewers Act 3

Nothing too complicated here, there are 5 markers, go to each and harvest the stuff. On the way to the southernmost one in that small room, before you go up the stairs leading to it, is a Secret Message (1/3 for Act 3) on the left in a little alcove in the corner. The enemies aren't too hard, it's just rabble but there are some mages among them so make sure to kill them first. The 2 northernmost ones have quite a few enemies in the battle, make sure to keep an eye on everyone's health. Once you have all 5 deposits and the secret message you can leave.

Lowtown Act 3

Go to lowtown, in the very southernmost area of the town is some Spindleweed (6/6) in the dead end. Now go to the Wounded Coast.

Wounded Coast Act 3

At the start go left at the fork, then at this fork go left to find a Scroll, pick it up. Now return to the second fork and follow the path, keeping an eye on the left as you'll pass by the last Elfroot (9/9). Continue straight, past two side paths, and then take the third (going north). Right about now you'll come across a rather large amount of enemies, most of which will be undead. At the end a mage named Medan will spawn and he is very strong. To make the fight easier, make sure that you use a skill that stuns whenever you see him casting. Hawke can use Pommel Blow, Tremor, and Mighty Blow to do it herself. Fenris will have the same skills, mages can try freezing him, etc. Once he is dead continue following this path when it twists north, and then go left at the fork. Right before the exit you'll see some Embrium (6/6) on the left. Go to the Bone Pit now.

Drakestone Mines Act 3

Go straight east from where you start to the marker and enter the mines. Go straight east from the entrance and then north at the fork to find the last Deep Mushroom (9/9). Same deal as the sewers, go to the 5 markers and harvest everything. Once you have it all and the deep mushroom leave and go to Ander's clinic. Top right through the conversation, then go to hightown. Go to the chantry and then after the scene go up to Elthina and talk to her for a scene, then go to Ander's clinic and talk to him. Now go to Merril's House and talk to her.

Templar Hall Act 3

Now go to your estate and read all your letters. Now go to the gallows, and go to the marker and enter. Go the marker for a scene. Talk to Elsa nearby. Pick the top right, middle right, and bottom right options and then "That's enough" (bottom left). Leave this room and go east and then in the door to the north. In here will be a chest and a Secret Message (2/3 for Act 3) in the torch. If you are facing the door it is the torch on the right.

Now go to lowtown and visit Gamlen's house. Read the crumpled note on the desk near him and then talk to him. Now go to the alienage near Merril's house and talk to Nyssa. Now go into Merril's house and then leave, and choose lowtown at night. Now go forward for a scene. Afterward kill everything, focus on Huon first as his magic hurts. Now go to darktown. Go south to the marker and talk to the kids. Then go south to the other marker and talk to Meke. Afterwards kill him and loot Mekel's body. Now go to the sewer passage north of you and enter. Follow the path until you get a scene, kill everything after, then top right all the way through. Now leave and go to hightown, and go to the marker in the south part of the map, and enter the mansion. After the scenes go to the hanged man during the day. Talk to Emile and then answer top right 2 times and then "I could let you go" (bottom right). Return to the gallows and report to Meredith.

Now go the your estate and read all your letters. Go back to Gamlen's house. Talk to Gamlen and then examine the hammer on the wall. Now exit his house and go to Vhenadahl and press A on it. Now go to the docks at night. Go to the Fish Guttery at the marker and enter. Go forward and then west down some stairs. At the end you'll find a crate you can loot and a Secret Message (3/3 for Act 3), earning you an achievement.

Archeologist in Dragon Age II
Archeologist117 (50)
During each year in Kirkwall, discover 3 secret messages from the Band of Three.
  • Unlocked by 13,689 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.33) 74,671

Backtrack a bit and go up the stairs on the left and then u-turn to find a crate, looting it starts a scene. Now move everyone out of the poison and kill everything. After you've wiped everything out and gotten the message you can leave. Read your letters, then go to Merril's house and talk to her. Afterward go to the world map and go to the "sink". Go south and then at the fork go left, once you reach the big room you'll get a scene. Kill everything after it and then after the scene leave. Now to follow up on Merril's quest. Now would be a good time to stock up on potions if you don't have many.

Sudnermount Act 3

Go to Sundermount. Go toward the camp and take the little half circle to the south to find a scroll in the middle, read it. Take the right path that leads up to the mountain. Before the cave you'll find a lone arcane horror. A ton of shades will spawn in a few moments, so kill the arcane horror ASAP. You can find the next scroll on this same clearing, in the northeast corner. Continue to the caverns.

Sudnermount Caverns Act 3

Once you enter the caverns, go forward a bit and then look to the left to find the last Lyrium (9/9). Continue forward until you get to the room with the exit. In the northwest corner is the last Orichalcum (6/6). Now exit to the graveyard.

A bit past the graveyard is the three enemies that pertain to the scroll. Together, the three of them are incredibly obnoxious. If you want to make this easier, tell your party to hold position (hold LT and then choose hold position (top right) and then inch forward until one of them sees you (you'll go into battle stance) then run back to your party. You'll find the last two to be revnants that are incredibly durable. Spamming Pommel Blow and other disables will make things go a lot smoother (pommel blow seems to stun 95% of the time and the CD is low, so use it every time it is off cooldown). If you intend to take on all 3, Byrom is weak so kill him first, then concentrate on the revnants one at a time. It would be beneficial to have Hawke taunt one, and Fenris taunt the other. Neither will last long being attacked by both. Once they are all dead follow the path up until you reach a fork, with a dead end in the south. The last Glitterdust (6/6) is there. Continue up the mountain to Pride's End and enter.

Go toward the marker and by the statue you will see a Felandaris (1/1). Take it. There is one last ingredient for the achievement but sadly it is guarded by what is arguably the hardest boss of the game, main/side quest or otherwise, so we want to get everything else done first before we attempt it. Now examine the statue. After the scene you'll be fighting the demon. He looks intimidating but he isn't that bad. During the fight random ghosts will spawn, make sure you kill them. Keep Fenris on the demon and use taunt to keep him attacking Fenris. Take Isabela around the back and go crazy with everything you have, and have Merril casting everything she has. Hawke should be behind the demon with Isabela attacking as well, unless there are ghosts around in which case you should be attacking them. If Fenris dies or needs to heal or whatever, you can taunt the demon with Hawke and do whatever you need to do. Just bear in mind Hawke wasn't built as a tank, so Hawke can't hold the demon's attention for long. After it's dead you'll have a scene and then you'll have to fight the demon again but it has 1/4 health, so it's not hard. After killing it and getting the felandris leave. You'll have to fight a bunch of elves. Target the warrior right in front of you first.

Note that when you "travel down the mountain" you'll face everyone in the camp, and there are a lot of strong enemies. Concentrate on the named ones first (you'll know who they are when you see them...) and kill the vanilla enemies last. Both Hawke and Fenris should have AoE attacks and disables like Tremor, you'll want to spam these as much as possible (use stamina potions so you can spam them) as the 2nd and 3rd waves can be a bit overwhelming. After everyone is dead you can leave. After killing everything go to Ander's clinic. We'll be facing the final boss of the scrolls quest line and he is no pushover, prepare accordingly. I would suggest replacing Isabela with Varric here. Straight south of the clinic, before you go down the stairs to the right of the stairs is the lair.

Going forward will start the fight. He isn't all that durable (no more than the revnants you just killed) but he has three attacks that are quite strong and he summons enemies throughout the fight. The first thing to note is that when he glows green any melee attacks will cause damage to the attacker. The second is a circle of blue light he will summon. After a few seconds it will start doing damage and pulling in anyone who is inside it. If anyone but Fenris is caught they will almost certainly die. The last is a green circle that centers on the demon itself. This damages characters inside it. This is pretty much the one and only time dispel magic is good to have, but it's VERY useful. When the boss turns on the green armor, or the green circle at his feet, simply use dispel magic to negate either one, or both.

Three waves of enemies will spawn during this battle when Hybris reaches certain health levels. Once they spawn they should become top priority, but ensure Fenris keeps Hybris busy. After he is dead you'll get an achievement.

Control Varric and blitz him at the start. Eventually enemies will spawn. Use Varric to pick these enemies off while everyone else concentrates on Hybris. Varric should be able to kill the weaker demons in 1-2 hits and the rage demons in about 5. If you find this impossible, control Hawke instead and use him/her to destroy the spawning enemies. If you dispel the green magic when Hybris uses it Fenris should have no problems tanking Hybris himself, so you can do it with little problem. Three waves of enemies will spawn during this battle when Hybris reaches certain health levels. Once they spawn they should become top priority, but ensure Fenris keeps Hybris busy. After he is dead you'll get an achievement.

Demon Slayer in Dragon Age II
Find and kill an ancient personification of pride.
  • Unlocked by 21,429 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 1.86) 74,671

Now head to hightown and talk to Hubert in the usual spot (in my second playthrough he wasn't there...not sure why, but if he isn't that it's no big deal, just move on with the next step). You'll want a bunch of potions for this, and you'll want a staff that does cold damage if you can get your hands on one. This boss fight is the hardest fight in the game in my opinion, so prepare accordingly. I'd also suggest removing Isabela and putting Merril in her place. Make sure both Anders and Merril have cone of cold and winter's grasp. If you have a staff that does cold damage you'll want elemental weapons on one of them and have it activated. Hawke and Fenris should have any defensive sustained abilities activated, and put any active defensive abilities in the quick slots for use. Again, you can use Isabela (did it for the second playthrough) but Merril is likely the best choice because cold damage is the most effective against the dragon. When you are ready head to the Bone Pit.

Head to the gold marker to start the fight. There are two phases, the first of which is fighting the dragon by itself. Nothing too fancy here, just keep Anders/Merril away from the dragon and hit him with everything you have. Try and keep Fenris/Hawke on opposite sides of the dragon so he isn't always hitting both. Once he flies onto the hill nearby, the real fun begins. The dragon will shoot fireballs at you while he summons a ton of enemies. During this phase you have to spam AoE abilities to kill the dragons quickly or you will be overrun and killed. Everything you have, chain lightning, tempest, cone of cold, etc. Once you've killed everything the dragon will jump back down and the cycle repeats (note that he may not jump down, if this is the case hit him with some mage attacks until he does). During the summon enemies phase, it's important to make sure Hawke and Fenris are attacking enemies that are after Anders/Merril or they will quickly die. Once you've killed him you'll get this achievement.

Dragon Slayer in Dragon Age II
Slay a high dragon.
  • Unlocked by 38,639 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 74,671

And once you loot it's body (it'll be in the opposite corner of where you came in regardless of where you killed it) you'll have the Dragon's Blood (1/1) earning you this achievement.

Supplier in Dragon Age II
Supplier75 (25)
Find every variety of crafting resources.
  • Unlocked by 8,210 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.01) 74,671

You'll also have Fenris' last armor upgrade, getting you yet another achievement.

I Got Your Back in Dragon Age II
Completely upgrade the armor of one of your party members.
  • Unlocked by 27,977 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.63) 74,671

An item you pick up from the dragon starts the last herbalists task quest, go to Solivitus in the gallows to turn it in. You should have a quest called Best Served Cold by now, if not read a letter from First Enchanter Orsino at your estate. Then go to the Templar Hall in the gallows and talk to Orsino. Afterward go to hightown at night. Go to the marker and kill everything. Then loot the bodies, one will have a note. Now go to the docks at night. Enter the warehouse at the marker and then go through the door ahead of you for a scene. Wipe everything out. There is an enemy called an enchanter that is a pretty strong mage, take him out first, then the chump mages, and then the rest. In the northwest corner in the room there is a crate with an armor upgrade for Anders. Now go to the wounded coast. Go to the marker. On the way you'll be attacked and then you'll have a scene. Continue to the marker, answer top right all the way through.

This fight is a bit of a pain. Grace should be your first target. After you kill her she'll become a demon, kill the demon as quickly as possible. A bunch of mages, archers, and fighters will be spawning and you need the demon dead before you deal with everything else. Once you've killed everything answer top right all the way through. Return to Orsino in the gallows. You'll unlock an achievement.

Arcane Defender in Dragon Age II
Sided with the mages five times. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 37,470 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.40) 74,671

In your estate will be a new letter. Reading it will start the beginning of the end of the game. If you want to level up more, do more quests, buy stuff, or whatever, now is the time to do it. With no DLC I was a bit short of 22 at this point, so unless you skipped a bunch of stuff you should be level 20. If not, there's one or two things you can do. You can scout around the world map areas and look for enemy groups to kill, and there are gang quests in this act too you can do for experience.

Once you are ready read your letters. Go to the gallows. Top right until you have the chance to pick a side, side with Meredith, the templars. From here on out only one thing matters as far as achievements go, and I'll let you know when that is. I get the feeling your DA2 save will import into the announced Dragon Age Inquisition game, so I'd make choices you can live with in the future if you ever intend to play it.

After the scenes move forward a bit to get another scene, answer top right and a certain someone will rejoin. If you aren't using a mage she's a good one to use. Move on to the next marker, killing stuff as you go. The enemies are pretty strong but you'll generally have help, so it isn't very hard. Once you reach the marker move on the docks. This next part is quite a pain. A pride demon will be nearby and a ton of shades will spawn. What you'll want to do is cast haste and use Isabela to kill the blood mage straight ahead ASAP, and then use Tremor/Mighty Blow/etc to deal with the shades. For some reason Bethany got the pride demon's attention and it went after her (but couldn't kill her...) leaving me and Fenris to deal with the shades (Isabela just gets rolled over here, not a lot you can do). You may not be as lucky, which is why you need to chew through the shades as quickly as possible so you can properly deal with the demon. Once the shades are down kill the pride demon. For the pride demon, he can be frozen, so have Bethany aim her spells at him. Go to the marker to reach the next area. During the scenes answer top right in the only dialog. After the scenes you'll be able to talk to people. Talk to Isabela, top right answers, achievement.

Romantic in Dragon Age II
Romantic38 (25)
Complete a romance with one of your party members.
  • Unlocked by 32,560 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 1.51) 74,671

Talk to Meredith when you are done and tell her you are ready. This next part is quite tricky. Basically, you want to keep everyone where you spawn. Inch Fenris forward until the mages start attacking him, and then use Bethany to kill them all without advancing toward them. Some shades and abominations will approach, just move Bethany far enough back that they go near Fenris, Isabela and Hawke so they will attack the enemies. Once everything is cleared out advancing forward will cause some more shades to spawn. Once you kill everything you'll get a scene.

Head toward the top of the map where the exit is. On the way you'll find sandal and his shop. If nothing else buy all the health potions he has. Continue to the exit. The next fight is a boss battle. At the start it's 4v1. Use Bethany's ice spells in an attempt to freeze it, otherwise just throw everything you have at it. Once it dies, it will spawn a smaller boss. When you do enough damage to it, it'll spawn a bunch of enemies. Kill these to make the boss come back, repeat the process. Note that the later waves have things like arcane horrors, make sure to kill these first. In this second phase when he is smaller, make sure you pommel blow him as soon as he appears and the have Fenris use taunt, then use everything you have to weaken him. Once you have done this phase 3 times he will go back to his first form. Have Fenris taunt him and go to town with everything you have. Go back the way you came, you'll find Sandal. Do anything you want, this is the very last fight of the game.

Go past Sandal to fight the final boss. You will fight her 4v1 at first. Have Fenris taunt her, and then use everything you have. After you've taken ¼ of her health she will jump away and the statues will start attacking. The first wave is just one big statue, have Fenris taunt and then tear it down. The boss will return, lower her to ½. Atfter you kill a few statues she will return to the battlefield, but statues keep coming. At this point some companions and such that you have high friendship with will join as well and it becomes complete chaos. You can try to kill the statues before focusing on the boss again but there will be ton. I would suggest having everyone attack the boss and finish her quickly. After you've killed the boss an achievement will unlock.

Conqueror in Dragon Age II
Conqueror20 (15)
Defeated Meredith, knight-commander of Kirkwall's templars. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 41,109 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 74,671

After some scenes you'll get another achievement.

Crowning Glory in Dragon Age II
Seize the throne.
  • Unlocked by 18,441 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.00) 74,671

After some more scenes two more will unlock.

Champion of Kirkwall in Dragon Age II
Complete Dragon Age II.
  • Unlocked by 41,107 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 74,671

Epic in Dragon Age II
Epic79 (50)
Complete Dragon Age II twice, or complete it once with a save imported from Dragon Age Origins.
  • Unlocked by 29,632 tracked gamers (40% - TA Ratio = 1.58) 74,671

Now the credits roll. Congrats, you've finished the story. There are some things to clean up, and if you have the DLC you have two DLC packs left.

For now start a new game, select a mage. Progress through the tutorial and get to Kirkwall. Help Athenril in order to become a resident. Once you have Varric and such go to Gamlen's house. Watch the scene, talk to your mom, then talk to Carver. Now go to darktown and go to the marker. Enter, this is the same area as the Birthright quest from your first playthrough. Make sure to get Torius' Documents in the chest your mother's portrait was (of the three eastern rooms, the one with the documents is in the middle of them all, the small room). Finish the quest and then go to the gallows. Talk to Tobrius a bit northwest of where you enter. Return to Gamlen's house and talk to Carver, answer bottom right every time. Talk to him again and do the same.

Now check your letters and read them all. Now go to hightown during the day and talk to Athenril, accept her quest. Now go to the hanged man and talk to Varric. After that go to your house and read the letter. Now go to lowtown at night and go to the marker. Talk to Anso and accept the quest. Go to lowtown during the day. Go to Lirene's and enter, talk to her, then leave. Walk forward for a scene, say “Back off!” (bottom right). Now go to Darktown and enter Ander's clinic, talk to him and answer top right all the way through.

Now go to Sundermount. Go to the marker, then to the next one. Climb up the mountain until you reach the barrier, when Merril gets rid of it say “It did help us” (top right). You'll unlock an achievement.

Rival in Dragon Age II
Rival53 (25)
Earn the rivalry of one of your party members.
  • Unlocked by 16,548 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.12) 74,671

Now save just to be safe. Start a new game and create a rogue. Go through the game until you reach Kirkwall (as soon as you get off the ship), and then you'll get this achievement.

Mass Exodus in Dragon Age II
Reach Kirkwall with each character class. Multiple playthroughs required.
  • Unlocked by 23,858 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.76) 74,671

Now we will do our partial playthrough where we side with the templars instead to finish the main game. Reload the save you made right before doing Night Terrors. Talk to Arianni and answer top right until you are in the fade. When talking Torpor, choose “I don't work with demons” (top left). Go to either door, and then in the scenes answer middle right until the kid leaves, then top right and kill the demon, Repeat for the other door. When both are done, go back to the middle and answer “As you wish” (top right). Now proceed with the Demands of the Qun quest. Go to the docks, kill the Arishok etc. In the opening scene of act 3, where Orsino is giving a speech and Meredith intervenes, side with Meredith. (bottom right second choice). Read your letters at the estate, then go to the gallows and talk to Meredith. Then talk to Elsa and pick all three options on the right and then leave.

Go to darktown and talk to Walter at the marker, then go to the sewers at the marker and enter. Follow the path to the end, kill Evelina and then leave and go to lowtown. Talk to Nyssa. Leave and go back to the same area at night. Kill everything and then go to hightown at night. Go to the marker and enter. Afterward go to the hanged man during the day. Talk to Emile. Top right twice, then “Turn yourself in” (top right) followed by “That's not a good idea” (bottom left). You should unlock an achievement.

Mage Hunter in Dragon Age II
Sided with the templars five times. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 10,119 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.71) 74,671

That's the end of the main game. On to the DLC!

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