Dragon Age: Origins (JP)

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Dragon Age: Origins (JP) Achievements

Most Earned

Bloodied10 (10)Completed an origin story without the main character ever falling in battle
Last of the Wardens
Last of the Wardens21 (20)Completed Ostagar
Grey Warden
Grey Warden21 (20)Killed 100 darkspawn
Pilgrim11 (10)Completed a Chanter's Board quest

Least Earned

Varterral's Fall
Varterral's Fall36 (25)Defeated the varterral on Hard or Nightmare difficulty
A Time of Wood and Stone
A Time of Wood and Stone35 (25)Gathered the lost lore of Cadash Thaig
Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass35 (25)Completed the scrying ritual
Witch Hunter
Witch Hunter35 (25)Completed "Witch Hunt"
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