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Walkthrough Overview

For those new to the series, Dragon's Dogma is an open world RPG that brings medieval fantasy to life as you embark on a classic adventure to slay a dragon. On the surface, it's a familiar setting of ideas that are developed with expansive combat and exploration. You'll have the chance to slay monsters of various sizes and forms as you collect quests to help your fellow man, all the while preparing for the attack of the wyrm. It features a pawn system that allows you to recruit companions from friends and online, as well as possibly upgraded classes and armor. And, although it has its faults, many fans consider it to be a solid RPG experience at its finest.

For those that are experienced with the game, you'll likely think that the Dark Arisen add-on is the only difference to the original. However, the Xbox One version has actually included a good few changes. Combat, quests, and particular items are new to the game, and naturally there's a few extra achievements available too. If you don't have the DA version of the game, you can find the original guide here. It includes the DLC walkthrough with plenty of other details to use, just not the achievements. They've published a PlayStation version as well, so it's a great resource for interested players. Otherwise, this version of the walkthrough can provide the rest.

But a new player or not, just know that this is a very long completion that will need at least two full playthroughs. Estimates go from anywhere to 50 hours, down to well past 200 or more. It's not a game I'd recommend to play just for the points. Achievements are associated with difficulty, leveling, and the story line itself. Others are based on special occurrences which will all be explained before you play. Essentially, the only way to finish everything is to be incredibly efficient, or at least as you can be with each playthrough.

Walkthrough Overview

So for convenience, the walkthrough will introduce you to really everything you need to know about how to play the game efficiently while going through each game mode. And, of course, every achievement will be explained within as well as where there's a decent time and place to collect it. To break it down:

  • Walkthrough Overview: You're on it.
  • Characters, Creatures, and Basic Tips: A great start for anyone new to the series. Learn about some specific mechanics to the game, explore each character vocation and skills, and see some of the monsters you'll likely be facing along the way.
  • Additional/Accumulative Achievements: This is a list of achievements that you will earn along the way or after so much time. It's important to check this page periodically if you aren't following the guide. Achievements here require certain actions that are not part of the story.
  • Story Mode: This will walk you through your first playthrough and everything you need to do within it. This is where you should start your game and where the majority of achievements will be earned. There are still missable achievements here.
  • Bitterblack Isle: This is the section specifically for the DLC storyline and achievements. Not recommended for new players to begin too soon. In fact, it should be the last place you visit in the guide.
  • Speedrun Mode: This will explain the specific qualifications of a speedrun and give you the fastest route of completion. Recommended after one playthrough, and no real knowledge is needed to complete it.
  • Hard Mode: Just like story mode, but harder. You won't be reading the entire story again. Instead, you'll see specific tips for each battle in the game, and some pro tips that can make you into a more experienced player. Recommended after one playthrough.

The Story Mode is the most important, since it includes every quest you need for a perfect run. The Hard Mode and the Speedrun mode won't differ much from the Story Mode, however, there's still some tips on each page, as well as your basic needs for each journey. You should do the game in the order of the modes as well, and I will explain why in the next page. After that, you should have every achievement in the game. So feel free to start up character creation as you read the rest of the suggestions.


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