1. Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough Overview


Welcome to the Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen walkthrough

From here on out we'll be going through obtaining every single achievement in the game and mainly work on getting you The Hero during your first go through the game.

It'll take a few playthroughs of this game, two at the very least, to complete all of the achievements in this game. It's mainly due to the achievement that simply requires a new game plus completion, but also partially cause the game's difficulty that doesn't scale up in any way, so completing the more gathering related achievements should be a matter of a few minutes to complete.

A internet connection isn't actually required for this game, despite the game's core being build up around a human created pawn system, for one achievement it's even advised to switch the game to offline mode. Being online will help though, it'll help a very big amount even if you have an attractively build pawn, stats and look wise, the Rift Crystals you get as reward can significantly reduce the time it'll take you to complete the game.

By taking two other pawns that compliment your party that are 10 to 15 levels higher (which costs about 5000-10000RC per pawn), enemies will get steamrolled and you and your party will receive stronger and better buffs/heals.

And one more thing, you don't actually need Dark Arisen to get every achievement in this game. The original game of Dragon's Dogma is packaged and shipped with the Dark Arisen edition and having DA only makes the game that much easier to complete with all kinds of extra items that are planted through the base game and the expansion's content. So whether you just purchased the old base game or have the Dark Arisen version, you're going to have the same all around experience achievement wise, Dark Arisen just makes it all the much easier to obtain.

But all in all, you'll be in this game for a fair bit of time, so enjoy the ride!

Also, I don't have to warn you really since it's a walkthrough but there will be spoilers for at the very least the quest names.

And a shout out to dropK1CK ninJA(of TrueAchievements) and Lead-Magnet_421(of TrueTrophies) for the help!

Most the screenshots and personal experiences are written from the perspective of a Ranger, this doesn't have much impact on the walkthrough itself but it's worth noting.

And as a extra note, this walkthrough is a repurposed and edited version of the TrueTrophies walkthrough, penned by the same author.

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