Draw a Stickman: EPIC Reviews

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    07 Nov 2016
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    Draw a Stickman: Epic is developed by Hitcents and is available on Xbox One priced at £6.39.

    Stickman is a game I got and did not know what to expect, I had seen a few clips but was intrigued to see how it would work and how much fun it actually would be with a different type of gaming concept.

    This game can be played using a controller or the Kinect, I never used the Kinect so cannot comment on how this works for the game but would certainly be a unique way of playing the game but my review will not take into the Kinect side of things.

    The basic concept of the game is that through 13 different levels you need to create your stickman and then using your 'pencil' draw items that can assist your stickman through the certain level and try and save your stick friend from an evil pencil pusher who can draw objects to stop you progressing.

    Sounds very basic but believe me its a lot of fun and the levels are very well designed that you will enjoy working out how to move on through certain stages of the level. Some of the levels can certainly be tricky and will take some time to work out how to progress. Add into this certain creatures, surroundings and cliffs that can kill you, you need to be thinking constantly about how you will progress

    The items you can draw during levels are armor, fire, cloud, axe & keys, these items can be used to cut trees, protect yourself or put out fires etc to progress in the levels and all are a unique part of this fun game.

    The levels all vary and are well laid out, i will add that there is a few times I fell of a cliff but I put that down to the way I originally created my stick man and I couldn't get into a certain nook or cranny due to this but this can easily be rectified by amending your drawing of your stick man but this also could be down to the porting of it from mobile to console.

    The levels are presented in a comic / sketch book style of presentation and they all look good with good detail and easy on the eye but the graphics certainly aren't anything to write home about and are not made to be presented in that way.

    The soundtrack can get repetitive quick especially if stuck on a certain level as the soundtrack doesn't change much during a level so can quickly get annoying especially if dying and having to replay the level in question.

    The game took me approx. 10 hours but that is mainly down to one grind of an achievement at the end, all the other achivements are fairly straight forward and there is good guides up on TA to assist as your progress.

    There isn't much replay value to be had once you have gotten the 1000 but there is DLC available if the game ticks all your boxes.

    Overall I enjoyed my time with the game even if some of it was slightly frustrating due to difficulty and level creation. I would certainly recommend this to people to purchase and play and I'm sure you will enjoy it as it is a quirky little title that has more pros than cons.