Dream Track Nation (WP) Reviews

  • HumpyrtonHumpyrton800,720
    29 Oct 2013
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    Dream Track Nation is essentially a physics game where you need to keep your car going on the correct path while either collecting stars or trying to get to the end as fast as possible.

    Game play: Two words boring and frustrating, just when I started to have fun the game would throw in a level that would either have you floating forever then magically land wrong because you can't see the landing until its too late or start you needing to tilt a magically direction to even start without getting stuck. Level design is bad, too many where all I did was tilt a few times, hold gas then find the end, or levels where I found shortcuts only because there was no way I could make jump or fell into a path. It seemed they wanted to trick you, which isn't fun. There are different cars to unlock but it is only aesthetic. With so many path based games that are really fun this one fails miserably. 1.5/5

    Graphics: They are ok, pretty standard nothing special. 2.5/5

    Controls: The controls for moving forward and backwards work we'll, the problem is the tilt controls which is how you orient your car for landings or staying on the path. Sometimes the car doesn't land right or you may not notice you tilted your phone and then the car goes nuts spinning uncontrollably or you land funny and can't get to rotate at all. It works most of the time but is frustrating enough to knock the score to just above average. 3/5

    Sound: I don't play with sound on much. Though I did for a bit, and it was ok, but would get annoying if you were stuck on a track. Vehicle noises were decent as week. 3/5

    Achievements: Easy, took me maybe 4hrs to push through this game. Getting gold most times took one try, if it took more it was due bad level design listed above. Ratio is this high due to glitch achievements at release, and bad gameplay.

    While I didn't loath playing it I was glad when it was over, if you want 200g in less 5 hours go for it, otherwise spend $3 on something better. I fortunately got it for 1$.
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    gladbecker82Good Review, the Game is really bad. I bought it for 3€ and back then 5 achievements were unobtainable. Its easy, yes, but if its worth the trouble i really dont know. Many Games out there on WP that are easier and more fun.
    Posted by gladbecker82 on 01 Nov 13 at 09:37
    Q u 4 lK eEasy. But god, this is awful. I give it half a star...most broken game on WP.
    Posted by Q u 4 lK e on 26 Mar 14 at 00:17
    DeviSlatorTerrible game, I gave up after 30 minutes and deleted it. Luckily played offline so hopefully the single chievo I got won't register
    Posted by DeviSlator on 12 Apr 14 at 20:56
    EddieM1974This game is pretty difficult due to the god awful controls. The car I'd impossible to control. Even the slightest tilt of your phone causes the car to spin like crazy (always landing you bottom up of course).
    I'm not bad at racing games but I can't even get past level 6 in the very first world. I regret the day I started this POS.
    Posted by EddieM1974 on 06 May 15 at 08:25