1. Dreamfall Chapters Walkthrough overview

Walkthrough Overview

Walkthrough Overview

Dreamfall: Chapters is the third (and final) game in The Longest Journey series. The console release of this game has some cut content and slight changes from the PC version, but some of these features can be accessed via the main menu (if you so choose). This game features 45 achievements here on Xbox, while the original PC release featured 59 achievements.

This guide will help you earn all 45 achievements in this game. 16 Achievements are missable, 24 are story related and obtainable in playthrough 1, the remaining 5 achievements are also story related but require a second playthrough. This game is divided into five books. The second playthrough only requires you to reach the end of Book 4, allowing us to skip Book 5 altogether. All achievements are single player. I strongly recommend you stay connected to Xbox Live as there have been a few reports of achievements earned offline not registering when the internet connection was re-established.

The aim of this walkthrough is to help you achieve a full 1000 gamerscore in the quickest time possible; spoilers will be kept to an absolute minimum and there will be little to no discussion of the plot. I highly recommend you take time on playthrough 1 to listen to all dialogue and watch the cutscenes. If you haven't played the previous two games, a lot of the game's plot may be confusing... but it's still a hell of an experience.

Playthrough 1 should take roughly 15-20 hours. I managed to speed through the second playthrough in around 5 hours by skipping everything possible and focusing only on mopping up missing achievements. Missable achievements will be highlighted clearly for the reader. Major decisions that will affect achievements will also be highlighted.

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