2. Dreamfall Chapters General hints and tips

General Hints & Tips

This game can be very complex. If not using a guide, some of the puzzles or objectives can take a while to solve. You should pay close attention to dialogue especially, and interacting with items can also provide valuable insight. If you find yourself unsure of what to do, remember to check your goals by pressing cn_Y.

When playing as Zoe, the game has generous map boards dotted around the environment. These are a massive help when first starting the game. These are named Crowbot stations. They will be referred to in the walkthrough as either Crowbot stations, or map stations. These stations will provide a map marker to one destination at a time. You should find that most locations in the initial area can be accessed from the river path, so head there if lost.

Choices in this game have profound effects on your journey and the characters who you will encounter. When making a decision you can press cn_Y to see how other people reacted before confirming your decision. Certain decisions also have an impact on our achievements. Decisions (in a lot of cases) are also timed, so it may be beneficial to read ahead or to pause periodically.

I will be providing an in-depth walkthrough, as most others that are available are in point form only, but will keep spoilers to an absolute minimum to maximize your enjoyment.


  • Move - cn_LS

  • Run - Hold cn_LT
  • Move Camera - cn_RS

  • Zoom in/out - Press cn_RS. This will change how close or how far the camera is from your character.
  • Quick Zoom - Press cn_RT. This will automatically bring the camera closer to the character. As soon as you let go, it will zoom out slightly. If you want to keep stay zoomed in, hold cn_RT.
  • Interact - cn_A. This includes objects, talking to people and making decisions.

  • Skip Dialogue - cn_B. The game doesn't always let you skip dialogue. If you can't, the "no" sign will appear in the lower right side of the screen. Otherwise, you can mash B to skip dialogue.

  • Menu - cn_back. While in this menu, press cn_LB or cn_RB to change tabs. Your map, character library and journal will be located in the menu.

  • Goals - cn_Y. You can see your goals if you are lost and cannot remember what you were doing the last time you played.

  • Open Inventory - cn_up. Within the menu, you can use cn_A to examine objects, and cn_X to combine items together.

  • Pause Menu - cn_start. If you want to pause the game, load a game, change your options or save and quit your game.

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