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The Best Xbox Arcade Racing Games Available in 2018

We covered the best racing games as a whole last year, but for this week's genre spotlight we wanted to look at the more specific genre of arcade racing, for those who like the chase without all the technical know-how.

Posted 3 years ago by Mark Delaney

XBL Sale Roundup: February 18th, 2014 [UPDATE]

Edit: Two additional games have been added for Deal of the Week, but are NA exclusive, and are now listed below. Additionally, Ryse: Son of Rome is now listed on sale for the reduced price. Original

Posted 7 years ago by Marc Caccamise

Easter Eggs: Driver: San Francisco

Welcome to Easter Eggs, where the TA Team shines the spotlight on games that many gamers might have missed, perhaps hidden away behind the millionth copy of Call of Duty or FIFA. Much like a gamer w

Posted 8 years ago by Marc Hollinshead

Driver: San Francisco Passport Problems And DLC

Two pieces of Driver: San Francisco news have reached us today - some good news and some not so good news. According to Joystiq, copies of the game in the NTSC regions were packaged with UPlay Passpo

Posted 10 years ago by Andrew Ogley

Retail Releases: Week of September 5th, 2011

Have a little cash stashed away for that "horror" game? You may have to break that cute, little piggybank this week as the Kinect-enabled Rise of Nightmares and melee-happy Dead Island (Xbox 360) mak

Posted 10 years ago by Perpalicious

Driver: San Francisco Releases Launch Trailer

Today marks the European release of, the newest game in the cinematic, action racing series, Driver. Next week, the game will hit stores

Posted 10 years ago by Mark Delaney

New Driver: San Francisco Garage Trailer

Fans of the first Driver may remember the very frustrating garage mission where the player had to perform a number of stunts in a short period of time to even begin playing the game. It was an exampl

Posted 10 years ago by Mark Delaney

Retail Releases: Week of August 29th, 2011

Last week, gamers saw their gaming drought come to an end with the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. With its release, a cascade of new games are on the horizon to help gamers maintain their elit

Posted 10 years ago by Perpalicious

25 New Driver: San Francisco Screenshots

The Driver series has always been known for its exceptional driving simulations, cinematic car chases, and expansive array of vehicles. Driver: San Francisco looks to return to those roots for the fi

Posted 10 years ago by Mark Delaney

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