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Posted on 27 September 19 at 06:38, Edited on 27 September 19 at 06:41
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Duck Life: Battle is a pretty basic, overly easy, RPG with horrible mini games thrown in for little to no reason.

It's funny how achievements have changed my perspective on games though. The achievements in this game were so easy that it made up for the bland game. It was a very relaxing game too. Some short games are stressful or luck based where as this game is predictable and as tough as a wet paper bag.

The graphics are lacking, there is next to no real story and it's almost a really bad version of Pokemon. You will go town to town fighting in arenas and training just to get a new move that allows you to reach the next town. You even get the ability to fly which is why this game further reminds me of Pokemon. The sound quality of the game was bad enough to be muted entirely.

It might seem like I am taking a lot of shots at this game but for good reason, I would still highly recommend this game to achievement hunters. All its faults were made up for with easy, fast and steady achievements. The price was solid (under 5 bucks is a good price for any indie game, IMO) and I would buy 10 more just like it. Nothing better than a game like this after you just raged your way through an ACA game or you might be in the middle of a long game and just want some quick points.

TLDR: It's not fun but it's fast, easy and cheap. Go buy it already.
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