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Xbox 360 Sale Roundup: October 16th, 2018

Discounts on Bulletstorm, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Duke Nukem 3D, SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden Axe, Rock of Ages, Trine 2, Faery: Legends of Avalon and more

Posted 2 years ago by Rich Stone

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Revealed

Gearbox President Randy Pitchford dropped another humorous video on us today regarding Duke Nukem Forever. For those of you that couldn't w

Posted 10 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots

Ok, folks. I know it seems like we've been down this road before, but we're just about a month away from the release of Duke Nukem Forever. Now, the last time we saw the potential release of DNF draw

Posted 10 years ago by Michelle Balsan

New Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

If the folks over at Gearbox are to be trusted, we now find ourselves less than two months away from the release of the oft-delayed Duke Nukem Forever. In an effort to keep us all eagerly anticipatin

Posted 10 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Two New Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots

Gearbox have released a couple of new screens for the extremely long awaited Duke Nukem Forever. Duke Nukem's looking pretty bad-ass smoking a cigar in front of the American flag, and lying next to D

Posted 10 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Two Duke Nukem Trailers Released

Duke Nukem Forever may have been delayed recently, but that doesn't mean it's all bad news. After all, it gives developer Gearbox Software ample time to release more short vignettes to get us all pum

Posted 10 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Modes Detailed

The latest issue of OXM contained a host of new information regarding Duke Nukem Forever's multiplayer modes. According to the article, the game will feature four gameplay modes: Dukematch and Team D

Posted 10 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition

2K Games and Gearbox have today announced a special collector's edition for the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever: the Balls of Steel edition. The Balls of Steel edition has exclusive cover art for the gam

Posted 10 years ago by zigs00

Gearbox Want to Credit Everyone Who Worked on DNF

If there's one thing that everyone knows about Duke Nukem Forever it's that the game's been in development forever. Well, a good thirteen, fourteen years, at least. Gearbox announced that they'd take

Posted 10 years ago by zigs00

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