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The Darkness And More Now Backward Compatible

Another four titles have joined the ever-expanding Xbox Backward Compatibility program, including The Darkness, Duke Nukem Forever and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified).

Posted 6 years ago by Dave Horobin

TA Top Five: What Took So Long?

It's said that patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait, but in the gaming world who tried our patience the most and was it really a good thing that we ended up with?

Posted 7 years ago by Andrew Ogley

TA Top Five: Jaw-Dropping Moments

Ever had that moment in a game that just completely left your jaw on the floor? That made you think "I thought I had seen it all, but wow, they got me!"? Well, so have we. This week's TA Top Five aim

Posted 10 years ago by Michelle Balsan

TA Top Five: Morally Dubious Achievements

For the most part, achievements reward you for doing something totally righteous and heroic as you go around righting wrongs, beating baddies, restoring order and picking up collectibles. Sometimes,

Posted 10 years ago by Chewie

TA Top Five: Unlikeable Protagonists

Many games are meant to be an escape. Most of us live pretty mundane lives; we wake up, go to school/work, eat some food, maybe have a lover in our life, and don't do much that is terribly remarkable

Posted 10 years ago by Jonathan Barnes

TA Top Five: Games of 2011

This was simply another fantastic year for gamers, a year in which even the honorable mentions would make it on to any top list. Despite the aging hardware, developers still managed to squeeze every

Posted 11 years ago by Andrew Ogley

Business of Gaming - Lawsuits and Layoffs

While the eyes of the gaming world were on E3 last week, that does not mean that all of the action was relegated to downtown LA. First up, we're going to hop in the wayback machine and discuss a laws

Posted 11 years ago by Dog of Thunder

The Doctor Clones Duke Nukem... Forever [UPDATED]

Many people can't handle the ego of one Duke Nukem, let alone handle the egos of several at once. This is the task being imposed by the latest "The Doctor Who Cloned Me" DLC for Duke Nukem Forever. T

Posted 13 years ago by Rebecca Smith

New Duke Nukem Forever DLC Coming

Were you amongst the legions of gamers who plunked down $5 for Duke Nukem Forever in yesterday's Best Buy DotD? If so, Gearbox is about to give you an extra reason to get excited about your bargain-b

Posted 13 years ago by Jonathan Barnes

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