4. Duke Nukem Forever Insane PlaythroughUpdate notes

The last task ahead of you now should be finishing the game on Insane difficulty. Make sure you've done everything else and have 48/60 achievements, keeping your maximum ego intact. In order to maintain this for the Insane playthrough, you need to play Chapter 01 using chapter select. Before you start, though, you've unlocked extra settings by completing the game on Normal. The first three (the most useful ones) are going to help us with some work. We'll work on that after getting through the first two chapters regularly.

With that, it's another ride through this game to finish off the base 50 achievements. Info here will be different to account for being much easier, doing certain things differently, and other tips of that nature. I cannot stress this enough: Start the Insane playthrough using chapter select. Just a heads up, though - this playthrough is a joke.

Chapter 01: Duke Lives

Since there's literally nothing left to do aside from beat the game, leave the bathroom and wait for the EDF member by the whiteboard to ask if you want to write on it - you won't be able to get past him until then. Walk towards the cycloid emperor on the football field to trigger an explosion, then head down the stairs on the right and run to the devastator. You'll be sent up to the cycloid, who behaves just like the emperor and is easy to strafe and avoid. You'll notice immediately that his defense is absurdly high; this is the opening taste of what's to come.

When you beat the cycloid, wait for the twins to leave, then go straight for the elevator. Just be glad that with each chapter you complete, you'll never have to see it ever again.

Chapter 02: Damn! It's Late...

There's nothing here to bother you, so just finish the chapter as soon as you can.

A Brief Overview: Cheating the Game

Just like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), the worst games in this world are so broken that they can be shattered even further using what's given to the player. Success for Insane completion now comes with working smarter, not harder, and the tactics are as follows:

  1. After one checkpoint, leave to the main menu and turn on the three useful cheats (we'll just call these the cheats for brevity). These cannot be turned on mid-game if we want these to help us. Return to gameplay using Continue Campaign.
  2. Play with these cheats on until the next checkpoint. Quit out when you see the next checkpoint, then load back in so you're in a not-cheating state.
  3. Quit out again and add cheats through the main menu before continuing the campaign.
  4. Repeat with every checkpoint until the end of the chapter. For the last save, which takes place as the game fades to a new chapter or part, you need to pause before it starts to load the next part. If the chapter is ending, quit to the main menu; you've likely obtained the credit by doing this. If the game is going to load into the next part of a chapter, deactivate the cheats through the pause menu and return to gameplay, letting the game load the next part. Remember, only do this if the current part isn't the last part in the chapter.

Yes, the downside to this is that the load times are amped up a lot, but the time save comes from not having to try during the actual game. Quitting, adding cheats, and hitting Continue Campaign will be shortened down to QCC. The reasons for not doing this in Chapter 01 is because it's just fine without cheats. Every single chapter benefits from this strategy with Chapter 11 having a bit of an exception, but you can complete the game on Insane without doing any fighting levels legitimately.

Note: I personally went totally out of order when completing these on Insane for myself. Do whatever you want; if you wanna get the bosses down first just to confirm their demise, go ahead. Go in story order? Sure.

Chapter 03: The Duke Cave

Duke must be like, 45-50 at this point. Have you ever thought about that before?

You should hit a checkpoint when you leave your cave and get closer to the weight room. When this occurs, QCC for the first time and keep quitting out, joining back in to reset yourself, then QCC again for every single checkpoint thereafter. There are checkpoints before and after the little RC truck section, so you can just stay in a non-cheating state for that bit after you turn them off. When you get to the big cannon at the end of the chapter, get your trigger thumb ready and pause the game as soon as you see the game save again. We want to make sure the level doesn't end when cheats are on, so quit out and check the chapter select screen. Apparently, you get credit for finishing the chapter when quitting out here. Neat.

Chapter 04: Mothership Battle

Watch as Duke rises from his building and the mothership flies overhead. The first checkpoint occurs before you start fighting; CQQ and focus all fire on the mothership. When you beat it, you'll get your next checkpoint after Duke wakes up inside the Duke Cave. Quit and come back, then finish the chapter by crawling through a vent.

Chapter 05: The Lady Killer (Part 1)

There aren't any enemies dangerous enough to warrant using cheats, since all you're doing here is driving. Just get to the end of this part without cheating.

Chapter 05: The Lady Killer (Part 2)

The first time you should QCC is when you reach the Holsom twins so you can kill off the incoming swarm of aliens. Keep quitting and coming back so you can QCC for every checkpoint thereafter. There's another checkpoint that takes place after you leave the room with the car in the center; when you get to it, quit out and don't bother putting cheats back on. The last part loads up ahead, so we can finish Part 2 in a natural no-cheating state.

Chapter 05: The Lady Killer (Part 3)

You should QCC as soon as you load into this part, though. Keep doing this until you get to General Graves, who will throw the last checkpoint at you once he stops talking. Quit out when you see it and check to see if you got credit for The Lady Killer (because you should have).

Chapter 06: Vegas in Ruin

Pick up the ripper by the power armor the EDF offers you, then approach the turret down the road to get the first checkpoint. QCC here and do so with every checkpoint from now on. This battlelord you fight here, as well as the one on Hoover Dam, are defenseless to these cheats. When you beat him, you'll get another checkpoint. Quit out and come back in without cheats, then finish the level normally.

Chapter 07: The Duke Dome (Part 1)

Just like you've been doing, QCC for every checkpoint. When you get to the end and see the game fading out before the next loading screen, pause and turn off the cheats through this menu.

Chapter 07: The Duke Dome (Part 2)

Play with the cheats still off until you see the Holsom twins being carried away and get the checkpoint near there. Once you get it, QCC for the rest of the level. You'll get a checkpoint when you put the battery into the crane; quit and come back, then finish the chapter in a normal state since there aren't any real threats left.

Chapter 08: The Hive (Part 1)

If you'd like to go faster, don't QCC until you've gotten to the light bug past the exploding Holsom twins. You can just run past all the octabrains leading up to them. In the cave past the twins, shoot the women in the center of the room so they don't explode into more enemies. The loading screen to the next part is just past this cave, so make sure you catch the checkpoint in time. Turn off the cheats in the pause menu before loading Part 2.

Chapter 08: The Hive (Part 2)

Hit the EDF bodies early in the chapter and look for a ripper, since it has a faster rate of fire than your pistol. Run past the first octabrain(s) you meet and get into the next room to avoid using a QCC (just a time-saver). The next checkpoint is after you throw a grenade to bring a light bug down, so QCC here on out. Quit out and check the chapter select when you see the game fade out again.

Chapter 09: Queen Bitch

Pick up the RPG and some explosives in the stock room, throw a bomb through the opening on the left in the room you start in (so it bounces towards the double doors), and walk straight up to the queen. You'll get your checkpoint after a few seconds of watching her hide. Beat her, then pause the game while Duke's vision fades out after a cutscene. This should give you a checkpoint, so quit and come back. You'll be at the start of the boss; quit out again to find that you somehow have credit for beating the chapter on Insane.

Chapter 10: Duke Nukem's Titty City

There are no enemies here, so just get into the room behind the bar using 4768 to get inside. Grab the condom and vibrator here, then get into the employees only room next to the DJ and make some popcorn. Grab it and go to the champagne room to finish this chapter.

Chapter 11: Crash Course

This chapter can only tolerate one chunk of the game being completed with cheats active.

Play through the chapter as normal for a little while. When the aliens fly to attack you, pick up the ripper and use it on them. QCC when you're on the turret and get the next checkpoint, then play the machine gun turret section with cheats on and make sure to hold cn_LSd when the damaged ship flies away; Insane doesn't give you a lot of time to leave the turret before the ship you're in falls off the building. Hit the next checkpoint, which is only a few steps away from where the turret used to be, then quit and come back.

You'll have to finish off the ship using the devastator without cheats, but it's pretty feasible. Just put your back against the railing on the right and put a tentacle between you and the ship when you need to heal up. Fight off two jetpack aliens and just wait for the scripted one so you can finish the chapter. Don't forget about the quicktime event.

Chapter 12: The Duke Burger (Part 1)

This is just a few seconds' worth of crawling through a bathroom. No need for cheats.

Chapter 12: The Duke Burger (Part 2)

You should QCC for the first time when you land in the basketball machine in the arcade. Keep an eye out for the rest of the checkpoints early on. If you want the pre-Part 3 checkpoint to load, you need to go through the kitchen somewhat legitimately to cause the other checkpoints to trigger. Run through the water and push over the broom so you can walk up to land, then kill the pigcops on the other side and quit out when you hit the next checkpoint. You may as well just finish the part normally from here on out to make the transition into Part 3 easier.

Chapter 12: The Duke Burger (Part 3)

Yeah, we need cheats here. QCC for the first time after you get onto the roof. Don't forget about other checkpoints that appear while you fight off the pigs. Catch the last checkpoint save before Chapter 13 starts loading, then quit out and check the chapter progress to see if you've done everything correctly. If so, then congratulations! No more Duke Burger!

Chapter 13: The Mighty Foot (Part 1)

QCC as soon as the level loads so you can ignore the first attack on the highway. It'll also make clearing the LZ much easier. Quit out so cheats are off once you get the checkpoint for getting into the truck, then drive to the finish so you don't have to deal with catching the loading screen.

Chapter 13: The Mighty Foot (Part 2)

QCC right away and keep doing so until you grab the gas can, then quit out and finish out the level without cheats on. Easy peasy.

Chapter 14: Ghost Town

Drive through the garbage land and ignore the enemies at the first encounter. Just drive past them and get to the actual ghost town, where you'll get a checkpoint after leaving the truck. QCC so you can take care of the enemies. Make sure you quit out when you leave through the cave behind the barn with the gas.

Chapter 15: Highway Battle (Part 1)

Try to complete this part without cheating; it's not very long and you're just driving until the truck runs out of gas again.

Chapter 15: Highway Battle (Part 2)

Only start QCCing when you reach the Anderson Mine sign, 'cause that gives you a checkpoint about two seconds into the part. Stop cheating after the ship at the end of the battle explodes so you don't have to concern yourself with catching the fadeout (unless you need more help to finish the chapter).

Chapter 16: Dam Top

Start a QCC when the level loads up. There are a lot of hazards on the way to the dam itself, so being invincible while you drive will help a lot. Keep QCCing, but make sure to stop yourself before Chapter 17 starts loading.

Chapter 17: The Shrunk Machine (Part 1)

Pick up the freeze ray and check out its alternate mode using the downside-free cheat. Start QCCing when you have it and are into the next room. This half of the chapter is super short, so you won't spend a lot of time in this area. The next part loads as you walk down the first flight of stairs after a maintenance worker lets you past a door.

Chapter 17: The Shrunk Machine (Part 2)

In case you forgot, the valve puzzle is solved by moving the line piece to a horizontal position, then the angle piece by moving it to face 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock. QCC when you get to the next checkpoint and keep doing it from now on. Once you get into the big machine with lots of gears (after the rats attack you), just stay cheatless to save time for a while. Make another QCC after you kill the two octababies tackling a corpse and move closer to the elevator for a checkpoint. Make sure you quit out while on the elevator, as this is where the chapter ends.

Chapter 18: The Forkstop (Part 1)

QCC when the level finishes loading and saving, just to get through the early electric section. There are lots of checkpoints in this super short part, but don't let the tedium bring you down; you're getting the first octaking encounter off for free, which isn't something many people who have completed the game before could say. Look how many octabrains they put here - imagine putting up with that the legitimate way. No thanks. Try to pick up a ripper here so you can kill faster.

Chapter 18: The Forkstop (Part 2)

There are only two parts to this chapter: the eight enemies with the forklift, and the big room with lots of enemies. Start the part off with a QCC for the eight forklift guys if you have trouble with 'em, then definitely QCC when you get to the big room.

Chapter 19: Generator Room

Get to the platform the old man moves for you without cheating. As for the pregnaders you find early on, just melee them twice to kill them. QCC when you get the checkpoint for the first time before enemies attack, and make sure to do it again right before the octaking comes up. Please be aware of the checkpoint that occurs when the octaking is on his last legs and is sucking you in; make sure you QCC here as well. Your last important checkpoint happens when you're walking next to the octaking's corpse. When you quit and reload here, just finish the chapter normally.

The hardest boss in the entire game has been beaten without a lick of real effort.

Chapter 20: Underground (Part 1)

There aren't any enemies here except for a few octababies, so don't bother turning on cheats here.

Chapter 20: Underground (Part 2)

QCC when the level loads, since there's no checkpoint between here and the swarm of octababies in the water. The last checkpoint is on the stairs, where the chapter fades out. Make sure you catch it! You'll be given credit for the chapter once you quit out from here.

Chapter 21: The Clarifier (Part 1)

You know how this goes. If you've forgotten, the four barrels are by the crane's tray, on a yellow platform near where you entered the crane room, on a high ledge in the corner, and in the doorway once more pigcops come out at you. The last save for this part comes quick and so does the fade out after it, so make sure you catch it in time. Deactivate the cheats through the pause menu before transitioning into Part 2.

Chapter 21: The Clarifier (Part 2)

QCC when the level loads and finishes saving so you can face the opening room like a god. When you get to the electric water, just swim to the last spool instead of wasting time jumping over them all. Ignore Dylan when he dies and just start on moving the rotating platform beneath him. Finish the chapter by diving into the water, then quit out when the last save occurs to get your credit.

Chapter 22: Blowin' the Dam (Part 1)

This first part of the chapter is the annoying part, so CQQ as soon as you're at the first bubble vent. Even though you're invincible for most of this, you should still turn the valves to move the airflow with you. There's a checkpoint that takes place just after the energy leech emerges, so make sure to CQQ that as well. There's a checkpoint as you enter the leech's tunnel; when you quit out to remove the cheats, you may as well just go from there towards the end of the part so you don't have to bother with the quick reflexes.

Chapter 22: Blowin' the Dam (Part 2)

This is the big escape part. You're going to be moving around quickly, so it might seem like mere seconds before the next checkpoint appears after the current one. These cheats definitely make the barrel stairs a breeze. The last save in this chapter is very, very close to the screen going totally dark; try to catch it before the last chapter loads.

Chapter 23: The Final Battle

The final boss can be cheated on! Are you surprised? Cheating matters even less here, as you usually start off with just the pistol anyway.

Talk to the President and wait for the battle to start. You'll see a checkpoint save; when this happens, quit to the main menu, turn on the cheats, and defeat the boss that way. There's another checkpoint for after you beat the boss, and this is when you need to quit out and re-enter the game. When the credits roll, let the checkpoint save within the first 10 seconds of them starting, them skip 'em. Wait for the post-credits scene to play out, and hey! You've just finished this mess!

Well well well, it looks like you've come out on top against this disaster. But no masterpiece is complete without a signature to send it off, and that's what this game's DLC is: the last canon instance of Duke Nukem, probably for a long time. If you have it, continue to the next page.

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