5. Duke Nukem Forever DLC: The Doctor Who Cloned Me (Easy)Update notes

Duke Nukem Forever's DLC lasts 14 chapters and each one, fortunately, doesn't split off into parts. We can now just play on Easy since we already have the cheats unlocked. Be aware that this story is SUPER short compared to the base game. If you've already completed the base game, you're very much in the home stretch.

Chapter 01: Rude Awakening

As you'll see when starting the first chapter, this DLC continues the story directly from the end of the base game. Defeat the terminator robot through a quick-time event, then get past a door into the hall and look on your left for a hole in the bricks. Pee in the toilet here to get your first (01/19) Ego Boost. When you get to a locked door you can't get past (near some windows), stand on its right side, and shoot the orange gas can to blow the door open.

Get into the security station in the next room and enter 1503 into the keypad. The chapter ends shortly after you step on a sinking lift.

Chapter 02: Going Down

Cross the big bridge, then use the ladder left of the bridge to get to a lower level. After using a fire extinguisher to put out some fire, you'll encounter the expander. Try to get at least 10 kills with this thing by melee attack after a shot connects for an achievement. Only use this on enemies you can reach with a melee attack (so just use your pistol on the flying enemies for now) and start whacking ground enemies as soon as they start glowing red.

If you don't get it here, don't worry; we still have the Insane playthrough.

Enter the next room. You'll find lots of scientists on the floor here. Look on a desk immediately to your left and read it to get an (02/19) Ego Boost. If you have the expander achievement, replace it with the ripper an EDF soldier was carrying. Walk out the next door and the chapter ends. Yep, that's it.

Chapter 03: In Security

Walk through a few scans. After some octababies mess everything up, backtrack through lots of lasers and get down into a tunnel. This will take you to an ambush hosted by pregnaders and octababies. A few colorful exploding orbs will burst out at the end. If you're low on health, try to keep their explosions away from you. Walk up a tentacle to an open vent once the area is clear.

You'll find yourself by the computers in the center of the bio scans. Get an (03/19) Ego Boost by drinking the beer on the table, then get another (04/19) Ego Boost after tapping the keyboard on one of the computers. Walk down the hall and listen to Dr. Proton until he leaves, then walk past two more doors to end the chapter.

Chapter 04: The Clone Carousel

Walk left as soon as you get inside the next room and look in a smaller room for a shrink ray. Next, there are some supplies in the doorway underneath Dr. Proton's screen. Fight off the robots that come after you by using the shrink ray to your advantage. You can also lob your infinite supply of grenades at them as you camp out by the ammo crate. When they're defeated, walk through the newly opened doorway and look for some computers at the top of the stairs you find. There's another magazine with an (05/19) Ego Boost attached to it here.

When you find a scientist trapped in a door, find an elevator to take you to a different floor, then use a lever on a terminal and hop through a cracked window onto a robot container (one that you have space to land on). Jump off of it towards some traffic cones, then do this process again (sans the traffic cones) at the next terminal lever. When you're on rotating containers for the third time, jump to a gear that moves every once in a while so you can get to the scientist. Use a control panel near the door to free him of his pain, then walk down the hall towards a conveyor of Duke clones. Stop the ride and fight a clone off into the abyss so you can take his place.

Chapter 05: Me, Myself and I

After passing the voice verification test, enter the next room, and turn left towards the training areas. It's ego time. Throw a basketball into a hoop for an (06/19) Ego Boost, then punch a punching bag in the melee training room for another (07/19) Ego Boost. You can get a third (08/19) Ego Boost by checking yourself out in a mirror near the punching bags. Use the pull-up bar on the mirror for the next (09/19) Ego Boost. Arm wrestle with a clone here and win to earn the tenth (10/19) Ego Boost. Move to the weight training room and use a dumbbell to get an (11/19) Ego Boost, then lift the weights in front of the mirror for yet another (12/19) Ego Boost. The next (13/19) Ego Boost requires that you add 600lbs to a bench press and use it. Your ego should be huge now.

One last bit of ego remains here. Find the main hall and the five language variations of Duke all repeating lines to each other. Past them is the motivation room; pull the lever on the wall and put the film reel into the projector for the last (14/19) Ego Boost. Now that you're powered up, go to the second floor and stand by the door without a Duke in front of it. Fight groups of clones and aliens using weapons for several rooms. During the last test, try to kill three enemies using the new impregnader gun. The catch is that these three enemies must be killed within three seconds. You'll have other chances to do this throughout the story.

Leave the third test by crawling into the vents through the holes in the floor. Fire the impregnader at the clones and robots you come across while escaping, but don't forget that the weapon you're using is firing explosives; you need to stay away from the place you're firing at. You'll be hit with a rocket right before you get back to the entryway. Turn right and get into the vents to finish the chapter.

Chapter 06: Meat Grinder

Climb onto some boxes and use a fan to fling yourself into the roof. Fight some rats and drop down into a room that controls the containment chamber. Spin a chair so you can jump to it from some boxes, then pull the lever on the terminal and run into the containment chamber. Have the fans fling you again so you can reach the switch on the other side of the room. Breaking the beer bottle on the desk and flipping the other lever helps you get into the Area 51 daycare.

Walk up the popsicle sticks and bucket in the corner and use bouncy rulers to get to an RC car, which you can use for the rest of the chapter. It's just pure driving and you really shouldn't be able to get lost with it. Drive into the water at the end of the path to finish the chapter.

Chapter 07: The Doctor Is In

Swim towards the light near a bubble vent. Dylan will somehow emerge - alive from the Hoover Dam incident - from the bathroom and will guide you just barely out of the bathroom before he's shrunk to your size. Drop down a vent shaft and grow to normal size, then throw Dylan into a vent high up on the wall. Leave Dylan behind and look for an ammo crate in a large room. Swap out your non-impregnader weapon with the devastator on the floor and fight off Dr. Proton's explosive balls. He'll enter the room in a mech after a little while, and his battle is pretty easy. Just keep firing at him and flip the switches in front of him when he charges up so he stops regaining health. You get an (15/19) Ego Boost for defeating him.

Walk out of the room and talk to Dylan.

Chapter 08: Magic Carpet Ride

Hit the switch to start moving the platform you're on. You'll have to duck and jump to avoid lots of sensor bombs laced throughout the tunnel. Use your devastator on everything but octabrains, since they can throw your ammo back at you - and use the impregnader on them. You have an ammo crate to keep you going the entire time. Kick some debris out of the way to keep the platform moving, then dodge more lasers until the platform finally parks. Kill off your attackers when you leave the platform and use the lift the last enemy uses. Fight off a few more aliens during this ride, then take a ladder up to a terminal.

After flipping a switch, turn around and go out of the door you didn't come from. You should find some pigcops here; kill them and use the dartboard in the hall to get an (16/19) Ego Boost. Drop down to your moving platform and dodge some more lasers until the chapter ends.

Chapter 09: Drunken Crane Master

After the platform stops again, battle with lots of enemies, concluding with a commander. Throw Dylan past a fence so he can reach a growth pad. Use the ladder near the pad and climb up to the crane. Move the forklift off of the big crates blocking the stairs to the other side of the room, then move those crates. The open room on the other side has a door that leads to a working forklift; use the crane to get it to the original side you started on, then drive it into some junk to move it out of your way.

Kill one pig, flip a switch, and the platform can continue moving.

Chapter 10: All Your Base...

General Graves has found out that the alien empress has made it to Earth's moon. Fight out in the open with him and Dylan for quite some time. This chapter is incredibly short and you'll be done with it shortly after you defeat a few Duke clones.

Chapter 11: Tunnel Vision

Just more fighting and moving through a tunnel. Nothing crazy. You'll find a short bus at the end of the tunnel and will have to take a 10-second drive out back to where you came from.

Chapter 12: The Burning Bush

General Graves will leave the bus and will tell you to look for The Burning Bush. It takes literally five seconds to get there. Dr. Valencia wants you to fix the generator, beat up her customers, and kill some rats, but walk left as soon as she's done talking and work on reaching 1,000,000 points on the Sexy Scientists pinball machine. The trick to this is to get combos by hitting the three unlit lights above the scientist's head and on her necklace. Flipping the flippers changes the position of the lights you've already hit, so you can crank a combo out if your reflexes are fast enough. Combos increase your score multiplier, which is shown on the scientist's stomach. Doing this to a certain degree (the more the merrier) helps with the easiest way to score points.

To get points quickly, throw the ball towards the four little signs on the right wall of the board and catch it with the right flipper by holding it up as the ball falls down. The little gate underneath the signs will occasionally drop out, so you'll have to bring it back using the circular dish above the signs. Get a feel for when to hit the ball so you can hit the dish, which will most likely cause the ball to hit all four signs as well.

You earn an (17/19) Ego Boost when you get to around 300,000 points or so, but you need 1,000,000 for an achievement.

Walk over to the nearby Duke Nukem cabinet and play it. All you have to do is cn_RT fire your ship at other ships for three stages to get the next (18/19) Ego Boost. Walk outside using the saloon doors by the bar and locate the generator. Walk past all three trailers to find the gas for it near a tractor. Walk back to where you left the building from, but go down into the basement so you can take care of the infestation. Just squish all the rats, then open the white door to be shrunk by a pigcop. Wait for the shrinkage to wear off so you can kill him.

Go back inside and look in the room under the stairs to find the first jerk. Punch him out and go upstairs to find the other one. Return to Dr. Valencia, then go get Dylan from the middle trailer. Meet Dr. Valencia at a shed to the right of The Burning Bush's entrance. The chapter ends right when Dylan follows you in.

Chapter 13: Teleportation Spire

Pick up a ripper after you get inside the spire, then go left and grab the impregnader to replace your pistol. Fight off two waves of enemies, then enter the control room and pull the lever. It won't work the first time; Dylan will have to hold it down so you can get to the moon - alone.

Chapter 14: Duke Side of the Moon

Kill the one alien by a computer as soon as you get into the base, then use a lever by the terminals of the next room to lower a moon rover. Drive it out to the moon's surface and kill every alien you can by running them over. There's a pretty good amount of aliens in the craters up ahead, but you need to drive into them to get the aliens to appear. You need at least 30 kills.

At the top of the path at the end of the craters is a ramp. You need to boost off of it towards the other side of the ditch so you can continue on. When you get to a chunk of the moon covered in tentacles, your rover will break down. Oxygen streams seeping out of the moon's surface will give you more air. The circular bulbs on the moon can be broken to reveal more air. Keep running forward until you get to a large crater with a different rover in it; this one is a convertible, so you need to take its power cell (in the back) and return it to your rover. Fight off the aliens that attack you after you grab it, then look behind the rover to find the American flag. Plant it back into the ground to make it upright to earn the last (19/19) Ego Boost.

Leave the crater by using the bounce pad, lit up in pink. Take your rover past the large crater and towards a ramp-y looking piece of land. Your goal is to boost over it to reach the other side of the large tentacle blocking your path. You've got a long linear drive ahead of you, but it takes you straight to the alien empress. The first phase of the fight is simple; run into her legs, then kill the two enemies that spawn near where the leg used to be. After hitting four legs, drive to the front of the empress and boost the rover towards the glowing spot. Failure to do so in a timely manner causes the empress to regain all her health.

Grab the devastator inside and fire away at one of her ovaries. You should try to ignore the enemies in here since they respawn infinitely. You'll be ejected when one of the ovaries is destroyed. For round two, you need to mess up all six legs and you'll have to deal with an additional pair of octabrains by the ovaries (these also respawn infinitely). When given the prompt, drive into the empress's mouth and boost when you're in her mouth to destroy her.

Now all that's left to do is cheese the game with cheats again.

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