Dungeon Hunter 5 (Windows) Reviews

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    07 Jul 2016
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    Having been stuck in hotels without access to a console, I started exploring free Windows games that would run on my crappy $400 HP.

    Dungeon Hunter 5 fit the bill – HDMI into the hotel flat screen, plug in a Mad Catz Xbox 360 controller and I was good to go. It was almost like having the console. Ok, not really at all like having a console but kinda, sorta, and better than phone games.

    So, Dungeon Hunter 5 is a pretty primitive dungeon crawler by today’s standards. The story is very ho-hum and there’s not a whole lot of sense to be made of it. Weak to almost non-existent character writing and you never really feel involved with the missions thrown at you. That said, for a mobile/low end pc game, the graphics are tolerable and there are a ton of varying environments from level to level so its never boring to look at. Add to this that each level clocks in at about 5 minutes or less and you have some quick moving gaming.

    I leveled up a weapon pretty early by fusing and doing some other stuff that I don’t really know what I did, but my character pretty much kills everyone and everything so far with very little damage to me. (I am playing on normal, so the challenge is minimal.)

    I’m on chapter 9 right now and all of the achievements are story related so you really don’t have to do much but play through the levels.

    It should be said that the game is glitchY as heck. At the end of most of the levels, which as I said are very short, the screen would fail to return to the home screen to get to the next level. This required a closing out of the game and restarting it, and sitting through a 2 minute load time. After the restart, the story related achievement would pop if there was one, so the glitchiness didn’t affect them. All in all, this brings the game down to a 2 because it is incredibly frequent and a pain in the arse. Overall, glitchy but playable with pretty easy cheeves should you find yourself without a console but with a low-end computer.

    It should be said that there appears to be a small on-line following for the game, including a chat bar on the main screen, and guilds and such. There are no cheeves associated with this aspect of the game, but if you find that sort of thing to be your cup of tea you may want to check it out. The people in chat seemed like a friendly bunch.

    Lastly, I did play this with a controller which made it feel like a low-end console game. I do not know if I would have continued the experience with a keyboard beyond the first couple of levels.
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    Marcos AspiraWait till the game start crashing on you... gonna be a pain in the ass to complete, don't know if the latest updates solved the problem.
    Posted by Marcos Aspira on 07 Jul 16 at 18:43
    I'm at the point where the game crashes 100% of the time after selecting a mission. laugh
    Posted on 09 Jul 16 at 00:39