1. Dungeon Siege III Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hi there. I’m Ackter – welcome to my Dungeon Siege III walkthrough. This is my first walkthrough here on TA, so I hope you find it useful.

There are a lot of ‘cheap’ ways to unlock some of the achievements in this game, however I am going to write this guide as if you wish to unlock them in the way they were intended.

To complete this fully, you’ll need to play through the game four times, once with each of the characters. You will also need to join someone else’s game to receive the Helping Hand achievement as it doesn’t unlock if you’re hosting.

For your first playthrough you will be starting out solo and, once you reach a certain point, bringing a friend in to join you. I suggest playing as Katarina first as the first companion you will meet is Anjali, which is perfect to bag a bunch of achievements along the way and at the same time, hopefully avoiding a slightly dodgy achievement. I will be writing this guide under the assumption that this is what you are doing.

The slightly dodgy achievement is We Are Legion, which can sometimes not unlock correctly in co-op. By waiting to meet the first character before playing in co-op it should ensure that the achievement unlocks correctly.

In this first playthrough we’re going to be knocking out the majority of the achievements as we go along, with the remaining playthroughs concentrating on the other characters and the hardest difficulty.

Your second playthrough will be another co-op game using both of the male characters (you will be Reinhart), except this time you can play co-op right from the start.

Your third playthrough will be a solo game using Anjali as she has the best move set for solo play.

Your fourth playthrough will be a four player game on the hardest difficulty as Lucas.

Finally, you'll need to unlock Helping Hand to get your full completion.

The DLC will also have its own page at the end of this guide.

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