10. Dungeon Siege III Tidying UpUpdate notes

You should now have one achievement left: Helping Hand. Your best bet here is to set up a boosting session for the achievement on this website with one other person. You will need to take turns to host the game in order for the other person to unlock this achievement as well (as that's only fair).

Start a new co-op game as any characters and proceed through as normal. When you level up for the first time, you will unlock your first Defensive ability. Now, the person hosting the game cannot get this achievement, so the other person will need to activate the Defensive ability as frequently as possible. Use normal attacks to raise Focus, use Focus attacks to raise Power, and use Power to trigger your defensive ability. Eventually, you will have used it enough for it to become Empowered (it will pop up on the bottom of the screen to alert you). Once this is done, hold LT and RT and then press X. This will trigger the Empowered Defensive ability and unlock:

  • Helping Hand

    While joined to another player's game, you used an empowered Defensive Ability to assist the party.

    Helping Hand

Now swap hosting duties so the other person can also unlock it.

Congratulations! You have reached 1,000G.

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