11. Dungeon Siege III DLC: Treasures of the SunUpdate notes

There are two ways to start this DLC. The first is to speak to an NPC named Oswald, who can be found in the Grand Chapterhouse in Stonebridge City. The second is from the Causeway Hub after defeating Jeyne.

For this DLC walkthrough I will be assuming that you are starting it after completing the main game. So from the Main Menu, select “Load Game”. As you scroll down the list you will see an Endgame Autosave for each of the characters. Choose the one you want to play the DLC with but, first, a warning: everything in this DLC hits harder than what you’ve become used to in the main game. This is going to hurt... A lot.

Causeway Hub

You will start next to the Causeway Gate in the Hub. Follow the path to the central node of the Causeway and you’ll see a note in the centre. Read it to start the DLC. Immediately turn right to head down the Causeway path and it will construct itself as you approach.

Aranoi Causeway

Follow the path to find a save point. Turn right and you’ll reach another Causeway gate. Walk through it.

Aranoi Bluffs

Follow the desert path ahead of you and you’ll find a broken pillar on the left with a quest mark above it that starts the Quest: Fire of Faith. Continue following the path and you’ll reach a large open area where you’ll fight the Skeletal Giant. Defeat him to unlock:

The Skeletal Giant will drop an essence, which is a new feature for this DLC that allows you to enchant and improve weapons.

To the left of where you entered this area is a destructible wall, behind which you’ll find a lootable corpse. In the next area on the left side you’ll find another lootable corpse and a chest. To the right of the entrance to this area you’ll find another lootable corpse. Slightly further along on the right side you’ll find a chest buried in the sand with a destructible rock in front of it. In the centre, at the very end of the path before entering the desert, you’ll see another chest. Continue onwards.

Aranoi Desert

Continue onwards and you’ll find a wagon on its side, half-buried in the sand. Turn right here and follow the path around to find a Shrine and a save point. Interact with the shrine to light the flame to unlock a new Ultimate Ability. To activate it, you need at least one orb of Power – press and hold both the Left Stick and Right Stick buttons to trigger a much better health regen ability. Behind the shrine is a chest.

You will now be attacked by Zuriel the Sandshaper, so do your best to utterly destroy him, because he can destroy you in a heartbeat. Head back past the wagons to find a sign post with the Quest: What Lurks Beneath. Turn around and follow the path to the left to find another save point.

Follow the path here to fight the Giant Sand Worm. Defeating it will unlock:

Head back up the path and follow the path to the right to find a bridge.

Abbey of St. Hiram

On the other side of the bridge is a path leading to the entrance of the Abbey. Go inside to find a large well in the centre. Walk past the sign and stand in the waters. You should easily have the 20,000 gold needed to use the well. Do so and unlock:

You can now respec your character.

Behind the well is a shop and a save point. Just past the save point is another sign post with the Quest: Wanted: Mad Matias. Head into the Abbey to meet Sister Eleanor and unlock:

Inside the Abbey, just past Sister Eleanor, you’ll find a chest on the left. Go through the door near the chest to enter a long hall. Go to your left to find a chest in the room at the end. There is another chest in the room at the end on the right as well. Exit the Abbey building and on your left will be a new Quest from Sister Jenna: The Thief of Hearts. Past the save point will be another Quest on a sign post: Wanted: Professor Jabberhack. Leave through the gate.

Deadman’s Pass

To the right, before passing through the archway, you will find a dead body in the sand which will give you the Quest: Circle of Death. Head through the archway and across the bridge. Turn left and you’ll find a lootable corpse in front of the gate to the bandit camp. Go inside and clear out the camp. There will be a chest next to the first wagon on your left.

Continue up the path in the camp and you’ll fight Mad Matias and a frankly ridiculous number of minions. With Matias dead, you’ll find another chest at the top of the camp. Head back down the path and exit the camp.

Follow the path around the area to find a save point. Continue following the path onwards to reach a three-way fork. Head left to find Simeon, a save point and a chest. Speak to Simeon and then backtrack to the save point. Take the left fork here to fight Zakkaeus the Apostate. Kill him and return to Simeon.

Head back out here, turn left and then head down the right-most fork to fight an Automaton Scout. Avoid his electric attacks as he can likely one-shot you. In the area it was defending you will find a lootable corpse. Interact with the malfunctioning automaton there to gain a quest item.

With the Automaton defeated, head back to the main path to find a lootable corpse. Continue onwards.

Crimson Flats

Take a left at the upcoming fork to find a save point and another Shrine. Interact with the Shrine for another Ultimate Power. This will cause Jairus the Huntsman to attack, and probably kill the hell out of you. He’s nasty.

With Jairus dead, continue onwards and follow the central path to find a corpse next to a large hole in the ground. Inspect the corpse and take the chalice to activate spiderpocalypse (don’t worry; just messing with you, it’s not that bad). Continue past the hole and turn left to find a small patch of water. Turn right here and head into an area with a large hole and several automatons. Here you’ll fight Professor Jabberhack. To the left of the hole is a large chest, which will open with the automaton hand you found earlier, and to the right is a lootable corpse.

With that done, head back to the small patch of water - on the other side of the water and through some walls you’ll find another corpse to interact with to continue our quest. Continue onwards and you’ll find some desert ruins and a save point. To the right of the save point is the final Shrine. Interact with it to unlock:

Shadrach of the Ten Blades will now turn up and try to spoil your day. He’ll probably succeed a few times. In the corner behind the shrine is a lootable corpse. Head through the gap in the wall and take your first left. At the end of this short path is a breakable rock covering a lootable corpse. Now follow the path to the end to find a chest and a corpse. Interact with the corpse to complete a quest.

Now backtrack past the shrine and follow the path to the left. You’ll reach a save point and Digglefitz, who has a quest for you. Head up the stairs behind him.

Temple of Azunai

Once inside the temple, head left and through the door to find yourself in a trap. On the left of the entrance is a lootable body, and there’s a chest at the end. There is a painting to interact with on the wall. With the enemies defeated, the doors will open again, so head out the end of the room to find a lever that extends a bridge and starts our old friends: the swinging axes.

Turn left after the bridge to find a lootable corpse. There’s a chest in the next room. Head out and past the last swinging axe. Here you’ll find a save point and an altar. Read the depressions on the altar and continue right around the room. In the room to your right, past the passage that leads back to the starting area, is a chest. Interact with the corpse on the floor.

Head down the stairs outside the room and up the other side. You’ll find a lootable corpse in front of you and a chest to the left. Ignore the door here for now, as this enters the Hall of Trials. Continue around the path and enter the next room on your right. This will be another trap, so kill everything in here. In the centre, overlooking the pool, is a sign. Interact with it to receive information. There are two lootable caskets to the rear of this room.

Head out the other door and down the stairs. Head up the stairs opposite and turn left to find a chest. Go back down the stairs and then head up the stairs to the side, into a large room. Here you’ll find a chest and a save point. There is a large book on an altar in the centre of the room. Interact with the book, pick up the quill and write when prompted. You should have all the answers to extinguish all of the fires ahead of you. Walk forwards and interact with the wall.

Now go back to the Hall of Trials and enter.

Hall of Trials.

As you enter the room, three coloured light will go out. There is a chest and a lootable corpse to your right. Read the sign in front of you as it tells you which order to light the torches. First light the yellow, then the blue, then the green. This will create a bridge ahead of you. Cross it.

In the next room, immediately to your left will be a chest. Read the sign ahead of you and it’ll reveal that you can simply walk on top of the water ahead of you to reach the other side. Do so and head up the stairs to collect two orbs. Head back to the altar next to the save point in the main room of the Temple.

Temple of Azunai

Back at the altar, you can now place the Eyes of the Oracle in the depressions. Do so to create bridges to the central area. Head down to the central area and prepare to fight... A lot. With everything dead, it is now time to fight the Daeva Statue. This is not a nice fight. The statue will fire out heat-seeking magic orbs that can nearly one-hit you, and often she fires a couple at the same time. Roll a lot, attack when you can, never stand still.

When it’s finally dead, collect the tablet on the floor in front of it to unlock:

Leave this room via the path that you didn’t enter though. To your left will be a room with a large gargoyle inside. Head in and collect the book on the far side of the room. This will, of course, trigger the Jade Gargoyle and lock the exits. Kill it to leave. There is also a chest in the corner. Leave the temple.

Crimson Flats

Speak to Digglefitz to complete the quest, and then head forwards. Stick to the left and you’ll pass by the area where you killed Jabberhack. A little further along here is a path to the left. Go through it to find a save point, a shop and a new Quest from Nadya. There is a chest to the left of the fire.

Carry on down this new path and you’ll find a dead monk. Examine him and continue.

Sandspring Cavern

Immediately to your right you’ll find a chest. Head into the cave and turn left at the first fork. There’ll be another fork soon after which will lead down to a pool area on the right. Down here you’ll fight the Vodyanoi Brood Mother. At the end of this cave you’ll find some eggs to collect. Head back up the ramp and turn right. Follow the path around and turn left when you eventually reach the next fork.

To your left there will be a chest. Follow the path to fight another Vodyanoi Brood Mother. With her dead, you’ll find some more eggs to collect and a glowing skeleton at the back of the cave. Interact with it to bottle the oil and unlock:

Follow the path and turn left, up a ramp, at the fork. Continue onwards and upwards until you find another fork. Turn left here to fight another Brood Mother and collect the final set of eggs. Exit the Cavern.

Crimson Flats

Head back to Nadya to complete her quest, then work your way back to the Abbey.

Abbey of St. Hiram

Speak to Sister Jenna at the entrance to complete her quest and then head into the Abbey itself where you’ll meet Brother Cornelius for another Quest. Head into the next room and then into the middle of the three doors in the passage. Interact with the altar and proceed through the prompts to open the vault and unlock:

Head down the stairs and enter the vault.

Agallan Vault

Once you’re in the vault, walk to the end of the passage, turn right and head down some stairs. Here you will be attacked by giant teleporting mummies and regular skeletons. Head through the gate to the right and enter the prison area.

Pull the lever at the end to open all the cells and fight Overseer Zalmon. Collect the journal in the last cell on the right and head back into the main room. Head around the central pit and through the door at the other side. Continue onwards, straight ahead at the crossroads and then turn right by the room full of mummies. Go around the room to another passageway and turn right again.

Inside this room, kill the enemies then pull the lever at the back to open a secret passage. There is a table on the left and take the ring. Leave the room and walk to the other end of the long passageway. Before you reach the last room, turn right and enter another passage. Follow this passage all the way around to enter a huge open room at the end.

Work your way through the series of rooms around the edge until you make it to the end with a huge door. Head down the large stairs into the centre of the room to face Priestguard Onesimus and his army of flying swords.

When he’s dead, pull the lever at the back of this area to open the gates around the top. Head back up and around to your right to enter the first gate (on your left). In this room you’ll find the Staff of the Moon on a pedestal. Pick it up and head around the large room again until you come to the next opened gate. In this room you’ll find the Staff of the Sun.

With both staves in your possession, you can now head back around to the large door and go through - you’ll need to place a staff on each side of the door to unlock it.

Hall of Assembly

Here you’ll face High Priest Molochi. He’s nastier than everything else in the game put together. Keep moving, attack when you can, constantly heal etc. Just make sure to dodge the second he disappears or he’ll pop up behind you and knock most of your health off. Use the skeletons he spawns to gain Focus and then unload your specials into Molochi when you can. Eventually you’ll beat him.

No wait, he’s having none of that, he’ll just refill his health again and have another go at killing you. In this second phase he’ll start spawning mages, so make sure to wipe them out as soon as possible or they can be really troublesome. Eventually, and by now you should have his attack pattern down well enough to be in no real trouble, he will fall and you’ll unlock

Head up the stairs on either side of the throne to find some chests full of awesome items and a save point.

Hall of Illumination

Proceed down the large bridge to find The Lamasu. After the conversation you will unlock:

Congratulations on your 100% completion!

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