3. Dungeon Siege III Playthrough One: KatarinaUpdate notes

Montbarron Estate

After the introduction, you will be presented with the character select screen. Scroll all the way to the right and select Katarina. As you can probably tell, she’s awesome. You can select whichever difficulty you like, but I strongly advise saving Hardcore mode for the four-player playthrough later on. As there will be multiple playthroughs, I suggest starting on Casual for this one and working your way up in order to knock out some of the harder achievements.

After a cutscene, you will find yourself in control of Katarina. Head upwards and follow the path until you arrive at some burning ruins. This is Montbarron Estate. Head up the stairs and through the door. Follow the path and, when some burning beams fall in front of you, there is a weapon rack to your left. This should give you a weapon that’s a decent improvement of the starting rifle you are given. Equip it and continue onwards down the stairs.

Some boxes will be blocking your way, but you can simply shoot them to continue. They should also drop some loot for you. At the bottom of the stairs, after some more destructible barrels and boxes, you will be attacked by two mercenaries. This is where you’ll learn your basic fighting strategy that you’ll be using throughout this playthrough: the shoot and roll. Face one of the mercenaries, take a shot and then roll out of the way. Repeat this and both mercenaries will soon be dead.

Carry onwards and you will soon be attacked by more mercenaries. Dispatch these in the same way and you will be attacked by another wave. Shoot and roll until they’re dead and you’ll meet Marten Guiscard. Walk up to him to begin a conversation. Talk to him however you like, it makes no difference at this point. Follow him and do as he says. When you reach the bridge, there will be three barrels to interact with, do so and get to the end of the bridge.

After another cutscene and more conversation, you’ll find yourself on the Pilgrims’ Road with Marten.

Pilgrims’ Road

You will be able to see a tall golden beam on the path – this is a save point. Use it and then turn around. Follow the path backwards until you reach a fallen tree. Here you will find some loot up against the tree. Head back towards the save point and follow the path. On your right, soon, will be some more loot. Keep following the path and you’ll reach a large, wooden barricade gate. To the left of the gate, hidden behind a smaller barricade, is more loot.

Pass through the gate and there’ll be a sign to your right next to the wagon. Interact with this to receive your first piece of Lore: Bounty Notice. There are also two weapon racks and a chest for you to loot within this camp. Leave the camp to find another save point, but before you get to it, immediately turn around and walk behind the open camp gate. Here you will find another chest.

Follow the path, but ignore Marten and the bridge for now. Just past the bridge is another small camp with some more mercenaries. Kill them and loot the weapon rack and chest in their camp. Now head back and cross the bridge to meet Bogdan.

Speak to Bogdan and he will attack you. Shoot and roll yourself to victory. Pick up any loot (he usually drops something decent) and head into the Chapterhouse.

Legion Chapterhouse

At the bottom of the stairs you will meet Odo. After the conversation you will receive your first level up. At first you will only have your Recruit skills available to level up. Choose whichever you like at this point, but keep in mind you will need to max out one of the defensive abilities (Charm of Eternal Life, Call of the Hunt and Thorned Rose) in order to get an achievement later on in the game.

Once you have finished levelling up you will see a save point next to the stairs. Immediately to the right of the save point is a door leading into a side room. Enter and interact with the bookshelves (there are three with which you can) to gain more Lore entries; Remnants of a Fallen Empire, Raven’s Rill and Lords of the Wild. There is also a chest for you to loot. In the next room are a weapon rack and two armour stands for you to loot.

Next to this room is a door leading to a larger area, ignore this for now and enter the next small room to its right to find a lootable weapon rack. In the next room you will find Odo and Marten. On a table in the corner is a large book. Interact with it to receive Lore: Rukkenvahl Lore: The Mournweald. Now go back and head into the large area through the central door to find a library. On your left will be a large bookcase with a lock item – there’s nothing you can do with this for now.

Continue around this room and you can find some more Lore on a table next to another door: Legion Lore: The Causeways. The door leads to a Causway, but it’s currently inactive so there’s no need to go in. There will be a small bookcase further along the wall, on the other side of the door, which gives Lore: The Rukkenvahl. The next bookcase along will give you Lore: Birth of the Legion. I wouldn’t go down the stairs yet as there’s a lot of spiders down there and we’ll be revisiting here later anyway. Return to Pilgrims’ Road.

Pilgrims’ Road

The mercenaries will now have respawned, tougher than ever, and will be waiting for you to the right of the bridge’s end. Do away with them and then go back in the opposite direction, past the save point, towards where we started the game. Here you will meet a merchant who is asking for help. Talk to him and agree to help to receive your first Sidequest: The Unlucky Merchant. To the left of the gate you can find some boxes. Break them open to fight two little spiders for a taste of what’s to come.

Inside the gate there is a new chest to your left and some more mercenaries inside the camp. Kill them and continue onwards. You will be attacked by more mercenaries as you leave the camp, and just to the right of the exit is another chest. Continue along and you’ll be attacked by yet more mercenaries, in a larger group this time. It’s worth unloading you special ability a couple of times (Press X with the rifle out) as it can one-hit these guys and killing the others will recharge your special bar.

Just past the waterfall will be another group of mercenaries. Further along again will be a much bigger group of mercenaries. Using your special ability to thin the crowd then shoot and roll the rest of them. When they’re dead, the merchant will run in and talk to you, completing The Unlucky Merchant. You can then interact with his wagon in order to buy and sell, but there’s no real need to do either, yet. In particular, don’t sell anything as you’ll need it for later achievements.

The wagon shop will contain items for all of the party members available in the game, and they’ll usually be pretty high quality stuff. Save your money for now, though if you do buy something, assuming you can afford any of it, make sure it’s blue or gold quality. Don’t waste your money on green or white.

Continue following the path and you’ll notice the fallen tree from earlier has been removed. To your left here is a small area with a chest in the middle. Carry on up the path and you’ll be attacked by a group of mercenaries considerably larger than usual, including one incredibly tough guy. Shoot, roll and special your way through this group and you should be able to handle them with relative ease.

Slightly further on and down some stairs you’ll be swarmed by spiders from the archway on the right. Luckily, if you backtrack up the stairs, they’ll turn around and go back into the archway, making them incredibly easy to clear out. Do not go wading in, they will destroy you. When you get to the archway, do not go inside. Instead turn right and head further down the trail. Here you’ll be attacked by even more spiders, but again they can be defeated by backtracking when needed.

Further along you’ll run into Boris and his mercenary gang. Using the same strategy as every other time, and probably every time in the future, special, roll, shoot, roll, etc. your way to victory. In fact, as this is basically the best strategy in the game as Katarina, just assume I mean this whenever I say to kill something. Boris will also drop a quest item for later on. Outside one of the tents in Boris’ camp you will find a sign post for Lore: Boris’s Orders. Now backtrack to the bridge outside the chapterhouse, taking out the respawned mercenaries on the way.

Once back at the bridge, continue past it into the mercenary camp and clear it out. You should level up again around this area, so press down on the D-Pad to do so. There will be a chest under a canopy on the left in the camp. The gate on the other side of the camp is now open. Head through here to be attacked by even more mercenaries.

As you continue on, on your left you’ll see a short path going down to the water, with some ravens on a body. This area is very dangerous later on, but is safe for now. As you walk down to loot the body, you’re likely to get attacked from behind by some mercenaries. If not, they will attack you as you return to the main path and carry on. Soon you’ll see a second small path off to the left, which leads to a chest.

Carry on the main path and you’ll come to some builds and walls. In the corner between the three buildings on the right is a chest. Proceed through the walls and you’ll meet a man outside another set of gates. Talk to him and he’ll let you in to Raven’s Rill.

Lower Raven’s Rill

Here you’ll find lots of people and a few side quests. Proceed past the save point and you’ll see a woman with a quest indicator above her head. Agree to help her to find that you’ve already completed this quest. Refuse a reward as it will go towards receiving a Deed later on. After the conversation, you will have completed the Side Quest: The Widow’s Revenge.

Continue down into the town and you will come to a fork in the road. First head right as there is a chest hidden right the way around the building. Take the other road and you’ll reach another road fork, so head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs go straight ahead and you’ll meet Alexei. After his conversation, a whole bunch of new side quests will have spawned. To the left of where you met Alexei is a small path leading around some houses. Follow it to find another chest.

Back on the main path, walk across the bridge to find a new Quest Giver on your right by the water wheel. Talk to Yacob and choose the “Try somewhere else” option. Offer to help him and you’ll start the Side Quest: The Fishing Hole. Backtrack down the main path and turn left after the market stall to find Anton. Speak to him to receive the Side Quest: A Prized Possession.

Backtrack through the town, back to Pilgrims’ Road.

Pilgrims’ Road

Head back a short way to where you found the dead body covered in ravens. As you reach the water, you will be prompted to use Yacob’s secret bait. Do so and prepare yourself for a hell of a fight. Nishemmu is just horrible and very dangerous. Be very careful when retreating and rolling as if you go too far down the main path you’ll trigger the mercenaries from the camp there to attack as well. If you get too close to Nishemmu he will causes you to slow down for a short time. It's best to deal with all of his helpers before taking him on solo.

With Nishemmu dead, head back into the village.

Lower Raven’s Rill

Head back towards the water wheel, but as you get to the market stall, turn left and speak to Grigori. Talk to him and ask him to carry a message to Odo. Now speak to Yacob at the water wheel to complete the Side Quest: The Fishing Hole. Remember to refuse the reward. Now head out through the gates into the West Forest.

West Forest

Follow the path until you reach a fork in the road and head to the left. Here you will find Ottokar and his cronies. Kill them all. To the right side of the camp is a small area with a campfire with a treasure chest. Return to Raven’s Rill.

Lower Raven’s Rill

Find Anton and talk to him to complete the Side Quest: A Prized Possession. Refuse a reward to receive your first Deed: Avatar of Ultimate Virtue, which grants you a permanent +5 Will. The Deeds aren’t necessary for any achievement, but they sure are helpful. Head back to the West Forest.

West Forest

Follow the path and this time turn right at the fork and you’ll enter Stormsong Cavern

Stormsong Cavern

Walk forwards and you’ll meet Leona. Agree to help her and you can continue your quest. You are now at a fork in the path – a large path heading left, and a small path heading upwards to the right. Take the left path to fight yet more mercenaries and you’ll reach another fork. Take the left path to find a camp full of mercenaries with a weapon rack, armour stand, chest and save point.

Head back up the hill to the fork and take the other path, down another slope. Follow this path to find more mercenaries and another save point. Just to the left of this camp is a ramp leading up to a campfire with a chest and two weapon racks. Go back down the slope and through the shallow water to another ramp. This leads to yet another save point and, as the game’s about to get a little boss-battle-y, you really should save here.

Continue on and say hi to Barbat. He’s a red herring, to make you think this is going to be easy. Head into the large area ahead and get ready to roll a lot. Your best strategy here is to take out all the little grunts first. Keep rolling around the central pit and try to stay on the other side of it to Vera herself because sometimes her attacks don’t make it across.

It’s at this point you’ll need to utilise your healing for the first time. Hold LT and press B to activate it, it will keep you alive as you will regen health for the next 30 seconds. If you’ve upgraded it, you’ll also regen health every time you shoot someone during that time.

With Vera dead, head to the back of the cave to find Armand trapped in the cage on the left. You can free him and talk to him. In the cage on the right is Anjali. Free her to receive your first companion. While speaking to her, make sure to pick “You wanted justice” when prompted to gain influence with her. After speaking to her, you will be able to level her up. Her human form is a close range character and her Fire form is full of awesome fire attacks.

Walk around a bit and Leona will appear and speak to you again. Agree to do her bidding to start another Side Quest: Gunderic Manor.

Leave this room via the path that you didn’t come in through. Immediately on your left after the door is a table holding Lore: Lescanzi Orders. You will also meet Alexei again. Once you have finished talking to him, and he runs away like a chicken, there are two chests for you to loot. Carry onwards and you’ll be attacked by another bunch of mercenaries, but now you have Anjali’s help to quickly take them out.

Before leaving the cave, head to the nearest save point. You can now invite someone in to play as Anjali (technically you could have done this right at the start, but it can cause problems with one of the achievements). With that done, leave the cave, killing another group of mercenaries on the way out.

From now on, whenever you are in conversation and given a choice, make sure you and your co-op partner agree with each other 20 times and disagree with each other 20 times to receive these achievements:

  • Rivalry

    You have disagreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session.


and you should also aim to spend three hours together in one session in order to unlock:

West Forest

At the fork in the road, turn right and walk through the mercenary camp. Following the path will lead you to a large building (which Anjali doesn’t seem to like much...) and a save point. Head inside.

Gunderic Manor

Immediately upon entering, you will be met by a ghostly voice crying for help. This place is going to be fun...

Once inside, both the left and ride doors are blocked and locked respectively. Instead, head up the large stairs and into the room on the far left. All of the doors here will be locked, except for one which opens without your say. Head through it to find a save point and the ghostly figure of Alise Gunderic. Agree to help her to start the Side Quest: A Wayward Soul.

Head back into the previous room and all of the locked doors will open, with enemies spilling in to attack you. After killing them all, head into the Large Bedroom and the table to one side holds Lore: The Headmaster’s Journal. The other rooms here are empty.

Head back to the top of the stairs and take the other path. A book is on the floor in front of you, containing Lore: Lord Gunderic’s Journal. Walk slowly up this corridor as the gargoyles on either side will attack you in pairs. Try not to proceed past each pair until you’ve defeated them to avoid being swarmed.

In the large bedroom on the left is a chest, and on a table next to it you can find Lore: Lord Gunderic’s Journal: Entry 24. Opposite this room is a door with a face. Ignore this for now and go into the other room here. This room in this corridor is large and full of enemies. On a table on one side of the room is the Lore: Lord Gunderic’s Journal: Entry 40. The large bookcases on one side of the room can be opened to reveal a weapon rack, chest and a scroll holding a password. Return to the door with the face.

If you speak to it, it asks for a password. You have two choices. You can either use the password you found (which will grant you a Deed for +2 Agility) or you can simply use trial and error until it takes pity on you and opens anyway (which will grant you a Deed for +2 Stamina). Your choice. I picked trial and error, as it’s more entertaining (although it will remove a small amount of your health each time you guess if you can’t avoid its attacks), but giving the password is significantly quicker.

Within the room is a save point and a chest right next to it, which contains a key and some loot. The table in the centre holds the Lore: Lord Gunderic’s Journal: Entry 83. To the right of the save point is a scroll containing Lore: A Missive from Hugh Montbarron.

Head down to the bottom of the main stairs, which is now full of enemies, and you can enter the locked door to enter the East Wing. Inside there’ll be another bunch of enemies just waiting for you. As you reach the end of this room, you will be attacked again.

Around now you should be levelling up again and will have access to the second row of Abilities. I’m a fan of Chosen Prey as it’s incredibly helpful against bosses. Follow the corridors, through the section that looks like a Library, through the kitchen area and down some more stairs to the actual Library.

Gunderic Library of Arcana

Right in front of you is a locked door and a save point. Head down the stairs and next to one of the staircases is a table containing Lore: Torn Letter. In the bookcases on the left side of the room you can find Lore: Children of the Swamp. In the bookcases on the right side of the room you can find Lore: The Creator Gods. On one end of the room is a large door with a lever, examining it will reveal something is missing from it.

Head towards the other door in this room and some enemies will break it down and rush in. Walk through it and up some stairs into a larger room full of enemies. In an alcove on the left of this room is a chest. From here you can see a ritualistic scene on a lower level. On a table just before the chest is Lore: Lord Gunderic’s Journal: Entry 95.

In the far right corner of this room, to the right of a door, is a bookcase containing Lore: The River of Souls. Open the door and kill all the enemies in this corridor. The first room you come to will be Component Storage, but there is nothing but enemies inside. The next room is pretty trashed, but the books on the floor contain Lore: The Heart of Nagog: Pagan Rituals and Artifacts of the Creators: Volume IV. There is also a book on a table containing Lore: Scribbled Note. In the corner is a chest.

The final door in this corridor leads down to the scene we saw earlier, but don’t panic as there’s also a save point before you get there. Head down the stairs to take on the Mire Hulk Horror. Your best bet is to take out the summoners first. The Mire Hulk is pretty easy, his attacks are slow and easy to avoid. With them defeated, a body in the corner holds the item needed to open the gate from earlier. Head up the other staircase to the left and follow this path to be brought back to the room with the gate in it. Head over to the lever and open it. Go through the gate.

The Inner Sanctum

This is another large room and in the bookcases around the sides you’ll find Lore: A History of the Seck Resurgence, The Heroes’ Crypt: Part I and The Life of Merik. On a table to the right of the stairs is a book containing Lore: Lord Gunderic’s Journal, Final Entry. Head up the stairs to find three more rooms.

The room on the left contains the Heart of Nagog, which the ghostly lady near the start of this place asked you to destroy. If you destroy it now, the next boss fight is a lot harder so leave it be for now. There are two chests in this room. Head back out and into the room opposite this one, where you will find two weapon racks and an inactive causeway. Head into the final room to face Lord Gunderic. This guy really hits hard, so make sure you fight from a distance. He will also spawn multiple skeletons throughout the fight. I found it easiest to use the skeletons to build up my special meter, and then fire those big shots into Lord Gunderic.

With Gunderic dead, there is a chest on the left side of the room. Now head back to the Heart of Nagog and destroy it. On the way, you’ll be accosted by Leona again. Talk to her and make a choice between handing over the Manor to her (It’s all yours) or to keep it for the Legion (it’s yours... for now). Depending on your choice, you will unlock one of:

Handing over the Manor will give you a Deed for +3 Will.

Keeping the Manor for the Legion will give you a Deed for +3 Stamina.

Chose “Not yet” when she asks you about being transported and then go and destroy the Heart of Nagog to complete the Side Quest: A Wayward Soul. This will also have completed the Side Quest: Gunderic Manor. Speak with Leona again to transport out of the Manor.

West Forest

Head back towards Raven’s Rill.

Lower Raven’s Rill

Head through the village and towards the end you will be approached by Tatyana who will give you Side Quest: Hiding Out. Continue on and leave the village.

Pilgrims’ Road

Head back towards the Chapterhouse. As you near the bridge, there’ll be a chest to your left behind a barricade. Cross the bridge to the Chapterhouse.

Legion Chapterhouse

As you enter, Armand will talk to you and become a new merchant. Head into the room on the far right and speak with Odo. When speaking about the Causeways, choose to believe Odo to gain influence with Anjali.

Now head into the large room and down the stairs to the lower floor. At the bottom, on either side of the stairs will be a weapon rack and a chest. Head through into the next room and you’ll see some eggs on the floor. Shoot these and kill the spiders that hatch from them. Large spiders will now drop from the ceiling, so kill them as well. There will also be eggs off to the sides of the room, so make sure to clear these out as well. There is a lootable corpse in the near-left corner.

Head through the two sets of doors.

East Forest

The first thing you’ll see here is a new Side Quest: A Loss for Words on a corpse. Collect this and you will also receive Lore: Thief’s Letter. With the save point directly ahead of you, walk forwards down the path. The forest is absolutely crawling with spiders, so always be on the lookout. Take the first right you come to and you will find yourself (after being attacked by an army of spiders) at a chest next to some spider eggs.

Keep following this path and it’ll start to curl around to the right. Follow it and it’ll lead you to two paths side by side. The left path is short and ends with some loot. The right path continues to curl around and you’ll reach a save point. Keep following it and you’ll enter Shadowrift Cavern

Shadowrift Cavern

Prepare yourself for one of the most awkward fights in the game. On the harder difficulties this can be nearly impossible as the boss tends to regain health when it hurts you – an attack that is also very difficult to avoid. As you follow the path inside the cave, you will be assaulted by spiders on a regular basis.

You will come to a fork in the road. The left side will be a large area covered in spiders eggs which will hatch and attack you, at the same time as spiders drop from the ceiling all around you. At the end of this open area is corpse containing Lore: The House of Manx and the first book for our side quest.

Head back to the fork and this time go in the other direction. After two lootable corpses, there is a save point - I suggest you use it. Head further into the cave and you will find Niku hanging from the ceiling in a web sac. Talk to him to start the fight with Palefang and her million spider babies. It’s pointless killing her babies as she just spawns more, like a gremlin in the shower. Instead, keep moving. Try to bait her lunging attack, roll out of the way and, when she misses, turn around and hit her with all you’ve got. Note, if you don’t avoid this attack, it’ll heal her.

Once she’s (finally) dead, return to Niku and talk to him again to complete the Side Quest: Hiding Out. Now leave the cave system.

East Forest

Backtrack to the very first save point by the Chapterhouse. This place is quite confusing and it’ll be easier to start from here again. With the save point on your right, head left and follow the path all the way around. Stick to the left edge of the forest and a little further along and you’ll see a chest on your left. Keep following this path, sticking to the left side, and eventually you’ll find a save point. You will also be attacked by more spiders, some wolves and a giant antlered zebra beast thing which hits really hard and has a lot of HP. With all of them dead, keep following the left path as it curls around.

You’ll meet some more wolves and a mini-boss by the name of Elder Dakkenweyr (which is, I guess, also the name of that giant antlered zebra beast thing from earlier). Once he’s defeated, proceed past him to find a chest with a corpse in front of it. Looting the corpse will net you Lore: The House of Gunderic and the second book for our side quest.

Walk back to the save point and turn left just before getting to it. Ahead you will see the path is blocked by roots. Approach it to trigger a cutscene. Don’t go through here, yet. Instead, turn around and follow the path and you’ll see some loot in between some boulders at the side of the path. Loot it for Lore: The House of Montbarron, which is also the third and final book for our sidequest.

Now head through the path that was blocked by roots. Immediately on your right there is a lootable corpse. There is another to the left of the path as well. Keep following the path.

The Mournweald

As soon as you enter the Mournweald, there is a lootable corpse on your right. Continue onwards and you’ll be attacked by more of those fish monsters from earlier on. Keep going until you cross a bridge. Very soon, on the right behind a tree, will be a lootable corpse. Keep going past more fish monsters and there’ll be a bridge on the left going to a small island. Go across and you’ll find two lootable corpses and a chest. Head back across the bridge and continue down the main path.

After crossing two more bridges, you will arrive in a clearing strewn with corpses. Ignore the corpse in the middle covered with ravens for now. Instead follow the left side and you’ll find a lootable corpse holding what is probably your first gold item. Shame it can’t be equipped by either female character, but it is at least worth a lot of gold.

Keep following the edge and you’ll find two more lootable corpses before returning to the bridge. Now interact with the lone corpse in the middle of the clearing. Turn around and begin your journey back to the Chapterhouse.

As you approach the bridge, you will meet the Radiant Youth. Speak to him and he will return you to the East Forest and you’ll receive:

East Forest

Now return back to the Chapterhouse. The spiders will all have likely respawned, so fight your way back.

Legion Chapterhouse

Head up to the top floor and to the large bookcase on the side of the stairs with the locked symbol. Interact with this to complete the Side Quest: A Loss for Words. Inside you will find a chest containing random loot and the golden Raven Ring.

While you’re here, Armand can be found in the Causeway room if you need to visit a shop to make room in your inventory. Just sell the white items for now, this should leave you with plenty of room. When you’re done, return to Odo.

Now return to the Causeway room and interact with the Causeway to open it. Enter the portal.

Rukkenvahl Causeway

Follow the path to reach a save point at a cross roads. You’ll see that two of the paths have collapsed, so follow the remaining path and enter another Causeway at the end of it.

Gunderic Mausoleum

Walk forwards until you are attacked by four gargoyles. Head down the stairs to the small area on the left to find a lootable casket. You will almost certainly trigger more and more gargoyles as you walk around this place, so always be ready. Head back up the stairs and down the other side to find another lootable casket.

Head back up and you will reach a crossroads. Head down the left path to find a lootable casket, and then back in the opposite direction to find an apparent dead end. Directly in the middle of the wall, with a broken casket on either side, you can attack the wall to reveal a hidden room to find another lootable casket containing another golden item, the Corset of the Royal Consort. Put it on, it’s great.

Head back to the crossroads and you’ll see another two staircases leading down into small rooms. The left room has two lootable caskets, the right room has nothing. There is a door between them leading to a save point and a long corridor. Follow it.

Raven’s Rill Graveyard

As you walk around the graveyard, skeletons will attack you so be on the lookout. Follow the path around and you’ll find a chest amongst the graves on the right. To the left of the chest you’ll see a path down a hill (and you’ll probably see skeletons rushing up it to attack you). Go down to the path and head left to find a lootable corpse at the end. Follow this path in the opposite direction and you’ll see another lootable corpse on the left behind a tree stump.

Keep following this path, past more enemies, and as you reach a large corner, you’ll see a chest on the left. Keep going and you will meet Zaria, who want to kill you. So kill her. Continue following the path and you’ll each another save point. At the end of this path will be another mini-boss, Vogomil. Deal with him and continue onwards.

Upper Raven’s Rill

Immediately on entering this area, there will be a chest off to your left behind a house. A little further on, before reaching the town square, you will be able to climb some stone steps to another chest. At the monument, turn right and cross the bridge.

Here you will fight Ilias and his gang. On defeating him, Marek will rush out of a nearby hall. Kill him and his goons as well. There are a couple of achievements coming up so save here. Firstly, if you dare, swap all of your equipment out for your default items (they’ll be the white stuff right at the bottom of each list worth 0) and remove any jewellery. Your co-op partner will be doing most of the work in this upcoming fight. Your job is to dodge everything and don’t get hit so you never have to heal.

Enter the hall to meet Rajani, the first proper boss in the game. Rajani is tough, so always keep moving and dodge everywhere if you have to. Keep an eye out for purple patches on the floor as these attacks will hurt a lot. In fact, with your default equipment on, everything will hurt a lot. Your best bet is to keep circling the room.

When you get her health to zero, she gets angry and comes back much stronger. There is now also debris all over the floor, making your evading a lot more difficult. Keep moving to avoid her eruption attacks. If she launches purple arrows at you, the best way to avoid them is to roll directly at them as they get near. She also has an attack where the purple ground attacks follow you, so always keep moving as getting caught with a few of these under you is guaranteed to kill you. Your partner should be rushing at Rajani and taking her on close range - the sooner she's closed down, the less chance she has to attack you with the purple ground attacks.

This will really, really not be easy, but this is your best chance of knocking out these achievements, unless you’re planning to go through it again on Casual with four players. At the end you should receive:

With Rajani defeated, head into the small room off the main hall to find a table containing Lore: Arakun Spiders and their Kin and two chests. Through the other door is a save point. Head on through. In this room you’ll find a weapon rack. Down the stairs you’ll find another weapon rack and two armour stands.

Continue through the room and you’ll reach a jail area. The first cell on the right contains a book of Lore: Virsk Folklore: The Dakkenweyr. The last cell on the left contains Lazar Bassili. Head back to the main hall to find Marten with Rajani. As you talk, select “Anjali is a legionnaire” to gain influence with her.

If you want a Deed with +2 Will, choose to set Rajani free. If you want a Deed with +2 Attack, choose to kill Rajani. If you kill her, you will also gain Rajani’s spear (don’t get your hopes up, it’ll be a random regular spear). When Marten asks, return to the chapterhouse.

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