4. Dungeon Siege III Playthrough One: Part TwoUpdate notes

Legion Chapterhouse

You will now be speaking with Odo and Marten back at the Chapterhouse. Talk about Jeyne Kassynder until Odo tell you he wants to knife her in the eye (lovely chap). Select “I agree” to gain influence with Anjali. Now choose “Let’s go after Jeyne” to gain yet more influence. Continue with the rest of the conversation as you wish.

You will now likely have ranked up again and have access to the second group of talents.

When you’re done, head out across the bridge.

Pilgrims’ Road

At the end of the bridge, you’ll meet Lazar Bassili again who will give you a Side Quest: Heroes of Old. When you’ve finished speaking, turn left past the save point and work your way along until you come to the archway full of spiders (you may remember it from much earlier on in your quest). Head through the archway and follow the path until you come to a large clearing.

Immediately to your left is a statue under an arch with a chest behind it. There is another chest in the far right corner, behind another stone archway.

You will also meet Maximilien here. Speak to him and agree to let him join you inside.

Interact with both of the statues to either side of the main door and insert the required rings when prompted (you’ll have received both of these as Quest rewards previously). With the door open, Maximilien will speak to you again and chicken out of going with you. Agree with him to receive the Side Quest: Relics of Another Age.

Head inside.

The Heroes’ Crypt

As you head in, you’ll come to a cross roads. The way right is currently locked, but to the left you will find a chest. Continue forwards at the main path and you’ll find another chest. Head down the stairs and into the next room.

Go down the stairs and past a group of enemies to fight the Skeletal Champion and his minions. It’s another easy fight that should cause no problems. Continue forward to enter a large room containing possibly the biggest group of enemies yet. It’s easiest if you run in to trigger them, then run back out and deal with them as they come through the door way – this makes it a lot harder for their archers to get you.

There are a lot of small rooms leading off from the path around the pit. In the first room on the left is a chest. In the second room you can find Lore: Groundskeeper’s Journal , two lootable caskets and a corpse on the floor holding a key. The Lore is on the floor to his left, next to some pots. The third room contains a table holding Lore: The Heroes’ Crypt: Part II. The next door is a large corridor, so ignore that for now.

Continue circling the room to face another Skeletal Champion. With him dead, the next small room contains a chest. The next room contains nothing. The next room contains a save point and a chest. To the right of the chest is an altar you can interact with to receive a quest item, the Skull of Norick. The final small room contains nothing. Head back to the large corridor you passed earlier. Continue down the corridor until you enter another large room.

Follow the path around until you head down some stairs to a large altar where you will be attacked again. Take out the mages first or this fight will be a real problem. Continue up the stairs on the other side of the altar and follow the corridor around and you will meet another Skeletal Champion. Continue past him and through the next door.

By now you probably have an empowered version of the Heartseeking Shot (a pop-up will tell you when it happens). At close range, this is nearly powerful enough to take out a Skeletal Champion, or a group of lesser enemies, in one shot. Use RT + B when in your Rifle stance to use it.

In the next room you can find Lore: Old and Faded Parchment on a table to the right. Head forwards until you get to a circular room. Follow the path around and then head down the stairs.

The Hall of Heroes

As you head around this room, there are a number of caskets around the sides you can loot to get some rather special equipment. The only caskets you can’t loot are the broken ones. There are seven lootable caskets in total, with the last one on the left also containing Merik’s Staff for our side quest. Continue onwards and down the stairs.

Here you will fight Drakomir. He’s also rather nasty, so keep moving. Even an empowered Heartseeking shot barely scratches him. At different points in the fight he will disappear and spawn a load of regular skeletons for you to fight. When he eventual dies, he will drop a golden item.

Continue forwards and up the stairs to reach a massive lootable casket containing another golden item. Head down the corridor to the right.

The Heroes’ Crypt

As you head down the corridor, you will reach a room with a save point in it. To the left of the save point, on another altar, is Lord Bolingar’s Shattered Blade, the final item for our side quest. Head up the long stair case to find a lootable corpse at the top. Continue on to find another corpse and a chest. Eventually you’ll reach a lever which opens the locked door right at the start of the level, allowing you easily leave the Crypt.

Pilgrims’ Road

On exiting the Crypt, you will meet Lazar again. Talk to him to complete the Side Quest: Heroes of Old. Just behind him you will also see Maximilien. Talk to him and you can sell the relics you found in the Crypt to complete the Side Quest: Relics of Another Age.

Head up the ramp at the end of the square and back through the archway out to the main road. Instead of turning left, which would lead you back to the Chapterhouse, continue onwards to find an empty mercenary camp (it’s where you defeated Boris earlier on). You’ll notice that the bridge has now been repaired, so cross it and continue onwards.

To your left after crossing the bridge is a small clearing containing a chest. Continue down the path.

Eastern Swamp Bluffs

Head along the long and twisty pathway and you will eventually reach Leopold, who will give you some backstory on what you’re about to encounter. Continue past him and you’ll be drawn to a wagon on its side off to the right. Instead, head down the slope to be attacked by soldiers. Continue onwards.

Bioluminescent Caves

This area will be full of soldiers. As you walk into the cave, there is a little ramp leading off to the right, at the top of which is a chest. Continue to follow the main path onwards.

Somewhere in this cave you are likely to level up and unlock the third row of Abilities. These abilities will be particularly powerful. Ahead on your right, just before a large slope is a chest. You will also be able to see two more chests at the bottom.

In the next area you will see a large group of enemies. Defeating them will introduce you to Lucas, your third party member. However, have your partner stick with Anjali as we’re aiming for an achievement with her.

With the conversation finished, there will be a chest to the left. Continue up the path and you’ll see a barricade and corpses (none of which can be looted, unfortunately). Proceed onwards.

Swamp Battlefield

Continue onwards, down the path of dying and dead soldiers, and you will meet Lord Devonsey. When prompted, choose “Let’s attack the village” to gain influence with Anjali. After the conversation, head forwards and to the left to find a shop. To the left of the shop is Roderick, who will give you Side Quest: Lost in the Swamp. Continue past Roderick down into the swamp.

Gloamwood Bog

This area introduces a new enemy. Giant worm things will attack from under the surface, but they are easy enough to deal with. When you reach a fork in the road, if you turn around you should be able to see a chest off to one side in a small clearing. The left fork will currently be blocked off by more roots, so head down the right fork. Now you will meet swamp larvae and caterpillar enemies to join the worms.

You will come to another fork, and again the left fork will be blocked by roots. Continue down the right fork and you find a mini skirmish. After defeating them, the Scouting party will direct you onwards and you’ll see a bridge being extended. First, however, turn around and explore the right-most of the two clearings off to the right to find some enemies guarding a chest.

Return to the bridge and continue onwards. You will soon reach a save point. Just past the save point you will meet Lord Devonsey again.

First People Village

Take the left fork and you will be attacked by villagers and a mage. The mage can summon Horrors to fight you, as well as dealing out huge damage himself, so kill him quickly. Once they are dead, you will be able to find two chests off to the left next to some village huts. Continue on with the path and you’ll reach a crank which will extend another bridge on the other fork. Return to the intersection and take the other fork this time.

Follow this fork around, over the now-extended bridge and into the main village square. There will be a chest on the right after the bridge, and another on the opposite side of the square on the left. Soon you will be interrupted by Maru-yatum. After the conversation you will be attacked from every direction. It’s easy to take a lot of hits here, so keep moving.

After a while, Lord Devonsey will tell you to proceed onwards. In the upper right of the square is a large tree root which you can run up. Continue fighting your way up. On the second wooden platform you come across you can find two chests. On the third platform awaits a boss fight.

First, run around the edge of the platform freeing the soldiers from the cages so they can help with the fight. They should tie up most of the regular enemies, allowing you to concentrate on taking down Maru-yatum. Regular enemies will continually spawn, eventually overpowering your soldier help. To add to this, Maru-yatum will also conjure Horrors to fight you. He also has a green magic attack which is very powerful. Keep rolling until he stops firing them at you.

After a while, Maru-yatum will concede defeat. He will give you a charm which will open the roots that were blocking off the paths earlier on. You will be returned to the village square and there will be four new chests in the centre for you. Start to leave the square and you will be introduced to Daniel Jackson Phineas. Finish the conversation and head back towards the camp.

As you leave the village, you’ll notice a new shop off to the left where you can buy rings and necklaces, including the golden Talisman of the Arcane. Buy it and equip it. By now there’s a very good chance that you’ll have at least blue items in every Equip slot – some of them should even be golden. If so, you will unlock:

Continue heading back to the soldiers’ camp and you will meet a missionary just before a save point. Arah will give you the Side Quest: Missionary Work. In the wooden hut behind her you will see a book and a scroll on the floor which contain Lore: Founder of the Faith: St. Elishiva and The Azunite Church. Continue past the save point.

Gloamwood Bog

As you head back, continue following the path until you reach a fork. Turn right and head upwards towards the roots. The roots will move and you will be able to shoot the branches on either side to clear the way in. Inside you will fight the Spider Matriarch. On defeating it and its minions, you will free more Royalist Scouts.

Keep heading back towards the camp and you will reach the ramp that was blocked off by roots. These will clear as you approach so head up the ramp and follow it around. At the end of the path you will fight the Ancient Burrower. With it dead, there will be two small clearings to explore. One contains a chest, and the other contains the slug eggs for the missionary. There is also an interactable corpse next to the eggs. Return to the missionary by the Village to complete the Side Quest: Missionary Work.

Now head back to the Soldiers’ Camp.

Swamp Battlefield

Firstly, speak to Roderick to complete the Side Quest: Lost in the Swamp. Continue past him to speak with Lord Devonsey again. When prompted, choose the option “He’s naive” to gain influence with Anjali. With the conversation complete, follow Phineas and he’ll create a path forwards for you.

After the second path Phineas creates appears, in the shrubbery on the left is a lootable corpse. Continue following the path and you’ll reach a save point.

Road to Stonebridge

As you continue on you will unlock:

Ahead of you will be Svarbog, who will, obviously, attack you. This is really not a nice fight. There’s an absolute load of enemies and you’re in a very confined space. If you have Empowered Heartseeking Shot, it’ll be very handy right now.

With him and his cronies dead, continue onwards. Eventually you’ll see a small path leading off the main road. Follow it to find a mercenary camp with two chests. Keep following the main path and head right at the fork, past the mule corpse. You’ll soon pass a chest on your left before reaching a save point.

You will reach a large iron gate with an automaton stood outside. Speak to him and he will open the gates. Head inside.

Stonebridge City

Walk across the unnecessarily long bridge to enter the city proper. As you get to the first corner, you’ll be able to speak to Ursula, who will give you the Side Quest: Confront the Deserters. Tell her “I’ll deal with them” to gain influence with Anjali. This quest can be found all the way back outside of town, so head there now. Told you the bridge was unnecessarily long...

At the end of the bridge, follow the forest path until you reach the first fork and turn right (you passed this small area without entering here on the way into town, if you followed the guide). Here you’ll fight the Mercenary Veteran and his gang. With them dead, continue onwards to find two chests. Now head all the way back to Ursula to complete the Side Quest: Supply Lines. She is also a shop who stocks some rare golden items.

Head further into town and you’ll pass a Jeweller on your right who also stocks some rare golden items. Continue onwards and you’ll eventually come to an intersection. Turn left to enter the Grand Chapterhouse (there’s a switch by the gate to open it).

The Grand Chapterhouse

Once inside, you’ll see a save point. The door to the left is locked. At the top of the stairs is a large bookcase with books missing from it and also a chest. Head through the door to the right of the save point. Continue through the room and down the stairs to enter a large room where you will be attacked by four sentries. In the centre of the room is a portcullis which is raising and falling continuously.

You will not be able to defeat the sentries as they will just keep getting back up, so roll under the portcullis and read the scroll in the middle. This will defeat the sentries and stop the portcullis. There are two lootable corpses on the other side.

In the next room, dodge the fireballs crossing the path and you’ll see a switch on the right. This will open a nearby door. Head through the door to find another book which will defeat the sentries. There are two weapon racks around the edge of the room. Return to the switch and the other door next to it will now also be open. Head through and under another portcullis.

There is another set of portcullises in the centre of this room, guarding a switch. Roll through and use it. This will open the doors on either side of the room, while also activating the sentries. The room to the left will contain a book and a weapon rack. The room to the right has a book, weapon rack and two lootable corpses.

The final door in the middle room is another portcullis. Go through to find the final book guarded by more sentries, flame statues and more portcullises. There is also a lootable corpse and a weapon rack. The four collected books will award you the Lore: Pillars of the Legion: Book1, Pillars of the Legion: Book 2, Pillars of the Legion: Book 3 and Pillars of the Legion: Book 4.

Head up the nearby staircases and into another room. On the floor you will find Lore: The Goblin Renaissance next to a lootable corpse. There is also a weapon rack near the corner. Open the next door and on the bookshelf in the corner you’ll find Lore: Archons: Legend or Truth? You can now head up the stairs in the main lobby and interact with the large bookcase. This will open a hidden door to another Causeway gate.

Odo and Marten will now join you. During the conversation, choose “He abandoned us” when prompted to gain influence with Anjali. Later on in the conversation, you can gain more influence with her by choosing “The Queen’s more important”.

When you are back in control, head down the stairs. On the one side of the stairs you will find a weapon rack, an armour stand and two bookcases containing Lore: People of Ehb and The Towns of the East. On the other side of the stairs you will find another weapon rack, another armour stand and two more bookcases containing Lore: Glitterdelve Mines and Crypts of the Sacred Blood and finally a chest.

Now leave the Chapterhouse.

Stonebridge City

After leaving the Chapterhouse, walk straight down to another large gate guarded by an Automaton. Walk up to the gate and it will open. Do the same with the next set of gates ahead.

First on your left will be another shop that can stick rare golden items. Go down past him into the square and interact with the piece of machinery there to gain Lore: Stonebridge: Technology. Turn right and head up the stairs. In a recess between two houses ahead of you there is a chest. To the left of the machinery, up some more stairs, you will find the Meisterhall. Go inside.


There will be a bunch of protesters and an automaton in the first room, as well as a save point. Ignore them and head through the doors ahead where Sigismund Wulf will start talking to you. Speak with him and choose “Let’s go” at the end. He will run off into the main hall and you will have gained your first Meister’s support. Follow him in and another conversation will begin. During the conversation, choose the options “You owe the Legion” and “We only want justice” to gain influence with Anjali.

After the conversation, three new quests will appear in the room. Speak to Mudgutter and Rorik Kassel to start new quests to further the story, and speak to Fiddlewick to start the Side Quest: Mediations. Around this room you will find plenty of Lore. Starting from the doors, to the left you will find a bookcase containing History of Stonebridge: Volume 4. In the far-left corner you will find a bookcase containing History of Stonebridge: Volume 5. On the large bookcase on the back wall you will find History of Stonebridge: Volume 1. On the two bookcases in the corner near the right-side door you will find History of Stonebridge: Volume 2 and History of Stonebridge: Volume 3. Leave the room.

In the corner to your left is a book containing Lore: Stonebridge: Government. Along the wall you will see jail cells. To the left of the first cell is a weapon rack. Carry on past the cells and you will find two more weapon racks in the corner. Speak to Constable Klank in front of the cells and ask to speak to the Krug.

After speaking to the Krug, speak to the Constable again to make a decision on his fate. Your fourth party member, Reinhart, will now introduce himself. After the conversation, you will unlock:

Speak to Fiddlewick again to start the next part of our side quest then head back to the Grand Chapterhouse.

The Grand Chapterhouse

Walk up the main stairs and on the left you’ll find a dispute between Hans and the best-named character of all time. Resolve the dispute however you like and then return to Fiddlewick.


Speak to Fiddlewick again to complete Side Quest Mediations then leave the Meisterhall.

Stonebridge City

Once back in the square, turn left past the machinery and head up the direction you haven’t been to yet. There is a small path here leading back towards the Meisterhall with a chest at the end of it. Continue up the stairs and you will find another shop, though this one doesn’t seem to stock rare items.

Continue past the shop and talk to the Automaton to gain access to the next section of the city.

Lower Ward

Follow the path around and you’ll find another square with a market in the middle. He doesn’t seem to stock golden items, but there’ll be a few blue ones here. Continue on past the shop and you’ll reach a fork. Just to the left is a chest. Take the right fork and you will find Sweatcog and Herman Holtzman.

Speak to Sweatcog to start the Side Quest: Major Malfunction. Approach Hermann to start a conversation and the Side Quest: Cryptic Inheritance. First backtrack to the square that has a shop in the middle of it and continue around the corner to face Sweatcog’s Automaton. Defeat it and return to Sweatcog outside the Crypt to complete the Side Quest: Major Malfunction. He will now give you the Side Quest: Proof of Sabotage. Continue onwards and up the stairs into the Crypt.

The Crypts of the Sacred Blood

The two caskets ahead of you can be looted and there is a save point just to the side of them. Keep heading forwards and you’ll reach a bunch of stolen automatons. The door to the left is locked, so head up the stairs and work your way around. Here you’ll find a chest and a casket to loot. On the main table you’ll find the Automaton Sprocket. Head down the stairs on the other side. You will be attacked by thieves and goblin bombers throughout this area.

Ahead of you will be a door leading to a large room with a huge broken casket inside. There are two chests in this room, one containing a golden item. Head out the other door and pull the lever to extend the bridge. To your right you’ll see a lootable casket. Enter the nearby room and take out the gang of thieves inside.

On a table to your left as you enter you will find a shipping label which will start the Side Quest: Stolen Shipments. There is also a chest on the right-side of the room. Head back outside and down the stairs to fight the Goblin Demolitionist. Fight him at the top of the stairs if you can, as there are some enemy automatons waiting at the bottom that can really make this fight hard if they join in.

Head forwards into a room with two lootable caskets and a save point. There is also a lever to the left which extends another bridge. This will also activate the classic swinging-axe trap. Be very careful as these seriously hurt. As you cross between them, you’ll find two lootable corpses and be attacked by a gang of thieves. Be very careful here as it’s too easy to dodge into a swinging axe.

At the end of the path is a locked door and another bridge lever. Cross the bridge and kill the enemies. There’s a chance that one of the goblins will drop a golden gun here for Katarina. On the other side of the bridge you will find a lever that will stop the axes and open the locked door. Before heading over to it, explore the room to the right of the switch to find a chest and a lootable casket.

Through the previously locked door will be a load of thieves and an automaton. Due to the confined area, this can be pretty tough as the automaton has a nasty fire attack. With them all defeated, head right to another room just off this one. Inside is a lootable corpse. Head out the other door and turn left to find a weapon rack next to one of the pillars. Along the upper wall of this room are two lootable caskets.

In the top right corner is another room full of thieves. Go in and wipe them out. Head down the stairs to find two more swinging axes. To the right of the axes is a chest. Head down the stairs to find another chest and a lootable casket on the right. The doors at the end of this room will be locked, so follow the path around and up towards the second swinging axe. To the right of the stairs will be a chest.

Just behind this axe is a lever that will open all the doors in this room and stop the axes. The door next to you will be open now so head inside. On the left side of the room is another shipping label. At the end of the room are a lootable chest and a Legion artefact for our side quest. Head out and down the stairs to the newly unlocked room at the bottom. There will be a chest in between the doors and a save point directly ahead of you.

Past the save point will be a lever to extend the bridge and (you guessed it) will trigger more swinging axes. Cross the bridge to find an automaton trapped in a cage. Ignore it for now and pull the lever on the left to extend another bridge. Head across to find another lever that will stop the axes but also release the automaton. In the room next to this lever will be a chest. On the table to the side of the room you will find the Legion Urn. On the right side of the central structure you will find a book containing Lore: The Ketzlers of Stonebridge. Head back and defeat the automaton.

The Modified Automaton is a very, very nasty piece of work with incredibly powerful attacks. It’s very easy to die here due to the confined spaces. When he’s defeated pull the lever that was in the cage with him to raise a portcullis. There’s another lever nearby that extends another bridge to cross. At the end of this bridge is yet another lever that extends another bridge from where the portcullis used to be. In the room to the right of this lever you will find two chests, a lootable casket and the final shipping label.

Head out of the room and back to the central platform, then cross the new bridge in the middle. There will be a chest to your left here. Head right and down the stairs, following the path under the bridge, to fight Street Boss and his gang. He isn’t too much to worry about. Continue around the corner and through the door to find another save point.

Head into the next room and down the stairs to find another lever. Pull it to extend a bridge to the central platform and fight Ehregott. As you fight he will continually spawn smaller enemies and automatons to fight alongside him, so the best method is to roll around taking potshots until you have enough Focus to unleash a special shot at Ehregott, then repeat. When he’s defeated he will talk.

After the conversation, head forwards to find the Legion Pendant on a table, completing the Side Quest: Cryptic Inheritance. Head up the stairs and into a room with two chests. Continue into the next room for another save point. Proceed onwards and you’ll return to the start of the level.

You can now leave the Crypts.

Lower Ward

Outside the Crypt, speak to Sweatcog to complete the Side Quest: Proof of Sabotage. Head onwards and up the large stairs. To the right is the path to the Great Foundry, but first turn left and talk to Werner Schnaus at his stall to complete the Side Quest: Stolen Shipments. Now head back up the stairs and turn right to get to the Great Foundry.

Great Foundry

Head forwards and pull the lever to open the doors. Do the same with the next set. Continue walking forwards and Deter Snell will make himself known and start the Side Quest: Cogs and Wheels. After the conversation, turn around and enter the room here. On a table you will find Lore: Stonebridge: The Great Foundry. On a table at the rear of the room you’ll find a scroll with Lore: Ironmongers Guild Charter. There is also a chest in one of the corners.

Head out of the room and continue past the save point. A door will open ahead of you so go through it. Continue through another set of doors and in the corner next to a large cog arrangement you will find a scroll on the floor containing Lore: Cyclops Workers’ Demands. This should net you:

From here onwards you will often be attacked by firedogs, goblins and angry Cyclops. As you walk past the cogs there will be a chest on the left and the right side of the path.

Head across the bridge, looking out for the flames from underneath and the goblins that will swarm you, and to the left you will find a recess with another chest. There will be a locked door at the end of the bridge so instead turn right. You will find a lever here to restart some of the gearworks for the quest. There will be two short paths after the lever. The right path contains a chest, the left contains a chest and a save point.

Head back down and through the door at the end of the bridge, which is now open. Head to the left and up the stairs to find some gears with a chest to the left and right of it.

Head back down the stairs and continue in the other direction. Here you’ll find a small room with stairs leading up to a walkway. In the corner of this small room is a chest. Head up to the walkway to find another chest. Follow the walkway around and down some more stairs. At the bottom, turn left and follow the path through some more rooms to reach another walkway.

There is a chest on both sides of the walkway here, watch out for the fire as you cross. The room on the other side has a save point. Out the other side of this room is a lever that will rotate a walkway. Cross over it and fight the Cyclops Foreman. In the room on the other side you’ll find the second gearworks lever.

Continue down the path and just past a door leading to the right you’ll find a chest. Go back and head through the door. On the right you’ll see some jackals in cages, let them out to find a chest in the cage on the right. Further along the path you’ll find the third gearworks lever. Continue on to find more caged jackals, this time with a chest in the left cage.

In the next room, the chest will be out in the open so there’s no need to open the cages unless you want the XP. Continue into the next room and turn right, passing underneath a raised walkway. Follow this and go through some doors to find a lever that rotates the walkway from earlier so you can cross it to a new area. Here you’ll find a strangely shaped room.

Head down the stairs on the left and there’ll be a little niche containing a chest. Head back up and do the same to the right stairs to find another niche with another chest. Head down the stairs here to the lower area. Here you’ll find three more jackal cages with a chest in the one on the left. Continue onwards through a set of double doors to find a save point.

Head through the next set of doors and you’ll find a chest on your right. Continue onwards and you’ll trigger a conversation with Olbert Lutz. Agree to free his men to receive the Side Quest: Hostage Situation. There’s a lever to your left that opens his cage where he’ll rather daftly ask if you’ve found his men yet... Say no and continue on with the path.

Continue onwards and take the first left over another walkway. There’ll be a chest to your left, and to the right will be the first set of cages holding the first of the hostages. Pull the lever to free him. There is another chest to the right. Head back across the walkway and turn left. At the end of the room here will be the fourth gearworks lever. Down a small path to the right will be a chest. Head over to the final walkway, which is probably constantly on fire, and head across to fight the Mad Bomber.

From the end of the flaming bridge, to the right you’ll find another hostage to release. Continue onwards and to the right of another walkway will be a short path to a chest. Now cross the walkway and through the door to find a save point. Continue onwards and down some stairs. There will be a chest on the fair right. Head down the main path to fight Ergometheus. Fire jackals will spawn continually throughout this fight, and look out for the fire coming through the walkway.

When he’s defeated, choose “We’re defending the ironmongers” to gain influence with Anjali then agree to negotiate for him. To the left of Ergometheus is a walkway leading upwards. Follow it to find the final gearworks lever and a chest. Now head back to Ergometheus and take the walkway heading downwards. Here you’ll find a large chest, a regular chest and a save point.

Head through the doors next to the save point to find another walkway room with a chest on either side of it. At the end of the walkway, head through some doors to find yourself back at the start of the Foundry. Here you will be sucked into a conversation with Rorik and Fiddlewick. Here you can choose to side with the Cyclops to gain a Deed for +3 Attack, or to condemn them for +3 Will. Either way, you will gain the support of another Meister.

Now you can speak to Deter Snell to complete the Side Quest: Cogs and Wheels. You can also speak to Olbert Lutz to complete the Side Quest: Hostage Situation. Now it’s time to leave the Foundry.

Lower Ward

Head up the large stairs and continue onwards to find Marten with some bad news. Continue on to face Firestorm XE. With him defeated, head forwards to find a save point. Continue up the path, fighting more automatons along the way.

Stonebridge City

Fight your way through to the square where you’ll find Thunderstorm CE. Defeat him and head into the Meisterhall.


Head through to the main hall to start a conversation with Sigismund Wulf. At the back of the main room you’ll see the bookshelves are open. Go through here to find an active Causeway and enter it.

Dapper Old Gent’s Lair

Now it’s time to fight the Dapper Old Gent. He has several different attacks. The first is a simple magic attack which sprouts from circular diagrams that appear on the floor. The second is a set of lasers that cover the whole arena, but they are pretty easy to avoid. He also spawns automaton continuously. The third attack is a barrage of homing missiles.

The aim here is to destroy the automaton generators but, before you destroy them all (there’s 16 in total), make sure to kill 50 automatons. You need to keep count manually as the achievement for it will not pop until the fight is complete. Chances are you’ll lose count as the automatons killed by the Gent’s own lasers will also count towards the achievement.

Once you have destroyed the first four automaton generators, the shield will drop around the power source and it can be destroyed. You can now shoot the platform under the Gent’s feet to cause him damage. After a while, he will put a force field back up and four more automaton generators will spawn around a different power source.

Repeat this until all generators, power sources and the Dapper Old Gent’s platform are destroyed and you will defeat him to unlock:


You will now be speaking to the Gent back in the Meisterhall. Continue through the conversation until you can choose “Wulf, arrest him” which will gain more influence with Anjali. After the conversation, the proposal for the Legion’s recognition will be put to vote. Choose “Don’t make a mistake” for further influence with Anjali and unlock:

By now you should also have reached level 20 and unlocked:

Don’t worry if you haven’t, there’s plenty of the game left to go. This will also unlock the final three talents for your character.

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