5. Dungeon Siege III Playthrough One: Part ThreeUpdate notes

Meisterhall (continued)

Now speak to Mudgutter again. After a short conversation, speak to him once more to trigger the Side Quest: Uncovering the Past. Head out of the Meisterhall.

Stonebridge City

When you reach the square, turn left and enter the Lower Ward.

Lower Ward

Continue following the road until you get to Werner’s stall in the middle of a square. Continue past him a little bit and you’ll find Wenzel stood outside a house. Talk to him. During his conversation, choose “You’re going on trial” to gain influence over Anjali. Now head back to the square in front of the Meisterhall.

Stonebridge City

Head up the stairs on the other side of the mechanism to find Rudolf Maxwell next to his stall. Talk to him to continue the side quest. Continue past him and through the large gates. Turn left before you get to the Grand Chapterhouse and continue following the road. When you get to another town square, you’ll see a red-covered stall off to one side owned by Frederik Pratz. Speak to him. During the conversation, choose “You’re going to jail” to gain influence with Anjali. Now return to the Meisterhall.


Speak with Mudgutter to complete the Side Quest: Uncovering the Past. With everything here now complete, make your way back to the Grand Chapterhouse.

The Grand Chapterhouse

Head up the stairs past the save point and enter the Causeway.

Stonebridge Causeway

Continue along the Causeway and turn right when you get to the save point. This part of the Causeway will construct itself as you walk towards it. Carry onwards.

Glitterdelve Causeway

Keep going to find another Causeway gate and enter it.

Frostpire Mountain

When you emerge, head around the pyre and down the icy path. You’ll arrive in some ruins and, from here on, you will be bombarded by cannon balls. Do your best to avoid them. On the other side of the pillar in front of you, to the left, is a chest. Continue through the ruins and, next to a fallen pillar, you’ll see a path off to the left. Follow it (it doubles back on the path you were just walking down) to find another chest. As you return to the main path, you’ll see another chest right on the edge of the cliff.

To your left, you’ll see the way out of the ruins, before leaving you’ll find a destructible wall to the left of the exit. Destroy it to find another chest. Leave the ruins and continue down the icy path. As you turn the corner, you’ll find a chest next to a torch on the side of the path. Continue down the path and the cannon balls will trigger a land slide. Stick to the right side of the path to avoid it. Here you’ll also meet the first enemies of this area. Continue down the path to find a save point next to a massive cannon.

To your left will be some wooden gates, but they’re locked so keep going down the path. AS you reach the next corner, there will be two chests off to your left. Further down and to your right is an old Legion Outpost, but again this is locked. Head to the left instead to enter into a conversation with a Royalist Sapper. He will give you the Side Quest: Making an Entrance.

Head back to the Legion Outpost and the portcullis will now be open. Inside will be two chests, one of which will further our side quest. Go back to the large cannon we passed earlier and interact with it to blow open the wooden gates opposite. A whole load of enemies will come out so do your best to horribly murder them before going inside. Kill everyone inside to complete the Side Quest: Making an Entrance. You’ll also find three chests.

Work your way back to where the Royalist Sapper was and continue down the path. You’ll soon reach another cannon but continue past it to find some more ruins on your left. Go inside and open the two chests. One of these will contain ammunition for the cannon. Go back and fire it to collapse the entrance and help the Royalists. You will likely be attacked from behind here, so be careful.

Continue down the path and your way will be blocked by crystals. Luckily, they’re no match for your guns so blow them to pieces and carry on through the waterfall. Here you’ll meet Ibsen. During the conversation, choose “If I must” to gain influence with Anjali and start the Side Quest: Untamed Mountain. There is a chest behind him but it’s locked.

Continue onwards, past the save point.

The Kaari Pass

This area gets quite confusing, but I’ll my best to lead you through it. The enemies in this area are also very tough, so be careful.

Head forwards and turn right at the fork. You will almost immediately come to another fork, so take the left path past the ramp and fight the Elder Frost Dakkenweyr. In the clearing behind him will be a chest and some floating rocks in purple smoke – a Stonestream Conduit. Destroy it. Backtrack to the very first fork you came to and this time continue in the other direction.

Immediately reach another fork. Take the right path to reach a chest and then the left path to continue onwards. You’ll soon reach a save point and another Stonestream Conduit – destroy it and continue onwards. On the left there will be a chest. You will now reach another fork so turn left again (to the right you can find some Scouts to rescue but we’ll do that on the way back).

Continue following this path and try not to get horribly crushed by the two drakkenweyrs that’ll soon attack. With them dead, continue on to reach another fork. The left path will take you to another Stonestream Conduit to destroy and a chest.

It’s now time to head back and rescue those Scouts (backtrack along the path and take your first left before the save point). The Scouts will expect you to lead them to safety (because they’re clearly rubbish at this) so continue backtracking all the way to the very first fork you came to and then back to Ibsen. Speak to him to complete the quest, and also the Side Quest: Untamed Mountain. You can now also open Ibsen’s chest.

However, he will also give you another Side Quest: Ibsen’s Cave. Head back to the first fork and take a right. At the very next fork take a right up the ramp. You will soon pass a save point and the path will be littered with large glowing stones from here on. Continue onwards to fight Prince Enjekki, who can hit ridiculously hard. On the right side of this cave will be a chest. Head back to Ibsen to complete the Side Quest: Ibsen’s Cave.

With all that done, we can now continue on with our main quest. Ahead, take the left fork again and retrace your steps all the way to the save point. Luckily, this time there’s a load of glowing rocks along the path to follow. Follow these glowing rocks and eventually a cannon will trigger a cave in behind you, blocking your way back.

Go forwards, through more crystals blocking your way, and into a purple-coloured cave. Immediately on your right is a chest. Continue down the path to find our good friend Roderick being beaten up by two drakkenweyrs. Help him then follow him to trigger another conversation. After the conversation has ended, turn around and walk until you see some crystals on your left. Destroy them to reveal two chests.

Now head back, past Roderick and follow the path around the central cavern. Once you pass the fan in the wall, a little further on will be a platform floating in the air. Step on to it and interact with it to reach another two chests. Ride the platform back to the main path and continue onwards.

The Deep Well

You will soon come to a red crystal. Interact with it to call over a platform and, while you’re waiting for it to arrive, head to your right to find a chest. Ride the platform across the gap and continue forwards. When you reach another portcullis, in a double alcove to your right will be two chests. Continue on past the portcullis and follow the path around and eventually you’ll reach a line of soldiers. Turn left before them into the narrow passageway and follow it to the end.

The Tumbledown Court

Here you’ll find a lobby, of sorts, with a save point, a shop and two rooms to the left and right. The left room contains three pieces of Lore: Spy’s Report: Jayne Kassynder, Kings and Queens of Ehb and Spy’s Report: The Spyre of Azunai. The right room contains one piece of Lore: History of Ehb. Take the stairs in the centre of the room to meet Lord Devonsey and the Queen. During the conversation, choose “I’m not sure” when prompted to gain influence with Anjali.

When the conversation is done, Phineas will run up the stairs. Speak to him to start the Side Quest: All that Glitters. At the bottom of the stairs, speak to the shopkeeper to start the Side Quest: The Prototype.

Head back down the narrow tunnel.

The Deep Well

The line of soldiers will now have dispersed so turn left when you exit the tunnel and follow the path around. Turn left when you can and you’ll meet up with Roderick again. Just past him is a save point. Continue onwards.

Southern Mining Tunnels

You will soon come to a circular room with a long path ahead of you and two short paths leading off to the sides. At the end of each side path you will find a chest. Before the archway leading to the long path you will see a corpse to the left holding a black powder satchel. Collect it and then head through the archway.

You will come to a fork in the road. Take the right path, down the ramp and follow the tracks onwards. Half way down you’ll find another black powder satchel on the left of the tracks. You’ll soon see a red crystal on the right, but first continue past it, rolling through the fire, to find a chest. Interact with the crystal to activate a floating platform above you. Return to the fork in the road and take the other path.

A short way down the left path you’ll reach a room with a group of enemies in it. Kill them and follow the tracks to the left to find a chest. Follow the tracks in the other direction and you’ll find another black powder satchel on the floor at an intersection. Continue following the tracks up the ramp and you’ll get to the floating platform and a chest.

Use the platform to cross to the other side of the cavern. As soon as you reach the other side, turn left and interact with all four of the glowing boulders for our side quest. If you head back past the floating platform and down the ramp to the right, you’ll find a chest. You can also go up another ramp here to find another chest.

Go back to the floating platform and this time head straight forwards up the ramp opposite to find another black powder satchel. As you continue on, there’ll be a chest up a short ramp to your right. You will come to another fork so head down the right path to find a room full of crystals. Shatter them to find the prototype rifle for our side quest (it’ll be in the centre, in the lowest section of this room). You will have to find it while being bombarded by cannon and attacked by spiders, so have fun. You can also find two chests in this area.

Head back and turn right once you’re out of this room. Here you’ll find three paths. The first path on the left has a lever to open a gate that leads back to an earlier section of these caves. Open it but don’t go through. The second path on the left leads to a chest. Head down the third path and you’ll reach a save point.

Beyond the save point is a small cave where you’ll fight the Azunite Lieutenant. With him defeated, there’s a mine cart at the end of the room into which you can place the black powder satchels. Do so and run away. Backtrack down the path and head to the gate you opened on the way here. Follow the path all the way back to the Deep Well.

The Deep Well

You’ll find the Deep Well is now under attack. Turn right at the entrance and follow the path all the way around to the other side (ignoring the tunnel that leads to the Queen). As you near the place you first entered this area from, a gate to your left will open for you, but first head into the double alcove ahead of you (where you found two chests earlier) to find three glowing boulders to interact with. Now head through the gate.

Here you’ll find Roderick again. After his conversation, continue onwards. You should also now have the Side Quest: Building Bridges.

Western Mining Tunnels

Follow the tracks and right on the corner ahead you should find a black powder satchel. Follow the tracks and turn right. Here you’ll be sneak-attacked by a Cyclops, but there’ll also be a chest just ahead. This is another very confusing maze of an area so you might easily get lost.

Past the chest, follow the tracks around the corner and turn left to find more Royalists under attack. Continue following the tracks and you’ll see another black powder satchel before a ramp. Head up the ramp and continue along the tracks. Soon you’ll find another black powder satchel next to a mine cart. Turn left, through some crystals, to find a chest.

Continue following the tracks and you’ll find another chest to your left. Slightly further along will be a red crystal switch. Hit it to activate a floating platform. Ride the platform across to find two chests and then ride it back. Continue along the tracks to find more Royalists. Directly ahead past the soldiers you’ll find another black powder satchel on the floor next to a corpse.

Head left, past three large cannons, and use the large floating platform to cross the gap. On the other side you’ll find another floating platform to your right, but first head past the cannons. To your left you’ll find a chest, to the right you’ll find a chest and the final five glowing boulders for our side quest. Now use the second large floating platform to find a save point.

Ahead, you’ll fight another Azunite Lieutenant. At the end of this room you’ll find a chest and another mine cart to fill with explosives. Do so and run away again. The journey back will be a lot harder as there’s a lot more soldiers and they’ve started using the cannons...

Fight your way back all the way to where you were sneak-attacked by the Cyclops guarding a chest. Once you are stood in front of that chest (where you will be attacked by soldiers this time), follow the track to the left, through two sets of arches, and then turn right (I warned you this place would be confusing).

You’ll soon reach another red crystal switch. Hit it to summon a floating platform. Instead of crossing it, turn right and follow the tracks up a ramp to another red crystal switch. This will lower another section of floating platform. Head back down the ramp and on to the first floating platform. You will now be able to turn left down another path.

Follow this path and you’ll come to what is probably the one millionth fork in this game. Turn right to find a chest. Head in the other direction and follow the tracks all the way around to a third red crystal switch. This will complete the floating path and allow the soldiers to escape. This will complete the Side Quest: Building Bridges. You will also now be able to reach three chests by backtracking and then crossing those platforms yourself. It is now time to return to the Queen.

The Tumbledown Court

Speak to Bartholomew the Shopkeeper to complete the Side Quest: The Prototype. Head up to the Queen, but first talk to Phineas to complete the Side Quest: All That Glitters. Now speak to the Queen. When prompted, select “It’ll save lives” to gain influence with Anjali. When the conversation is over, go back out to the Deep Well.

The Deep Well

After exiting the Court, turn left and follow the path all the way to the end (do not turn left into the tunnels) and Phineas will lower a platform for you. Ride it up to meet him. There is a chest to the left. Follow Phineas and defend him from the unkillable sentinels that turn up to stop you. When Phineas is done, head back down to the main path where you will meet Roderick and his cunning plan.

Follow the main path all the way around the cavern to the other side. When you get to the gate from earlier, turn right and continue onwards to find another floating platform. Ride it across and turn right. Continue following the path and you’ll reach the save point from the very beginning of this entire section. Instead of turning left to get to the save point, continue onwards and down into the pit (though you may want to visit the save point anyway, things are about to get nasty). Lord Devonsey will talk to you on the way. Ride the floating platform down and prepare for one hell of a fight.

As you’re fighting, Jeyne Kassynder will make an appearance. When prompted, select “You’re lying” to gain influence with Anjali. After the conversation is over, it’s time to face the Warbeast. He has a few attacks. One causes crystals to fall from the ceiling, he has a charge that can trample you and he can lunge with his head. All of these hurt like hell so do your best to avoid them. There will also be regular enemies running around, but luckily the Warbeast will probably kill more of these than you do.

Once the Warbeast is dead you will be returned to the Court.

The Tumbledown Court

When speaking to the Queen and Devonsey, choose “I don’t believe her” when prompted to gain influence with Anjali. Soon you will also be prompted to choose “No, I won’t” which will increase your influence with her further. After the conversation, you should unlock:

There will now be four chests waiting for you next to the Queen. Leave the Court and you’ll meet Roderick once more. He will transport you back to the Causeway.

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